Vasuna’s Bazi Sum-Rank Technique for Dealing with Wealth Indicators

General intro

For centuries Chinese masters of four pillars of destiny (bazi) talked about special stars, “ten gods” and their qualities in order to found out potentials for a wealthy life. These old masters have no access to the knowledge of modern society- there have been no social science and psychology science in these old times.

Based on modern plentitude of knowledge I have tried to found sufficient groups of indicators for complex patterns like spirituality, sexuality and financial potentials. Looking at the present time of development of bazi, one can find out, that we are not able to provide ponders for specific indicators in specific situations. But we can develop some sum-rank techniques to deal with this question. When enough information is gathered by these techniques, we can get better picture about one’s potentials. In the year 2013 I have tested many concepts of four pillars of destiny (bazi), connected with these spiritual, financial and sexual indicators. By March 2014 my techniques have been sufficiently accomplished, but were hold only for my private use.

I think that these techniques must be shared free with my bazi friends. In bazi studies there is a tradition of holding many “secrets”, which are supposed to stay hidden from the public. I think that this approach is wrong. There are people who search for modern indicators. First complex sum-rank techniques in bazi have been shown around 2012 by Jerry King in his book “Four Pillars of Destiny: Potential, Career, and Wealth for doctors, lawyers, fashion designers, singers, actors, performers, musicians, writers, researchers, scholars, professors, sport athlets, software engineers, IT professionals, bankers, stock holders and for holding high positions in financial industry.[1] There already has been a book “Is Your Marriage Predestined?” by Goh Guan Leong and this book deals with indicators for homosexuality in 2012.[2]

About Wealth Indicators

A lot of things have happened during last two years. But I have decided not to add anything to my list of indicators, which has been compiled in 2014. Many situations probably exist, where unknown intervenient variable breaks validity of sum-rank. So, this is an opened list and some information is probably missing. Because there are so many indicators summed up, we ordinary get quite accurate results even if one indicator is not so important and even if some indicators are missing.

But I have to warn you, that generally speaking potential is still “just” a potential, of course. In most cases some other value must be added to get reach! Just having a good car does not take you to Paris, if you not have a driver. You must start an engine and then you have to drive this car…

Some indicators in my sum-rank technique have scale from zero to 1 and some others, which could become inhibitors, when they are missing, have a scale from -1 to +1. When we get the sum below zero, we have a “potential to be poor”. If we get the sum between zero and +1, we have an average potential. If the sum is between +2 and +4, our potential is above average. If the sum is +5 or more, we have high potential to be reach.

If you have indicators for poverty, you have to do something to get better opportunity. If your car will be driving into the lake, you will try to stop it (i.e. to balance situation). The same is with your Destiny. You could make bazi remedies for this situation or search for some good spiritual guidance.

Vasuna’s Bazi Sum-Rank Technique

Here are my indicators:

  1. Indicators that rank between zero and +1 (in some cases +0.5, +2 or +3):

  • True Dominant type (scores: at least +2);
  • True Follow type (scores: at least +2);
  • Weak day Master with an absent Cai (scores: +2);
  • Sanqi Guiren in any order and found in the stems or in the branches (+1 if one set, +2 for two sets…);
  • Tiande Guiren;
  • Yuede Guiren;
  • Tianyi Guiren;
  • Four pillars fall into the same Jia family of ten (JiaZi family, Jia Yin family, Jia Chen family, Jia Wu family, Jia Shen family or Jia Xu family);
  • All four pillars fall into different Jia families of ten (JiaZi family, Jia Yin family, Jia Chen family, Jia Wu family, Jia Shen family or Jia Xu family);
  • A lot of wood and fire (energy level is lifted);
  • San he between Day Master and Cai;
  • Lu (Shi Gan Lu), when its element is able to balance the chart;
  • Jing Gui (Golden Locke) and Jiang Xing (General Star).

2) Indicators that could rank between -1 and +1:

  • Nayin flow between year and day Nayin (year Nayin supports or inhibits day Nayin and vice versa. Same day and year Nayins : zero score. Does month Nayin pacify the situation?);
  • Elements in Nayin are positive for the Day Master;
  • In hour, month and year stem positive elements prevailed;
  • Is there an energy flow through the pillars or it is not there?
  • Balanced temperature;
  • Positive elements in the branch of hour pillar;
  • Most of four pillars are strong or weak?[3];
  • Clashed Yang Ren (score: -1) or good position of Yang Ren (score: +0,5);
  • Does Cai Fu (Wealth storage) have positive or negative influence?
  • Strong Day Master with enough strong Cai;
  • Cai is properly set for Weak day master (is there Match Shoulder or Jie Cai to control Wealth? Is Jie Cai dangerous for Day Master? Cai should not be too weak);
  • Is secondary Cai present and positive (water for earth day master; metal for metal Day master, earth for water Day master, fire for wood day master, wood for fire day master)?[4]

3) Indicators that gives you negative score (-1):

  • Kuigang and Fuigong with Cai for strong Day Master or Bi Jie for weak Day Master- will lover potential;
  • Gou Jiao (Hook Star);
  • There are the branches which clash the year branch (Hai clashes Si year branch, Wu clashes Zi year branch …).

Conclusion and Challenge

As I have told you, I haven’t added any new indicators. I am also convinced that very balanced charts have some special rules on wealth potentials. Balanced Jia Day master, for example, likes Geng and Ding- Geng metal will cut him and make him useful for Ding fire. But I have not checked all this. Let some of you, pals, find out the answer. One must also be very careful about the moments when Cai is exposed.

In April 2014 Kevin Chan published a blog Wealthy Day Master – What hide within ? with his findings, based on »top 50« people and according to him Geng Metal, Ren Water, Wu Erath and Gui Water day masters are often found to be rich. And Wu Earth and Ren Water are indicators for rich life, based on distribution of elements. One of methodological problems with this approach could be found in the sample itself. Are indicators for the top wealthy people the same as indicators for moderately wealthy people (most of your rich clients would fall into this category). And it is not recommended to play a game with few indicators only. (This comment was published on October 15, 2016)

[1] Jerry King (cca. 2012): Four Pillars of Destiny: Potential, Career, and Wealth. Page: 306-319.

[2] Goh Guan Leong (2012): Is Your Marriage Predestined? Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd. Page: 124-145.

[3] Unfortunately Masters offer different solutions on that matter…

[4] Basics of Secondary Shen Sha are described in David Twicken (2000): Classical Five Element Chinese Astrology Made Easy. Writers Club Press. Pages: 97-102. While this book is over simplified, it is the only one book in English to cover this matter. I had a short conversation with Mr. Twicken many years ago in order to found the source of that information. But unfortunately I was not given any clear answer from him.