Compare Three Schools of Different Axiatonal Modalities

These modalities originate in Eric Pearl‘s system. He has developed his system when he had got his own Axiatonal Alignement. Two Australian ladies -Melissa Hocking Huges and Anya Petrovic- have developed their own systems. Pearl’s approach has been upgraded by them in one or another way. The prices at QBI are in AUD, I guess, and EUR prices for QBI are rated according to AUD. These are prices for basic training programs, not for the Healing Sessions and Axiatonal Alignements of clients. Regarding all these trainings, I have no idea about the quality of them. If money is not a problem for you (I hope), try to feel if there are any frequencies of invitation. The path is yours.

Eric Pearl’ System (The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection) Melissa Hocking Huges’s System (QBI) Anya Petrovic’s System (Tesla Metamorphosis)
Level I: The Essentials of Reconnective Healing Training Program

(Hands-off Healing Others  & Self-Healing)

635 EUR

The Healer Within – The Facilitation = The Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique™

(Hands-off Healing Others  & Distance Healing)

$1190.00 (800 EUR) 

Tesla Metamorphosis I = Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

(Hands-off Healing Others, Self-Healing & Distant Healing )

370 EUR

Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program

(Advanced Hands-off Healing, Advanced Self-Healing,  Holographic Healings & Distance Healing)

635 EUR

The Healer Within –  The Instrumental Body

(Advanced Spiritual, Emotional & Body Self-Healing)


$1490.00 (1003 EUR)

Tesla Metamorphosis II= Tesla Soul Communication

(Healing communication through meanings, emotions and in images, transcending communication with words)

370 EUR

The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


Ca. 945.00 EUR

The Healer Within –Facilitating The Axial Initiation


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


$2900.11 (1953 EUR)

Tesla Metamorphosis III= Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


600 EUR