Innate Meanings of Basic Four Pillars Palaces According to Yi Jing

Four Pillars aka Bazi contains some basic formulas for construction of its techniques. Among them there are Activation of the powerless stage of life formula, Ten Gods pictured from the Nature formula, Early and Late Heaven neighborhood formula etc …

Looking at Four pillars one can find four palaces beside the Day master: Palace of the year (grandparents), Palace of the month (parents), palace of the day branch (partnerships) and palace of the hour (children):


All these palaces has some other descriptions, but here we are going to imply Yi Jing and its system of Eight trigrams (Ba Gua). Upper areas belong to the Heaven influences and lower areas belong to the Earth influences. The year is initiation and the hour is conclusion. Pure yang (Qian) is found in the year stem, elder son (Zhen) in the month stem, middle son (Kan) in the day stem and youngest son (Gen) in the hour stem. Pure yin (Kun) is found in the year branch, elder daughter (Xun) in the month branch, middle daughter in the day branch and youngest daughter in the hour branch:


This template or formula is used to outline some additional features of these palaces. Now, according to Feng Shui applications eight trigrams could be translated in stems and branches:


In the year pillar we find Hai and Shen, i.e. the highest concentration of Travelling/Coaching Posts, meaning sharp changes in location. Xu and Wei Earth are also found, meaning home (Earth is the element of the center and home) and they represent Partial Punishment of Earth, activating karma with one’s home or residency (beside other explanations). Traveling is outer activity and year pillar is outer pillar, too. When the 10-year Luck clashes (or sometime combines) with year pillar, there are options for changing one’s home location, one’s residence or something connected with home and residence is going on. This meaning is even more correct, when the annual luck bring combo or clash, because Grand Duke becomes upset and provokes changes in residence.

In the month pillar we find strong concentration of Wood element. Wood is birth factor  and baby-sitter of Fire (and Earth). In the context of month pillar it means parental care. Month pillar is more hidden pillar and parents are our first promoters. So, month pillar is connected with our postulated intimacy and with our basic feelings. Clash (and sometimes combo) inside the four pillars (with month stem included) means some lifelong emotional stress. Ten year luck and annual luck bring events, which touch our feelings for that period of time. In the case of annual luck, both clash and combo cause emotional tests, because Grand Duke becomes upset and provokes changes in feelings.

Day pillar brings in Wu-Zi clash and clashes between fire and water on general. Wu and Zi represent higher concentration of Flowers of love. Flower of love is a romantic influence, but it can lack stability. This is why it is said that Palace of partnership should not be clashed or even combined. It is not important whether particular clash or combo comes from inner pillars, 10 year luck or annual luck. Touching the palace of partnership could cause problems in existing partnerships.

And what about the hour pillar? In Early Heaven Matrix Dui and Gen trigrams are angular and transitional phases. With this concept in mind we can connect both of them with the Earth element and one’s home and residence. According to the day master both trigrams are connected with career and creativity. Chou can be found in Gen and You can be found in Dui. Chou and You form Partial Triple union of metal. Metal element represents goals in one’s life.  When the hour pillar is clashed or combined in the inner pillars, in the annual or in the 10 year luck, this will probably bring career changes, project changes, changes of goals or residence changes.