Vasuna’s Bazi Sum-Rank Technique for Dealing with Gay Indicators

General intro

Modern study approaches have been unknown to old Chinese masters of four pillars of destiny (bazi) who have lived in times of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty. I believe that complex patterns like spirituality, sexuality and financial potentials are connected with multiple indicators. With this faith I have tried to found sufficient groups of indicators. In the year 2013 I have tested many concepts of four pillars of destiny (bazi), connected with these spiritual, financial and sexual indicators. By March 2014 my techniques have been sufficiently accomplished, but were hold only for my private use.

I think that these techniques must be shared free with my bazi friends. In bazi studies there is a tradition of holding many “secrets”, which are supposed to stay hidden from the public. I think that this is wrong approach. If bazi knowledge is not fully revealed, practitioners could use wrong or insufficient information and their advice could be detrimental for the client. Secondly, when knowledge is hidden, a lot of information doesn’t reach gifted people, who are able to further develop four pillars (bazi) system. Thirdly, hiding knowledge blocks ones energy. Blocked energy may cause illness, problems in relationship or financial problems. Good example is Chinese culture. This culture has been gathered knowledge from India, Mongolia, Persia and even from Sumerians and Greeks and Chinese people held this knowledge for millenniums. With renaissance and humanism European science has opened itself to the public. But deep Chinese knowledge has stayed hidden to the end of 20th century. Consequently the flow of Chinese energy became stucked. China has rebelled against five elements, which were studied so much by this culture, and paid a high price for such a mistake. Old Empire crushed, energy imbalance caused weakness in economy and social revolution.

Looking at the present time of development of bazi, one can find out, that we are not able to provide ponders for specific indicators in specific situations. But we can develop some sum-rank techniques to deal with this question. When enough information is gathered by these techniques, we can get better picture about one’s potentials. Not knowing for it before august 2014 one of the first complex sum-rank techniques have been shown around 2012 by Jerry King in his book “Four Pillars of Destiny: Potential, Career, and Wealth for doctors, lawyers, fashion designers, singers, actors, performers, musicians, writers, researchers, scholars, professors, sport athlets, software engineers, IT professionals, bankers, stock holders and for holding high positions in financial industry.[1] And not knowing it before summer 2015 there already was a book “Is Your Marriage Predestined?” by Goh Guan Leong and this book deals with indicators for homosexuality.[2]

About Gay Indicators

Just to make it clear: in this text both (male) gays and lesbians are described with the word “gay”. When dealing with Gay indicators, another question rise up. Most of gays are not disclosed  and gay sexuality is hard to understand because of that. And sum-rank technique of indicators could miss the truth in some cases. Because of this I was very cautious not to reveal my knowledge about gays. You know- someone could deliberately test some people to find out if they are gays or not and then someone can abuse this information. I’ve asked myself “What kind of karma will you pull on yourself by making this information public?”

But last year I’ve got information that Goh Guan Leong already published his list of indicators. Secondly, I’m convinced that there are situations, where unknown intervenient variable breaks validity of sum-rank, especially because even at the beginning of the 21st century gay conditions are not fully understood. So, based only on sum-rank information one can NEVER be 100% sure whether one is gay or bisexual or one is not- even if indicators are very high. This enables a shelter for gay people. Thirdly, most of people, who study Chinese metaphysic, try to live with higher moral standards. This is why I think I have to make my sum-rank technique public. There is no time to wait if I could publish some book in distant future on that matter or not.

I have found out that there are some indicators from the book, written by Goh Guan Leong, which appears in my list, too. These are exposed “Match Shoulder” (bi jian) and Robber of Wealth (jie cai) (4th and 5th indicator of Goh Guan Leong), extremely imbalanced yin-yang (part of 10th indicator of Goh Guan Leong).[3] Some indicators of Goh Guan Leong seem to be too strict- he claims that an earth element could cause homosexuality if it is unfavorable.[4] But the earth element represents an energy, which has no clear masculine of feminine character. Some of his indicators are not necessarily connected to homosexuality at all. Strong Talent deities (6th indicator) [5] could possibly be found only in the charts of well known male gays. Negative influences from some unfavorable Shen Sha (13th indicator)[6] , on the other hand, could be the situational stars, which choose one’s weakness in the social context to make him or her even more weak. But this is probably usable for indicating gays in any society with greater homophobia or strong traditions. There is a self-limitation, made by Goh Guan Leong, connected with his conviction that (with the exception of the 4th indicator) homosexuality almost always means something negative- something seems to be imbalanced, something seems to be missing or something seems to be exaggerated.[7] However, I am convinced that the book of Goh Guan Leong is an important turning point in bazi study. This is the first book on bazi, extensively dealing with the gay question!

Vasuna’s Bazi Sum-Rank Technique

My technique is quite different. Yes- in some charts homosexuality (and bisexuality) could be a negative sign of some imbalance, for example by using additional “Match Shoulder” (bi jian) in strong Day master with many Match Shoulders and with four yang pillars or four yin pillars. But in some other cases homosexuality could also be a four pillars “cure” for balancing the chart, for example by using “Match Shoulder” (bi jian) and “Robber of Wealth” (jie cai) in the chart of a very weak Day master.

All indicators in my sum-rank technique have a scale from zero to +1 (I am not able to find indicators, which become inhibitors, when they are missing, with scale from -1 to +1). When we get the sum from 4 to 6, we are probably looking into the chart of bisexual, and if we get the sum over +6, we are probably looking into the chart of homosexual.

Here are my indicators:

  1. General indicators (both for men and women):
  •  Day master is weak;
  • A “lot” of “Match Shoulder” (bi jian) and “Robber of Wealth” (jie cai) in the chart (in the weak charts “a lot” means clear domination of (bi jian) and “Robber of Wealth” (jie cai) over the Seals);
  • Spouse palace is leaded by “Match Shoulder” (bi jian) or “Robber of Wealth” (jie cai);
  • A lot of earth element;
  • Spouse palace is leaded by an earth element;
  • Day master belongs to the earth element;
  • Dominant element in the Month branch is equal to the element of month stem (sexual roles between parents are not visible);
  • Qi from day branch or month stem travels to Day master and stays there (all the energy in the sexual neighbourhood becomes of the same nature);
  • Four pillars fall into the same Jia family of ten (JiaZi family, Jia Yin family, Jia Chen family, Jia Wu family, Jia Shen family or Jia Xu family);
  • All four pillars are either yang or yin;
  • Presence of Red Light Star (Hong Yan) in the chart, especially when it is found in the Spouse palace.
  1. Additional indicators for women only:
  • Sexual element of “Proper Official” (zheng guan) or “Seven killings” (qi sha) is present in San Xing or in any other punishments;
  • Sexual element of “Proper Official” (zheng guan) or “Seven killings” (qi sha) is trapped in Kongwang star (void star aka Emptiness star);
  • Sexual element of “Proper Official” (zheng guan) or “Seven killings” (qi sha) is very weak;
  • Sexual element of “Proper Official” (zheng guan) or “Seven killings” (qi sha) is too strong;
  • A lot of shi shen or shang guan talents (woman does not like men).
  1. Additional indicators for men only:
  • Sexual element of “Proper Wealth” (zheng cai) or “Improper Wealth” (pian cai) is present in San Xing or in any other punishments;
  • Sexual element of of “Proper Wealth” (zheng cai) or “Improper Wealth” (pian cai) is trapped in Kongwang star (void star aka Emptiness star);
  • Sexual element of “Proper Wealth” (zheng cai) or “Improper Wealth” (pian cai) is very weak;
  • Sexual element of “Proper Wealth” (zheng cai) or “Improper Wealth” (pian cai) is too strong;
  • A lot of yi stem in the chart (yi stem is symbol of penis; while the nature of women reproductive organs is hidden, penis is visible and strong yi stem makes other men’s penises important in the life of that man).

Conclusion and Challenge

I haven’t added any new indicators. Perhaps there is one indicator from Goh Guan Leong, which seems to be promising- using already mentioned unfavorable Shen Sha from the list of Goh Guan Leong, but this might be valid only in the homophobic or traditional society. San Ming Tong Hui declares, that domination of “Proper Official” (zheng guan) or “Seven killings” (qi sha) in the male chart would cause this man to be ill because of sexual problems. In homophobic or traditional society this would probably cause imbalanced sexuality or sexuality, which is characterized as imbalanced. It also seems that very balanced charts could mainly not be prone to gay and bisexual lives. Balanced Jia Day master, for example, likes Geng and Ding- Geng metal will cut him and make him useful for Ding fire. But I have not checked all this. Let some of you, pals, find out the answer.

In April 2015 Kevin Chan published blog “Top 50 Gay Artist – Brother in Romancewith his findings, based on sample of 50 gays. According to him Xin and Jia day masters are often found to be gays, while Wu earth day masters have 8-time less possibility to become a gay. Based on distribution of elements Wu Earth, Ji Earth and Yi Wood are indicators for gay life. For further research bigger samples are needed. It is not recommended to play a game with only two or three indicators. (This comment was published on October 14, 2016)  The other methodological problem with mine, Kevin’s or other approaches is connected with the question whether ordinary or hidden gays get the same results as celebrities or not.(This comment was published on October 15, 2016)



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