Compare Three Schools of Different Axiatonal Modalities

These modalities originate in Eric Pearl‘s system. He has developed his system when he had got his own Axiatonal Alignement. Two Australian ladies -Melissa Hocking Huges and Anya Petrovic- have developed their own systems. Pearl’s approach has been upgraded by them in one or another way. The prices at QBI are in AUD, I guess, and EUR prices for QBI are rated according to AUD. These are prices for basic training programs, not for the Healing Sessions and Axiatonal Alignements of clients. Regarding all these trainings, I have no idea about the quality of them. If money is not a problem for you (I hope), try to feel if there are any frequencies of invitation. The path is yours.

Eric Pearl’ System (The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection) Melissa Hocking Huges’s System (QBI) Anya Petrovic’s System (Tesla Metamorphosis)
Level I: The Essentials of Reconnective Healing Training Program

(Hands-off Healing Others  & Self-Healing)

635 EUR

The Healer Within – The Facilitation = The Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique™

(Hands-off Healing Others  & Distance Healing)

$1190.00 (800 EUR) 

Tesla Metamorphosis I = Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

(Hands-off Healing Others, Self-Healing & Distant Healing )

370 EUR

Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program

(Advanced Hands-off Healing, Advanced Self-Healing,  Holographic Healings & Distance Healing)

635 EUR

The Healer Within –  The Instrumental Body

(Advanced Spiritual, Emotional & Body Self-Healing)


$1490.00 (1003 EUR)

Tesla Metamorphosis II= Tesla Soul Communication

(Healing communication through meanings, emotions and in images, transcending communication with words)

370 EUR

The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


Ca. 945.00 EUR

The Healer Within –Facilitating The Axial Initiation


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


$2900.11 (1953 EUR)

Tesla Metamorphosis III= Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


600 EUR



Darren Starwynn’s Axiatonal Lines

Here you have a picture of Darren Starwynn’s axiatonal lines:

Axiatonal lines arrangement of Darren Starwynn is slightly different from the “Axiatonal Mainstream”. Some main hidden principles, which could be found in the Reconnection of Eric Pearl and Whole-Self Attunement Manual etc., are present in Starwynn’s approach, too. This approach has stronger connections with TCM meridians than other modalities. Darren Starwynn even equates these axiatonal lines with TCM meridians. But there are some differences…  And “spin points” are described as some of the acupuncture points. I think that these lines are worth to be carefully studied to broaden our knowledge on axiatonal work.

Darren Starwynn offers sessions, where the client lies face up on a treatment table in a meditative space. Darren Starwynn than facilitates axiatonal reconnection by directing light into the client’s energy fields, and also through his hands and fingers into axiatonal lines and spin points on the client’s body. The benefits are claimed to be the same whether the receiver is in the same room as the healer, or around the world. This is for the first time I hear about distant axiatonal alignement/ (re)connection  😉

Starwynn offers beautiful Meditation on Self Love, too. The energy feeling is very strong (but this is not “emptiness exercise”- it uses visualization):

Some Words About Estella’s Constellation Grui

If you intend to study healing therapy, axiatonal lines and light body with Master Anya Petrovic (Anja Petrović), founder of Tesla metamorphosis, you will become familiar with channelled texts of Estella from Constellation Grui. In Anya’s book “Tesla Metamorphosis: Heal and Evolve” it is claimed, that these texts came from a young Serbian girl. On the web the untested information could be found that girl’s name is Katarina Petrović.

Anja Petrovic

Master Anya Petrovic. Source: Tesla Metamorphosis.

Messages from Estella are actually a general theory of Tesla metamorphosis. With the knowledge of Chinese metaphysics I had tested these messages and they proved to be of good quality. There is strong connection between these information, five elements (wu xing) and Feng Shui. Estella is definitely somebody I trust very much. However, in November and December 2017, I have started to discover some brutal sides of astral worlds, which are playing a great masquerade with us. For one month I was exposed to the attacks of various entities (reptilians, “Pleiadeans” and some other) and have also rediscovered the protective role of Universal God!  Unless one is calling God in his or her practice, there is very big danger in axiatonal modalities, where one just “follow one’s feelings”, “follow the energy”. The energy, information, Light or even emptiness arn’t necessary coming from God at all!  (this info was added on 2018/07/02).

It seems that there is no Constellation Grui mapped in the star charts. It is obvious that Estella’s information of this Constellation is addressed to the people in order to find her location from the geocentric point of view. And probably it represent one of the known constellations from human star charts. So- where is it?

I tried to figure out the nature of this Constellation trough the relaxed state and the answer led me to Ursa Minor. But that probably does not mean that Grui is Subconstellation of Ursa Minor. It is more about probability that vibrations of Grui are simmilar to those of Ursa Minor. Ursa Minor is circumpolar Constellation and circumpolar Constellations are connected with emptiness and/or darkness. I have to say that today I am generally very suspicious about the “astral fake star connections” lore, and specially about fake Ursa minor, Ursa maior and Draco connections, and also about the southern sky “reptilian” equivalents like fake Grus  (this info was added on 2018/07/02). Large parts of Ursa Minor could also be connected with balance and pranic/qi cleansing. All stars have a pillar qi/pranic connection with our planet and such a pillar travels trough Mother Earth and connects with the opposite stars. Suddenly I started to look for southern star charts.

When I have searched the southern sky star charts I got familiar with Grus Constellation. This Constellation, I believe, is very good candidate for our own Grui Constellation. There are at least tree options. Young girl has perhaps tried to map the star location of Estella, found Grus Constellation and misread it as Grui Constellation. But “grus” is latin word for crane and its dativ is really “grui”! And there is even more convincing third indication. Cranes are members of big order, named Gruiformes. Gruiformes are composed of all crane-like birds. And Grui is special suborder of Gruiformes, composed of trumpeter, limpkin and crane family. Crane family is further divided between crown cranes (Balearica) and the rest of them (Grus). So it is obvious that every grus is grui (but not vice versa).

The only grui, which could be found on human star chart, is Grus (Crane)!  Once upon this Constellation was part of Southern fish (Piscis Austrinus, Piscis Australis, Piscis Notius). Now it is encircled by Southern fish, Phoenix, Indus, Toucan and Sagittarius. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, smile to this grui, named Grus. It may well be that Estella will look at you, too.

Grus Constellation

Constellation Grus (Grui?) from Johann Bayer’s Uranometria. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Another System Has Upgraded Pearl’s Reconnective Approach

It seems that Eric Pearl’s system of The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection influenced many healers to develop their own modalities. Some of these Healers started to teach other practitioners. Interesting Tesla Metamorphosis of Anya Petrovic is one case.

But two days ago I have discovered another one: Quantum BioEnergetics aka QBI or QBI Healing … QBI Healing is a modality, introduced by Melissa Hocking Huges (Melissa Hocking). Her system is composed from Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique and Axial Initiation. She had written a book “A Healing Initiation: Recognize the Healer Within” not later than 2009.

The Healer Within

Frontcover of Melissa’s Book  with Her Photo

In the Axial Initiation axiatonal lines are used. You can visit Melissa’s small video presentation of Axial Initiation here:

On her site Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique is described as “a non-intrusive form of healing whereby the body is immersed within quantum-based frequencies and is then enabled to instigate and facilitate an appropriate healing for itself. These frequencies exist within all of us and once initiated continue to work for however long the body requires.” This technique “works in frequency, not just energy”.

The Axial Initiation is a “procedure conducted under Quantum BioEnergetics that enables an evolution into your purpose, your gift, your whole and present self.” Melissa Hocking Huges claims that Axial Initiation is different from Reconection and axiatonal alignements etc. According to Melissa Hocking Huges all of these modalities “suggested that we are in deficit.
That we are lacking and incomplete unless we have their recommended (usually expensive) procedure
”. But Axial Initiation is “an initiation into the recognition of the whole present self”.

However it seems that her Axial Initiation stems from the ground of The Reconnection of Eric Pearl:

  • Just like Pearl’s axiatonal work The Axial Initiation also must be done over two sessions, no more than 48 hours apart and by the same practitioner;
  • Just like Pearl talks about 12 layer DNA, Melissa Hocking Hugs talks about 12 layer DNA matrix within a single cell of the cellular community we call “the human body”;
  • The price for Axial Initiation is 333 $ just like the price of The Reconnection;
  • In the photo, published by QBI (look down), the system of reconnective triangulations with cocoon circle are used. This combination is crucial for activation of the light body or merkaba.


Axial Initiation- QBI

Triangulations, Cocoon and Spiral Pattern. Source: Axial Initiation, QBI Healing.

BioEnergetic Balancing Technique uses the hand movements, which are characteristic for The Reconnective Healing of Eric Pearl, but the movements of Melissa seems to be more vivid.

However – I believe that Melissa’s system is actually different from The Reconnection. We can see some additional moves and in the photo (look down) we can see spiraling flow. These and other additions and modifications employ different levels of conscious and different levels of frequencies just like Tesla Metamorphosis of Anya Petrovic uses its own additions and modifications to The Reconnection in order to work with different levels of conscious and different levels of frequencies.

Early Manifestations of Axiatonal Lines in the Polarity Therapy of Randolph Stone

Randolph Stone (born as Rudolph Bautsch; 1890-1981) was a founder of Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy is eclectic method, which combine approaches from Osteopathy, Chiropractic Healing and Naturopathy and some other stuff. In 1948 he published book “Energy – The Vital Principle in the Healing Arts,” where he integrated all of the different approaches that he had used in his therapeutic work by this single unifying principle of ‘energy.’[1]

Randolph Stone

Randolph Stone. Source:

The concepts of Polarity Therapy contain some aspects of axiatonal line work.  Axiatonal lines system was described in 1973, when American spiritual researcher J. J. Hurtak (born 1940) has written a comprehensive metaphysical work Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.[2] Axiatonal lines are described by Hurtak as lines “which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems.”[3] Someone’s body is “a grid of magnetic domains which moves between the primary blueprint of the Overself and the pattern angles of the human organs (i.e., the axial relationship).”[4]The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound…”[5]

From information, scattered trough Hurtak’s book, one can derive some crucial axiatonal lines and concepts for spiritual and healing effects such as Light body, David Star, Pentagram, merkaba, triangulations, zigzag or diagonal axiatonal lines, horizontal axiatonal lines and longitudinal axiatonal lines. I would like to show you some axiatonal concepts, revealed in Randolph Stone book “Polarity Therapy”. This work is digitaly published on[6] and all pictures on Polarity Therapy are taken from there.

Polarity Therapy” uses triangulations and this can be seen on some charts:

Randolph Stone Chart 11 II-  Big Triangulation

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 11.

Randolph Stone Chart 6- Triangulations and Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 1, Charts No 6, 7. Notice also many diagonal axiatonal lines!

For your comparison here is one of my variations of triangulations according to Hurtak’s text:

Models for triangulations with 8th chakra

Source: Vasuna

Most often diagonal axiatonal lines are used. They are not found only on the Charts 6 and 7 from Volume I, Book I. There are more charts:

Randolph Stone Chart 7 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source. polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 7, Figure 3.

Randolph Stone Chart 13 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 13.

Randolph Stone Chart 28 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2. Figures 1, 2.

Pentagram and David star are also there (David star in its prenatal form has been already presented in the first chart No 11 with two triangles forming a triangulation):

Randolph Stone Chart 2 IV-  David Star

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 3, Chart No13. with my colored presentation of the David star.

Randolph Stone Chart 9 II-  Pentagram Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 9, Figures 1, 2.

Two lines are represented, which looks like intermingling of two longitudinal lines:

Randolph Stone Chart 7 III-  Intermingling of Nipple Longitudinal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 3, Chart No 7.

There are these longitudinal axiatonal lines picture for better comparison:

Inner longitudinal axiatonal lines

Source: Vasuna.

“Polarity Therapy” also offers a drawing of spiral path over the body:

Randolph Stone Chart 3 VI-  Similarity to Cocon

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 2, Book 4, Chart No 2.

This technique seems to be related to Cocoon of Light technique, used in axiatonal reconnection:[7]

Cocoon of Light

Source: Whole-Self Manual, pg. 33.


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In General Search for J. J. Hurtak’s Axiatonal Lines

In 1973 American spiritual researcher J. J. Hurtak has written a comprehensive metaphysical book Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.[1] In this eclectic spiritual book (but which still preserves special stress on Jewish spirituality) J. J. Hurtak gives a lot of information on spiritual role of star systems, merkaba spirituality, structures of invisible worlds, apocalyptic prophecies and axiatonal lines grid system.

It is possible that Hurtak’s bind on Jewish beliefs could lead his narrative to some deviations from the more pure picture. For example:  based on my own Feng Shui and mantra knowledge I could not confirm his/Jewish gematria. And his information on solar system “revolution around the Pleiades” in 25.827,5 years[2] is actually based on Earth precession cycle… His terrifying apocalyptic prophecies[3] could actually be formed from his conscious and subconscious Jewish belief systems and one could still hope that they have nothing to do with reality.

But nevertheless many of his information seems to be correct, for example his formula with 1-3-1  and 9-1-9 order,[4] his information on stellar influences[5] for Orion, Pleiades, Polaris, Archturus, Draco, Ursa Minor, Ursa Maior…

What about axiatonal lines, which connect us with planet Earth and with the stars? Many people use these. Probably stemming from Janet DiGiovanna Axiatonal Process in eighties there are many versions of axiatonal reconnection today. Most popular are The Reconnection of Eric Pearl and Tesla Metamorphosis of Anya Petrovic. Both authors have written the book on their system, but practical work with axiatonal lines has been kept as a secret by both of them. Regarding this situation these two systems could not be pictured and commented in this paper. On the other side I will use some material from Flower of Life via Pleiades site and Whole-Self Attunement Manual.

Keys of Enoch are the most important source for reconstructions of these lines, but there is also one older source (Polarity Therapy of Randolph Stone) from forties and fifties, which uses some axiatonal healing and geometrical zigzag lines, notwithstanding that this earlier source is actually unaware of axiatonal grid.

Hurtak gives us one whole chapter 3-1-7 on axiatonal lines with many descriptions and considerations.[6] There he praise axiatonal lines to the skies- he even claims that axiatonal lines could be used for complete regeneration of an organ and even to resurrect the dead, when activated by proper energies.[7] They could be connected with noise light emissions which “will cure the mechanisms which cause blindness, arthritis, leukemia, cancer and certain cases of mental illness.”[8]

In this chapter 3-1-7 Hurtak speaks about the spine and “spin points”. Spine is used as major antenna for grounding of Light signals.[9] Spin points are connecting points for spiritual access to the physical cells and these spin points receive the energy via the axiatonal lines.[10] Today many people believe that spin points are actually special minor centers (minor chakras) of the body and here is one solution from the Whole-Self Manual:[11]

Spin points- Whole-Self

Source: Whole-Self manual. Pg. 11.

Putting the spine antenna and spin points aside most practical information to trace out axiatonal lines could not be found in the chapter 3-1-7, but are rather scattered all through Hurtak’s book.

Hurtak mentions, that “this planet, as result of Lucifurian rebellion was placed in a state of retrogressive evolution, so that even the ‘Masters’ who incarnate must pay the price of this karmic evolution by continually being conditioned to physical limitations and life in ignorance of the divine voice, until they are reconnected with their divine Overself as shown in baptism of Jesus.”[12] When Hurtak speaks of evolution from physical body to higher intelligence, he claims that “physical body must be initiated to the Light before it can receive Overself Body of Light… This means that all seven chakra centers must first be working in perfect harmony and completely aligned with the template of Light, the eighth chakra, the connecting link with the Overself working with the Christ body of Light.[13] Hurtak also talks about “using the seventh, eighth and ninth chakra triangulation to actualize a physical quantum leap beyond the imperfect karmic cycles of our solar spectrum…”[14]

This information tells us that triangulation is an important tool for spiritual growth. It seems that triangulation has power of harmonizing and activating the energy flows. Axiatonal work with triangulations seems to be connected with yin-yang and central position descriptions of energy flow through the three sephirothic pillars of kabbalistic Tree of Life. Hurtak claims that three sephirotic pillars must “operating as One pillar of YHWH[15]”, which is also described as Pillar of Light.

When Hurtak describes different merkabas (wehicles) and offers pictures of them, they seem to be connected with Body of Light and with tridimensional David star, because there is “Pyramid of Light between the Star of David”.[16] Elsewhere he states that “human intelligence must be initiated into pyramidal functions of Light before they can be advanced to the next ordering of evolution…”[17]

So, triangulation is completed with tridimensional David star. This can be shown as approaching of two triangles (A), forging together into one plane as the most prenatal stage of forming David star (B), completing the David star (C) and changing to tridimensional tetrahedron star (D), the core geometry of merkaba:

Merkaba initiation with triangulations

Revision 2016/08/22: for directions of each tetrahedron’s rotation approach of Drumvalo Melchizedek is used. At this point I could not confirm if these directions are correct, but they are respected by most of the people.

Working with the eighth higher center, we can build triangulations through all seven major chakras. We can use complicated system, similar to Indian Sriyantra symbol (A), or cascading connection (B):

Models for triangulations with 8th chakra

Source: Vasuna

Some people use simplified models with only some centers included. We can find such solution in the Whole-Self Attunement Manual together with non-connected triangulations of chakras:[18]

Triangulations (Sealing) - Whole-Self

Source: Whole-Self Manual. Pg. 28, 31.

While Whole-Self Attunement Manual uses only prenatal conditions of David star in the process of drawing connected triangulations, Izreal Stephen on his site Flower of Life via Pleiades use drawing of David star on the body[19] and triangulations with David stars and Tree of Life[20]:

David Star Activations from Izreal Stephen site

Source: Izreal Stephen/Flower of Life via Pleiades: Axiatonal Alignment. Pg. 12.

Galactic Tree Calibration from Izreal Stephen site

Source: Izreal Stephen/Flower of Life via Pleiades. Tree of Life

Hurtak also describes triangulations between 7th, 8th and 9th chakra as a tool of supreme connection. This system is considered to be an advanced practice. Possible connected triangulations in this system are:

Models for triangulations with 7th, 8th and 9th chakra

Source: Vasuna

As we can see, triangulation is widely used. Triangulation symbolizes harmony, balance of yin and yang in motion, but at the same time connected triangulations provoke the zigzag flow of yin-yang energy flow, while the residual horizontal lines serves as balancing tool between yin and yang at the level of particular chakra (could be also used for dan tians):

Triangulations, zig-zag lines and transversal lines

Source: Vasuna

Zigzag or diagonal lines could connect different chakras and body parts. Here is one of my solutions, using lower dan-tian:

Variant of diagonal axiatonal lines.PNG

Source: Vasuna

Stephen Izreal offers another solution:[21]

Zigzag Axiatonal Lines from Izreal Stephen site

Source: Stephen Izreal/Flower of Life via Pleiades. Axiatonal Alignment. Pg. 7.

Regarding horizontal lines ordinary chakra lines could be used as they are pictured in my simulation:

Variant of transversal axiatonal lines

Source: Vasuna

Whole-Self Attunement Manual uses these horizontal lines:[22]

Transversal Lines in Patterns Removal - Whole-Self

Source: Whole-Self Manual. Pg. 26.

Now we will turn our attention on Tree of Life. We have already see Izreal’s triangulations with David stars on the Tree of Life. Tree of Life offers three sephirotic pillars. When we connect these pillars to longitudinal axiatonal lines in human body, we can search left and right pillar in the inner zone or in the side zone. When we search them in the middle zone, we have symbolic traces in navel, mouth for the central longitudinal line and the nipples, eyes and eyebrows for the side longitudinal lines. These body parts can also lead us to reconstruction of longitudinal lines directly from body symbolism – i.e. without using Tree of Life symbolism. Using one approach or another, this can be pictured as it is shown in my reconstruction:

Inner longitudinal axiatonal lines

Source: Vasuna

If we put these kabbalistic pillars on the outer side of the body, we get so called silhouette or side axiatonal lines. Example of these lines are reconstructed and shown in the Whole-Self Attunement Manual:[23]

Silhouette Axiatonal lines- Whole-Self

Source: Whole-Self Manual. Pg 24.

There are many more axiatonal lines and sealings, which can be reconstructed from body symbolism, elementary phases and magical practice. They are not within the scope of this paper. There is also some additional material in the “Keys of Enoch” and this material is still not researched by me. As mentioned J.J. Hurtak had promised, that big healing effects would be realised by reconnected axiatonal lines. On the portal of Cipora Rekrut aka Pearl’s “The Jewish Gypsy of Venice Beach” (for her it is said that she is working with the system of Janet DiGiovanna) these benefits of Axiatonal Alignment are mentioned:[24]

  • Renewal of purpose in this lifetime
  • Confidence of your life being “on course”
  • Understanding why you are in your current situation
  • Awakening of your soul energy and guidance
  • It will deeply soothe and energize your body
  • New information will be better understood and retained
  • New challenges will be easily realized and handled
  • The alignment will awaken your Kundalini energy
  • And …. increase synchronicity

In the paper of Flower of Life via Pleiades these benefits of Axiatonal Alignment are mentioned:[25]

  • Opening your meridian channels and removing blockages
  • Balancing your chakras and the polarity of the body
  • Shielding the energy system of the body from negative energy
  • Releasing any physical, emotional or spiritual limitation
  • Balancing, relaxing, rejuvenating and harmonizing the body
  • Clearing negative emotional patterns
  • Deeper meditation for those who meditate
  • Powerfully boosting the effects of other therapies
  • Balancing, centering and focusing
  • Becoming deeply relaxed
  • Having sense of well being: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Eliminating old thought patterns and behaviors that cause negative effects
  • Helping find new patterns/behaviors that are more appropriate

Look also:

History of Axiatonal Spirituality

Early Manifestations of Axiatonal Lines in the Polarity Therapy of Randolph Stone

One interesting video on axiatonal spirituality:


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