Three-step Technique for Reaching the Help of the Divine Source of Love

Today I offer you a three-step spiritual technique for reaching the help of Divine Source of Love. This is very simple but powerful technique. It is designed in the way to promote connection with Divine Origin and to promote the flow of Love and Harmony –and this is true even without our own intent to promote this flow. If you already experience deep levels of universal Love, this technique will be of no value for you. But for the common people this is a good technique.

One does not need crystals, spells, breathing or visualization to be protected, when using this technique. One also does not need to be initiated by spiritual master to get protection (but you may choose to be- I have chosen this, too). Love is the Source which gives us automatic protection against corrupt forces from heavens. Some levels of these forces are located in the area of Polaris, Ursa Minor and Ursa Maior. Forces from these areas are our lower spiritual leaders. We need to reach higher planes in these area and others.


  1. Remember your negative feeling in a chosen situation and feel this feeling again (for example: fear of public speaking at University; to be angry on one’s superior; to be worried about something…).
  2. Remember your positive feeling in a chosen situation and feel this feeling again (for example: joyful playing with one’s children, happiness when observing sunset/sunrise…). It is not necessary for your positive feeling/ situation to be connected with negative feeling/situation in any way, known to your mind.
  3. Make a short intention in communication with Pure Divine, then sink into the Emptiness and stay there for a while. Communication and intention should be short. If articulated in words, than you could say: “Pure Divine, your frequencies may flow for ___.” I do this in that way. Your intention could also be as precise as “Pure Divine, your frequencies may flow for experience of Love,” but can also deals with other issues (for solving Health, Relationship, concentration problems you or your friends have). But some of you will not need any words at all. Then sink into the Emptiness. If all this is really your third step (!), this will connect you to the Divine plane, ruled by the God, which is known as Vishnu/Krishna in India. Vishnu is not the only one aspect of Supreme Divine, but he is that part of Elohim, who represents Love. There is another exercise on this three-step program, which is even easier than this- it has simplified third step and it is called Three-step Technique for Experiencing Love.

You can lie down, you can sit… Your eyes could be open or closed. As you choose. Find your way. There are three ways how the Emptiness could be reached:

  • the way of the spirituals (Brahmins): just sink into the Emptiness without any trick. If you do not belong to this spiritual level, you can’t sink into the Emptiness just like that.
  • the way of the warriors (Ksatriyas): when thought arrives, you order to your mind: “This is not important”. If you do not belong to this spiritual level, your thoughts will win the battle. You will have a lure of thoughts instead of inner peace.
  • the way of the commoners (Vaishya, Shudra): search and observe your thoughts. When new thought arrives, follow it and observe it, because the commoners are followers. Your mind will find gaps between thoughts and will eventually experience some Emptiness.

These classes (spirituals, warriors and commoners) are not based on family inheritance or social status. Indian caste system is only a corruption of this idea. You belong to one of this classes based on your own inner energy. The ability to experience Emptiness by sinking, fighting or observing does not always indicate your true nature, because there could be some other factors, which enable or disable someone to get into the state of Emptiness. For example- in Chinese technique of Four pillars of destiny (bazi) earth element in heavenly stem indicate thoughts and could prevent you to get into the state of Emptiness by simply sinking into it. So- with an earth stem in hour, month or year pillar you can be a spiritual or warrior, but you could experience the Emptiness only in the way the commoners do.

Spiritual and warrior way of relaxing in Emptiness is well known in the modality of Master Aiping Wang. This modality is called Life Technology or Shen Qi[1] (“Divine Energy”). But her relaxation is not used in the three-step method, which is presented here. Even if practitioner is the commoner, he can still be helped by the instructors and Energy field to experience spiritual or warrior way of relaxation in Emptiness.

It is very important for the commoners that Emptiness is found in the third step of the exercise (not in the first or the second). Observing (and only observing) the thoughts, finding the gaps and sinking into the Emptiness are old spiritual method of calming one’s mind, taught in Theravada Buddhism. In modern days Master Frank Kinslow has developed his own system of “Quantum Entrainment”. But his modality has some different solutions (using his own steps[2]  and asking the question “Where will my next thought come from?” for the beginners,[3] different style of setting the intention).

The first two steps (experiencing negative and then positive feeling), when connected to breathing (breathing is not used in my technique), are a well known in the HeartMath approach, where they are used to synchronize ones heart.[4] But in the three-step spiritual technique for reaching the help of Divine Source of Love, this must be upgraded with the third step as described. In Tesla Metamorphosis Master Anya Petrovic teaches her three-step technique to reach the feeling of Love.[5]

Vishnu/Krishna level is higher than the level of spiritual battle between Trita and Vritra or between archangels Michael and Lucifer. Some of your axiatonal lines will also be tuned up by using the proper sequence (first negative feeling, then positive feeling and then the Emptiness). Remember that the sequence is important here!


Sources and comments:

[1] Shen Qi here is used in a broader sence as a term, which is sometimes used for naming the Life Technology, i.e. the modality, developed by Master Aiping Wang. But in narrower sense Shen Qi is only one of the methods in Life Technology. It was used before 1999.

[2] I recommend to you to read whole book of Frank Kinslow. Frank Kinslow (2013): The Kinslow System: Your Path to proven Success in Health, Love and Life. Hay House, Inc., USA. Kinslow has written many other books, too, but this one offers a good resimee.

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[5] It is also based on HeartMath, thought on the seminars, but not published in a book. It is only mentioned in Petrovic Anya (2015): Tesla metamorfoza za zdravljenje in evolucijo. Založba Primus, Brežice. Page: 252.