Axiatonal Swinging Arms

Swinging Arms Exercise (Bai Bi Yun Dong- 摆 臂 运 动) is one of the most commonly known Qigong exercises. Side/ lateral/ silhouette axiatonal lines are slightly activated by repetitive back and forward swinging. Ten minutes of this exercise are recommended if you get cold or if you have problems, connected to lung, heart, liver or intestines.


Swinging Arms. Source: Vasuna

The logic of lateral axiatonal lines activation is very simple. The feeling of the wind is caused by the swing. More or the less it is the arm that swings, not the air. But the wind is what is felt:


Feeling of the Wind and Axiatonal Side Line. Source: Vasuna.

At the lateral sides of the arm the most condensed wind experience is felt (look at the yellow circle). The same feeling is felt on the sides of the torso and upper legs. These feelings are present at the area of two lateral axiatonal lines, flowing at the sides of the body.


Lateral lines have been indicated by Giuseppe Caligaris  in the first half of 20th century.Source: Giuseppe Calligaris.

The first lateral lines are two (axiatonal) Lines of Uriel and they flow from the head to the little fingers of each arm. Two (axiatonal) Lines of Christ flow from the thumbs of the hands up to the armpit and then go down to the sides of little fingers of the feet:


Right Line of Uriel and Right Line of Christ. Source: Vasuna.