Axiatonal diamond/rhombus

Axiatonal parallelograms in the form of diamonds aka rhombuses are production of triangulation movements between two triangles with opposite direction. At certain point the Star of David appears from these movements. These diamonds are overlapping or post-overlapping part of triangles and the symbolic meaning of this is: parallelogram is a symbol of fusion, activity, light and structure. Parallelogram in the form of rhombus/diamond is a symbol of light body activation.


Source: Vasuna

Rhombuses are used in triangulation parts of many axiatonal approaches. From direction of drawing these triangles in the Whole-Self Manual, in The Reconnection or in the Tesla Metamorphosis Light Body (go to the course if you want to get the information on this direction) one can see, that this light of the diamonds has a function of progression toward the higher dimensions (but this formula is not explained here).

Triangulations (Sealing) - Whole-Self

Triangulations like these on the right side form a flow of diamonds and activate a Light Body. Source: Whole-Self Manual. Pg. 28, 31.