Restore Your Divine Power Technique of Sylvia Vowless

Axiatonal modality of Sylvia Vowless (aka Sylvia Shanti Vowless) comes from New Zealand. Sylvia Vowless uses simple method for self-activating and reconnection of axiatonal lines. Her technique is called “Restore Your Divine Power Technique” and is published as chapter 10 in her bookThe Miracle Effect”.

This technique works with eight chakras. The 8th chakra of Sylvia Vowless seems to be located only about 10 cm or less above one’s head, what is not usual in other modalities.[1] Technique uses holy geometry, which connect chakras with the Tree of Life. Holy geometry is also visible in using two mudras (hand gestures): triangle with both hands and diamond (rhombus) mudra with both hands (which activates Star Tetrahedron). Her technique is heavily influenced by Jewish mysticism and J.J. Hurtak’s approach. Jewish mantras (chants) are used for activating axiatonal lines. When we are moving down the body we chant Jewish holy words like Yod and He or Ain, Soph and Aur.

I haven’t used her technique, which is very special, so I can’t make comments on the effects of the activation of this type. However, there is a short youtube movie for quick learning of her technique:

[1] Ordinary 8th chakra is set about 16 cm over one’s head. Some people put it as high as 30 cm over one’s head. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of 8th chakra.  However in most cases location about 16 cm over one’s head has the strongest vibration.