Moving Toward the Axiatonal Lines: Linear Chains of Giuseppe Calligaris


Giuseppe Calligaris. Source: click here 

Italian (Friulian) neurologist Giuseppe Calligaris (1876-1944) discovered and researched his own grid system, connected with human body. In 1924 he published “Great System of Body Median” (Grande sistema mediano del corpo). In 1928 he published his book “Linear Chains of Body and Mind” (La catene lineari del corpo a dello spirito) and in 1930 he published “Secondary Linear Chains of Body and Mind” (La catene lineari secondary del corpo a dello spirito). Calligaris died forgotten and expelled from medical circles.


Basic Longitudinal lines with transversal dots. Source: Giuseppe Calligaris.

Whole system has started to evolve years before these texts were published. At least from the star of WW1 thousands of individuals have been examined by him. Calligaris claimed that he has discovered grid of lines, which he called Linear Chains. These lines are reported to have less electrical resistance. They are similar to the planet Earth’s longitudinal and latitudinal grid. And they are different from Chinese meridians.


Longitudinal lines of the hand. Source: Giuseppe Calligaris.

Basic theoretical tool of Calligaris was a square with 11 vertical and 11 horizontal lines. From this square longitudinal lines, transversal lines and oblique (left and right inclined diagonals) lines were presented by him. He also worked with silhouette border, where he found a “lateral” line. He also used many geometric symbols (circles, squares, diagonals, vesica piscis, curved lines…).


Left and middle: taken from . Right: book cover from Amazon.

Like the grid system of our planet, Linear Chains also are circular. These lines travel in the front and back, up and down. It was claimed by Calligaris, that physical, emotional or psychic results can be got by gentle stimulation of certain points. It is said that one can stimulate these meridians by gently stimulating top of the finger (middle finger is recommended for psychic results). One can also trace the lines.


Lateral (silhouette) line. Source: Giuseppe Calligaris.

With stimulaton of the top of a finger the line of Calligaris becomes slightly opened. Meridian lines, which are opened, are later called axiatonal lines by J. J. Hurtak. Janet DiGiovanna worked with anterior and silhouette lines (our visible and bright part) to reconnect with the Universe. Compared with this and other modern modalities meridians of Calligaris are not progressive axiatonal lines- their basic nature remains in a closed circle. They can be classified as Hurtak’s regressive lines (probably together with Chinese eight extraordinary meridians).


Geometry, used by Giuseppe Calligaris. Source:

Even if one asks weather interpretations of these lines, presented by Calligaris, are correct or not (I have some doubt, too), one can see, that large parts of anterior lines in the system of Calligaris overlap with the progressive axiatonal lines. This system influenced Reflexology and Zone therapy. Perhaps it also influenced Randolph Stone and his Polarity Therapy.


Theory on transversals. Source. Giuseppe Calligaris.

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