Some Words About Estella’s Constellation Grui

If you intend to study healing therapy, axiatonal lines and light body with Master Anya Petrovic (Anja Petrović), founder of Tesla metamorphosis, you will become familiar with channelled texts of Estella from Constellation Grui. In Anya’s book “Tesla Metamorphosis: Heal and Evolve” it is claimed, that these texts came from a young Serbian girl. On the web the untested information could be found that girl’s name is Katarina Petrović.

Anja Petrovic

Master Anya Petrovic. Source: Tesla Metamorphosis.

Messages from Estella are actually a general theory of Tesla metamorphosis. With the knowledge of Chinese metaphysics I had tested these messages and they proved to be of good quality. There is strong connection between these information, five elements (wu xing) and Feng Shui. Estella is definitely somebody I trust very much. However, in November and December 2017, I have started to discover some brutal sides of astral worlds, which are playing a great masquerade with us. For one month I was exposed to the attacks of various entities (reptilians, “Pleiadeans” and some other) and have also rediscovered the protective role of Universal God!  Unless one is calling God in his or her practice, there is very big danger in axiatonal modalities, where one just “follow one’s feelings”, “follow the energy”. The energy, information, Light or even emptiness arn’t necessary coming from God at all!  (this info was added on 2018/07/02).

It seems that there is no Constellation Grui mapped in the star charts. It is obvious that Estella’s information of this Constellation is addressed to the people in order to find her location from the geocentric point of view. And probably it represent one of the known constellations from human star charts. So- where is it?

I tried to figure out the nature of this Constellation trough the relaxed state and the answer led me to Ursa Minor. But that probably does not mean that Grui is Subconstellation of Ursa Minor. It is more about probability that vibrations of Grui are simmilar to those of Ursa Minor. Ursa Minor is circumpolar Constellation and circumpolar Constellations are connected with emptiness and/or darkness. I have to say that today I am generally very suspicious about the “astral fake star connections” lore, and specially about fake Ursa minor, Ursa maior and Draco connections, and also about the southern sky “reptilian” equivalents like fake Grus  (this info was added on 2018/07/02). Large parts of Ursa Minor could also be connected with balance and pranic/qi cleansing. All stars have a pillar qi/pranic connection with our planet and such a pillar travels trough Mother Earth and connects with the opposite stars. Suddenly I started to look for southern star charts.

When I have searched the southern sky star charts I got familiar with Grus Constellation. This Constellation, I believe, is very good candidate for our own Grui Constellation. There are at least tree options. Young girl has perhaps tried to map the star location of Estella, found Grus Constellation and misread it as Grui Constellation. But “grus” is latin word for crane and its dativ is really “grui”! And there is even more convincing third indication. Cranes are members of big order, named Gruiformes. Gruiformes are composed of all crane-like birds. And Grui is special suborder of Gruiformes, composed of trumpeter, limpkin and crane family. Crane family is further divided between crown cranes (Balearica) and the rest of them (Grus). So it is obvious that every grus is grui (but not vice versa).

The only grui, which could be found on human star chart, is Grus (Crane)!  Once upon this Constellation was part of Southern fish (Piscis Austrinus, Piscis Australis, Piscis Notius). Now it is encircled by Southern fish, Phoenix, Indus, Toucan and Sagittarius. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, smile to this grui, named Grus. It may well be that Estella will look at you, too.

Grus Constellation

Constellation Grus (Grui?) from Johann Bayer’s Uranometria. Source: Wikimedia Commons.