Axiatonal Music

Axiatonal lines are linked both with the sounds and axes. While Janet Di Giovanna worked on visible geometry, J.J. Hurtak supports research in axiatonal music. Here is video presentation of Axiatonal Music™ Presentation by Sacred Resonance with intro and conclusion by J. J. Hurtak:



Axiatonal diamond/rhombus

Axiatonal parallelograms in the form of diamonds aka rhombuses are production of triangulation movements between two triangles with opposite direction. At certain point the Star of David appears from these movements. These diamonds are overlapping or post-overlapping part of triangles and the symbolic meaning of this is: parallelogram is a symbol of fusion, activity, light and structure. Parallelogram in the form of rhombus/diamond is a symbol of light body activation.


Source: Vasuna

Rhombuses are used in triangulation parts of many axiatonal approaches. From direction of drawing these triangles in the Whole-Self Manual, in The Reconnection or in the Tesla Metamorphosis Light Body (go to the course if you want to get the information on this direction) one can see, that this light of the diamonds has a function of progression toward the higher dimensions (but this formula is not explained here).

Triangulations (Sealing) - Whole-Self

Triangulations like these on the right side form a flow of diamonds and activate a Light Body. Source: Whole-Self Manual. Pg. 28, 31.

History of Axiatonal Spirituality

WARNING (!!!):  For 22 or 23 months or so axiatonal spirituality has been studied by me. After all this time I wish to warn you about some important staff. You can be exposed to the influence of entities by using the axiatonal approaches. To avoid such influencies, please search for the practitioner, who is energetically pure (calm, tolerant, kind…). (added on October 15th, 2017)

12.000-2500 BC, China: Chinese people believe in mythical hero Fuxi, a tribal chief among one of the early tribes. He is believed to be an inventor of hunting-net and writing etc. It is said that eight trigrams (Bagua) in the form of Early Heaven arrangement were also discovered by him. In later times eight trigrams were used in Yi Jing to describe 64 phases of life.

Before 1122 BC, China: Stone probes were used by Chinese people during Shang dynasty to stimulate acupuncture points. Origins of acupuncture could easily be of much earlier date.

Ca. 1100 BC, China: Origin of Yi Jing (Book of changes) is annotated to king Wen of Zhou.  It is believed that king Wen added Later Heaven sequence of eight trigrams and developed 64 hexagrams.

11th – 3rd century BC, China: From trigrams relations between Early and Later Heaven locations of twelve meridians could be deducted. By observing Early and Later Heaven Bagua arrangement and patient’s reactions to acupuncture healing a precise system of twelve main meridians has been developed in China. In the time of Warring States (5th- 3rd century. BC) “Huangdi internal classic” (Huangdi Neijing Su Wen) has been written and there the meridian pathways were mentioned.

Ca. 600 BC, India: Chakras (psychic centers of consciousness) are mentioned by Indian authors of the Yoga Upanishads. One can find the six pointed star (later also known as Star of David) among chakra symbols.

Ca 541 BC, China: First Chinese text on Five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) has been published by Zuo Qiuming.

5th-3rd century BC, China: first information on Eight Extraordinary meridians in Chinese culture was found in the Huangdi internal classic (Huangdi Neijing Su Wen) and Ling Shu, but they are still not found in Mawangdui medical texts. These meridians are perhaps one type of the so called “regressive axiatonal lines”.


Extraordinary meridians Yang Qiao Mai and Yang Wei Mai could be connected with Silhouette lines (A) and Yin Wei Mai and Yin Qiao Mai could be connected with the left and right Frontal lines (B). Source of the images:

Ca. 210 AD, China: Chinese daoist term “Elixir Field” (Dan tian) was mentioned for the first time. In modern times some axiatonal approaches are also aligned with these fields of Vital energy.

Ca. 100 BC- ca. 1000 AD, Judea and Jewish diaspora: Time of Merkaba mysticism (Chariot mysticism). This school believed in the vehicle/chariot (merkaba) of heavenly ascension. Later on this idea was used by kaballists and hassidists.

Early 14th century AD, Spain: Star of David or David shield (Magen David) had been mentioned in the kabalistic book Sefer Ha-Gevul, written by the grandson of Nakhmanides. It is believed, that this six pointed star offers special spiritual protection. Later this star has been connected to merkaba mysticism, too.  Star of David is actually a part of Satan’s Flower of Life and in its best variant organic darkness is represented by this star. I doubt there are any real spiritual protection, which could be offered by this symbol (the text in green was added 2018/02/17).

Ca. 1550 AD, Galilee (Ottoman Empire): The Tree of Life (Etz haChayim) has been used by kabbalist Moses/Moshe Cordovero, who lived in Safed, Galilee. Later kabbalists also tried to link this system with chakras and body parts.


One among several modern aplications of Tree of Life on human body (btw: in the upper-right corner you can see Flower of Life, a symbol, used by Melchizedek Drunvalo).

17th century AD, Germany: Christian Knorr von Rosenroth used six-pointed arrangements inside the Tree of Life to describe human existence. These six-pointed arrangements of sephirots could be connected with the Star of David.


Six-pointed arangements of von Rosenroth and their connection with the Star of David. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

18th-20th century, Europe: Ether theory (Aether theory) from Isaac Newton to Nikola Tesla propose the existence of a space-the filling substance or the field (ether), which is a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces.  Findings in the beginning of 20th century have shown that by its nature, the ether could not be detected. Nikola Tesla later opposed both relativity theory and quantum mechanics, and was still arguing for the ether theory.

1900, Germany: Max Planck, quantum physicist, published Planck postulate that electromagnetic energy could be emitted only in quantized form. This was the dawn of quantum mechanics, later appreciated by J.J. Hurtak and axiatonal spirituality. The laws of quantum mechanics are different from classical (Newtonian) mechanics.

1905, Germany: Albert Einstein developed his special theory of relativity, which could generate the mathematical formulas for physics without referring to the ether at all. But in 1920 Einstein stated, that ether actually did exist, because it was necessary as a medium of transfer because light also had wave-like properties (in the medium).

1912, Canada: Nikola Tesla, inventor, engineer and physicist from USA (born in serbian family) has published Canadian patent 142352, where he discussed frequencies that increase the intensity of energy with distance: “…paradoxical as it may seem, the effect will increase with the distance and will be greatest in a region diametrically opposite the transmitter“.


Nikola Tesla, scientist who discovered frequencies, which are getting stronger with the distance. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

1916, Germany: Albert Einstein developed his general theory of relativity, which was formulated within the framework of classical physics.

1924 or earlier, Italy. Giuseppe Calligaris published his idea of Body Linear Chains. These longitudinal (frontal and lateral), transversal (horizontal) and oblique (diagonal) lines form a grid. Perhaps they represent a type of the so called “regressive axiatonal lines”. Many parts of anterior lines in the system of Calligaris overlap with the axiatonal lines, used in modern modalities (this info was added on 2016/10/04). 


Longitudinal lines of Giuseppe Calligaris. Source: Giuseppe Calligaris.

1931, USA: Nikola Tesla built a car engine, based on the invisible energy source.

1940s and 1950s, USA: Randolph Stone developed his Polarity Therapy. In this system one can find zig-zag lines, pentagram, hexagram- The Star of David, circling and some other concepts, used in the modern axiatonal spirituality.


Regressive Axiatonal Lines of Randolph Stone. Source: Randolph Stone, Book II, Chart 3.

Randoph Stone also started to use special duality type of regressive axiatonal lines, based on his Polarity Therapy. He was second after Calligaris, who was familiar with axiatonal lines (this info was added on 2016/11/05). 

Randolph Stone Chart 7 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Zig-zag lines in Polarity Therapy. Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 7, Figure 3.

Late 1960s: String theory was formed. This theory attempts to connect the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. “Strings” are believed to be the point-like particles of particle physics, modeled as one-dimensional objects. The String theory is used as analogy in Pearl’s axiatonal spirituality.

1972, USA: Harold Saxton Burr, professor of Anatomy and researcher into bio-electrics, discovered, that all living beings form their own quantum-energy fields.

1973, USA: American spiritual researcher J. J. Hurtak has written a comprehensive metaphysical book “Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch”. In this book special chapter on axiatonal lines was offered and the word “axiatonal” was used for the first time. The book also makes comments on Merkaba mysticism and on the Tree of Life and also talks about the Light body. Hurtak advocates quantum mysticism and Chinese meridians, too. The book portrays symbol of David star on the human body (throat and lower belly) . Pictures of multi-dimensional merkabas and pyramids could be some kind of intro for modern axiatonal spirituality, which claims, that there is connection between merkaba and tridimensional Star of David (Star tetrahedron). The picture can also be found, showing the family of YHWH, where Star of David is obviously linked to the light.

1975: Frityof Capra published “The Tao of Physics“, where he found parallels between quantum mechanics and spirituality. Ortodox science attacks this approach, because it has led to “quantum mysticism” and “pseudoscience” (including all axiatonal spirituality and many other spiritual systems).

Late 1970s, USA. According to one internet source the application of axiatonal lines on human body  was originally developed by Janet DiGiovanna in late 1970s. She is also believed to grew up seeing these axiatonal grids (this info was added on 2016/10/04). 


Upper Lateral/Silhouette Lines were desribed by Janet DiGiovanna. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

From the middle of 1980s, USA: Melchizedek Drunvalo started to teach how to activate a human merkaba, but he does not use the axiatonal lines. His merkaba has been described as the human Light body. Basic shape, connected with this type of merkaba is tridimensional Star of David (Star tetrahedron). I have no information if this type of merkaba was used before Melchizedek Drunvalo or not. It is very probable that Melchizedek Drunvalo influenced axiatonal spirituality.

1987 or before, USA: Janet DiGiovanna started to teach her “Axiatonal Process”. This system was consistent with chakras, Kabbalah and “The Keys of Enoch”. It was also connected to Chinese meridians. The axiatonal lines were traced with fingers. This teaching influenced development of many other axiatonal reconnection systems.

1990, USA: Access Bars classes have been introduced in 1990 by Garry M. Douglass. They are the basic tool for spiritual technology, called Access Consciousness. 32 points (bars) of the head are used in Access Bars to activate some proceses in the body, mind and soul. These points/bars actually lay in some minor or greater axiatonal lines of the head. (this info was added on 2017/10/29).

1993, USA: Eric Pearl has been given “Axiatonal alignment” by Cipora Leiserowitz/Cipora Rekrut (“The Jewish Gypsy of Venice Beach”). The lines were traced with fingers. Axiatonal alignment has to be done in two sessions.

eric pearl

Eric Pearl

1993, USA: Eric Pearl developed his own axiatonal system, which was named The Reconnection. Pearl traces axiatonal lines with the palms and from the distance. Some of Chinese Qigong healers trace meridians in the same way. He also uses triangulations and the Star of David. The Reconnection has to be done in two sessions. Beside The Reconnection, Pearl also developed The Reconnective Healing (including Self-Healing). Eric Pearl has communication with the entity, called Solomon. While Pearl advoctes connection between his modality and the String theory, the healing frequencies become stronger with distance, just like Tesla type of frequencies would.

Around 2000 AD, Australia: Influenced by Eric Pearl and using her own talents Melissa Hocking Huges developed the system of Quantum BioEnergetics. Her Axiatonal alignment is called Axial Initiation. Axial Initiation has to be done in two sessions, too. Axiatonal lines are traced with the palms and from the distance. But Axial Initiation, which also uses triangulations, contains some procedures, which could not be found in The Reconnection. Her Healing system is called Quantum Bioenergetic balancing technique. This system is also different from Pearl’s approach: the main energy point of the palm is Laogong (PC; between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones in the upper palm and closer to the radial side of the 3rd), the self-healing procedure is started on the head area. The healing frequencies become stronger with distance, just like Tesla type of frequencies would.

2006, Serbia. Based on scriptures of Nikola Tesla, Serbian ingeneer Goran Marjanović managed to reconstruct Tesla coil and rediscovered Tesla frequencies that increase the intensity of energy with distance.


PIP camera photo of Tesla Coil, when it is activated. One can see purple color of Tesla frequencies.Source: Tesla Metamorphosis.

2010, Australia and Serbia: One of Pearl’s coworker, Anya Petrovic, former Reiki practitioner, represented her own system, which she called Tesla Metamorphosis. Tesla Metamorphosis I (Tesla Healing) is visually the same as The Reconnective Healing, but Anya Petrovic claims that frequencies are different. These healing frequencies also become stronger with distance, just like Tesla type of frequencies would. Anya Petrovic also uses HeartMath approach to train the heart in experiencing love. Her Axiatonal alignment is called Tesla Metamorphosis III or Tesla Metamorphosis Light Body. This technique uses some unique points and some lines have different location comparing with The Reconnection. Tesla Soul Communication (Tesla Metamorphosis II) is used for Soul Treatment. This is special technique of Tesla Metamorphosis.

2010, Serbia: PIP camera images made by Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski from the Institute of Bio-energetic Research in Belgrade, show that the purple colored energy frequency used in Tesla Metamorphosis could be equal to the frequency of Tesla waves, connected with Tesla coil, reconstructed by Goran Marjanović. The purple color is predominant in auras of all the students who were examined. It is claimed by Olivera Stajkovac- Kira (Reconnective healer and opponent of Anya Petrovic), that Pearl’s modality also show purple aura on PIP camera, but for Reconnective or QBI practitioners and clients no PIP camera images of purple color are published as far as I know. I hope that such images will be accessible in the future.

PIP kamera

Tesla Metamorphois and Purple color on PIP camera image. Source: Tesla Metamorphosis.

Between 2010-2012: Reconnective facilitator Michael Amrit Bleichner, started to use special axiatonal lines, which are connected to the lines of Giuseppe Caligaris. This modality was offered under the name Perception Reconnection. I have no information whether Perception Reconnection is Amrit’s own trademark or it is another modality of Eric Pearl. (this info was added on 2016/10/23). 


Axiatonal lines from the Perception Reconnection. Source: Michael Amrit Bleichner

2011-2012, Turkey: Şeref Tolga Kuralay, a former Reiki practitioner, got some spiritual experiences, which led him to formation of new  axiatonal spirituality in the beginning of 2012. This new system was named Pleiadean Healing System (Pleiades Şifa Sistemi). The healing frequencies in this modality become stronger with distance, just like Tesla type of frequencies would. Comparing with the Reconnection and Tesla Metamorphosis this system also offers healing sessions with many practitioners doing the healing on the same client. Some movements, used in this system, and some reactions, experienced during the sessions, are not common in the Reconnection and Tesla Metamorphosis. Pleiadean Healing System seems to have stronger power to activate axiatonal connection than these two modalities.(this info was added on 2016/12/11). 





2012, USA: Korotkov et al. have published their work “Science Confirms Reconnective Healing: Frontier Science Experiments Paperback”, advertising the results of the Reconnective Healing. Researchers of this healing modality are affiliated with Harvard, Yale, Stanford University.

Summer 2015-spring 2016, Slovenia: PEH (Pleiadean Energy Healing) has been developed by Karmen Matičič. Initially this modality was part of Pleiadean Healing System (Pleiades Şifa Sistemi), formed by Şeref Tolga Kuralay, but became independent modality in the year 2016. The drums, gongs, Tibetan bowls and special meditations are used by this modality as some kind of shamanic tools for connection with Earth and Universe and for the 5D (fifth dimension) spiritual travels and higher awareness. These tools are used beside the regular axiatonal work, which include healing sessions and activation of Light body. This axiatonal work is similar to axiatonal work of Pleiadean Healing System. Many practics make some movements which are not seen in the videos of Pleiadean Healing System. And some movements are connected with whistling and blowings of the breath, which is also not seen the videos of Pleiadean Healing System. While Tesla Metamorphosis and the Reconnection doesn’t use gems, stones, incenses etc., all these items can be used by PEH. (this info was added on 2017/01/27). 






2000-2016: Many people have tried to develop their own axiatonal procedures.

Innate Meanings of Basic Four Pillars Palaces According to Yi Jing

Four Pillars aka Bazi contains some basic formulas for construction of its techniques. Among them there are Activation of the powerless stage of life formula, Ten Gods pictured from the Nature formula, Early and Late Heaven neighborhood formula etc …

Looking at Four pillars one can find four palaces beside the Day master: Palace of the year (grandparents), Palace of the month (parents), palace of the day branch (partnerships) and palace of the hour (children):


All these palaces has some other descriptions, but here we are going to imply Yi Jing and its system of Eight trigrams (Ba Gua). Upper areas belong to the Heaven influences and lower areas belong to the Earth influences. The year is initiation and the hour is conclusion. Pure yang (Qian) is found in the year stem, elder son (Zhen) in the month stem, middle son (Kan) in the day stem and youngest son (Gen) in the hour stem. Pure yin (Kun) is found in the year branch, elder daughter (Xun) in the month branch, middle daughter in the day branch and youngest daughter in the hour branch:


This template or formula is used to outline some additional features of these palaces. Now, according to Feng Shui applications eight trigrams could be translated in stems and branches:


In the year pillar we find Hai and Shen, i.e. the highest concentration of Travelling/Coaching Posts, meaning sharp changes in location. Xu and Wei Earth are also found, meaning home (Earth is the element of the center and home) and they represent Partial Punishment of Earth, activating karma with one’s home or residency (beside other explanations). Traveling is outer activity and year pillar is outer pillar, too. When the 10-year Luck clashes (or sometime combines) with year pillar, there are options for changing one’s home location, one’s residence or something connected with home and residence is going on. This meaning is even more correct, when the annual luck bring combo or clash, because Grand Duke becomes upset and provokes changes in residence.

In the month pillar we find strong concentration of Wood element. Wood is birth factor  and baby-sitter of Fire (and Earth). In the context of month pillar it means parental care. Month pillar is more hidden pillar and parents are our first promoters. So, month pillar is connected with our postulated intimacy and with our basic feelings. Clash (and sometimes combo) inside the four pillars (with month stem included) means some lifelong emotional stress. Ten year luck and annual luck bring events, which touch our feelings for that period of time. In the case of annual luck, both clash and combo cause emotional tests, because Grand Duke becomes upset and provokes changes in feelings.

Day pillar brings in Wu-Zi clash and clashes between fire and water on general. Wu and Zi represent higher concentration of Flowers of love. Flower of love is a romantic influence, but it can lack stability. This is why it is said that Palace of partnership should not be clashed or even combined. It is not important whether particular clash or combo comes from inner pillars, 10 year luck or annual luck. Touching the palace of partnership could cause problems in existing partnerships.

And what about the hour pillar? In Early Heaven Matrix Dui and Gen trigrams are angular and transitional phases. With this concept in mind we can connect both of them with the Earth element and one’s home and residence. According to the day master both trigrams are connected with career and creativity. Chou can be found in Gen and You can be found in Dui. Chou and You form Partial Triple union of metal. Metal element represents goals in one’s life.  When the hour pillar is clashed or combined in the inner pillars, in the annual or in the 10 year luck, this will probably bring career changes, project changes, changes of goals or residence changes.

Vesoljne postaje duhovnih tehnologij

Različni zvezdni sistemi s seboj nosijo različne informacije oziroma sporočila, s katerimi se napajajo ne le posamezniki, ampak tudi cele duhovne tehnologije. Sprva sem med seboj primerjal sedem različnih duhovnih pristopov oziroma tehnologij. Vendar spodaj navajam le dva komentarja mojih uvidov o ključnih vesoljnih »postajah« različnih duhovnih tehnik in tehnologij. Manj ugodne komentarje ali komentarje, ki bi utegnili povzročiti reakcije ali celo nerazumevanje, raje pustim neobjavljene. Dejstvo namreč je, da za enkrat ne pojasnjujem svoje metodologije, zato bi manj ugodne komentarje marsikdo utegnil razumeti kot žaljive.

V obeh objavljenih primerih gre za moja opažanja skozi občutja, skozi preučevanje osnov kitajske metafizike ter skozi uvide med primerjavo človeškega telesa in vesolja. Pri vsaki tehnologiji sem preverjal tudi potencial za stik z izvornimi prasilami, ki delujejo skozi »praznino«. Te prasile sem poimenoval z indijskimi imeni Brahma, Šiva in Višnu, vendar je za potrebe tega članka potrebno te prasile videti v njihovi osnovni obliki, brez povezav s hindujskimi obredji.

Torej, dve duhovni tehnologiji, pri katerih z veseljem objavljam nedvomno ugodne komentarje, sta:

Kvantna bioenergija (Quantum BioEnergetics): kot kaže na to tehnologijo delujeta predvsem južna tečajna zvezda in pa Oktant (Octans). Zvezdni postaji vsebujeta velik potencial za uravnovešanje in v nekaterih primerih lahko tudi za izkušanje zavesti enosti. Ta tehnologija vsebuje potencial za povezavo z najvišjimi prasilami kot so Brahma, Šiva in Višnu. Morda ta tehnologija avtomatično omogoča tudi zaznavo ega in nato njegovo uravnovešanje?

Kvantni entrainment: predvsem Bik (Taurus), verjetno pa tudi zvezda Arktur. Višji nivoji ozvezdja Bik, ki napajajo kvantni entrainment, mnogim praktikom omogočajo velik duhovni napredek in uravnovešanje ega že zgolj s samostojno vadbo, saj praktika povezujejo s prasilami kot sta Šiva in Višnu. Verjetno se ta duhovna tehnologija močneje povezuje tudi na zvezdo Severnico (Polaris). Iskrena in vztrajna vadba v tej duhovni tehnologiji lahko obrodi lepe sadove.