Three Extraordinaries (San Qi)

Three extraordinaries (san qi) are a concept used in bazi (four pillars). There are three orders of sanqi:

  • Jia-Wu-Geng (Trinity of Heaven)
  • Yi- Bing-Ding (Trinity of mankind)
  • Ren-Gui-Xin (Trinity of Earth)

The order Yi- Bing-Ding is also found in Qimen Dunjia and it seems to be the oldest sequence of sanqi. Bazi books before San Ming Tong Hui already knew the sequence Yi- Bing-Ding, but also the sequence Jia-Wu-Geng . The sequence Ren-Gui-Xin has been added by later books.

Basic logic of sanqi lies in the “upper balance”, representing divine world of good spirits, their protection and help. This “upper balance” is mixture of exposed yang energy for higher dimensions and some yin energy for balancing.

One of the symbols of “upper balance” is fire element with both Bing and Ding stem. Fire is born in the wood element and yang is born in yin. In this way the third stem of sanqi becomes yin wood aka Yi.

After the fire sequence of “upper balance” is found, the second sequence of “upper balance” can be searched in other upper yang stems Jia, Wu and Geng, while Ren stays at the bottom. Prenatal stage for Wu is Bing, so Jia (developing yang from yin sector) is also the father element of Wu, while Geng (pretty strong yang in the trend of becoming yin) is his expression.

After the fire sequence of “upper balance” and the second sequence of Jia-Wu-Geng are found, the third sequence of “upper balance” can be searched in the lowest region. In the greatest yin there is a rebirth of yang. The greatest yin is in water element, represented with Ren and Gui stems. We begin with Ren and Gui to point out the maximal yin and only than we add metal support of Gui, to activate rebirth of yang. If Xin would be the first in place, this would mean the flow from metal to water, finishing the phase of yin and only partly creating new yang. In this way the set Ren-Gui-Xin is stronger, because yin is already fully formed and more prepared for transformation.

Correct sequencies are Yi- Bing-Ding, Jia-Wu-Geng and Ren-Gui-Xin, and stems must be found together. Prenatal flow goes from the hour stem to the year stem: for full sanqi power correct sequence must be found in hour-day-month stems or day-month-year stems (Yi in hour, Bing in day and Ding in month for example). Even if the trinity sequence is corrupted there are many sanqi energies around in such chart if Yi- Bing-Ding stems or Jia-Wu-Geng stems are found in the chart. But with Ren-Gui-Xin stems in corrupt sequence there are only some sanqi powers present.

Please note that sanqi in the chart always means that day master is also a member of sanqi trinity!

In Early Heaven arrangement of bagua upper balance is reached with Qian (heaven) and Kun (earth). Qian is yang metal and similar to Geng and Kun is earth. There are two explanations on polarity of Kun: it can be seen as yang earth or as yin earth, so it can be connected with Wu and Ji earth. Geng and Wu are found in sanqi sequence Jia-Wu-Geng, so we call this sequence sanqi of Heaven. In the Later Heaven arrangement water reaches the bottom and fire is at the top. So the “water sequence” Ren-Gui-Xin represents sanqi of Earth and mankind position is left for the “fire sequence” Yi- Bing-Ding, which is sanqi of mankind.

Sanqi of Heaven Jia-Wu-Geng represents highest forces and gives good morality and protection. All the stems in this “upper balance” are yang and yang is symbolized with fire. Balanced fire gives new ideas, many talents, quick reasoning, exposure and intelligence and a taste for higher morality. People with this sanqi can express their talents and can reach many promotions in life.

Sanqi of Mankind Yi-Bing-Ding represents communication with support and protection of higher powers. This is fire element nature, too. In this “upper balance” balanced fire gives new ideas, quick reasoning, exposure and intelligence. If former sanqi deals with morality more, this second one becomes more adventurous and posess greater leadership and business abilities.

Sanqi of Earth Ren-Gui-Xin represents practical abilities, but with water it represents knowledge, wisdom and intelligence and is more wealth or money oriented.

All sanqi sequences in fact represent talents, fortune, protection, power and wealth. The sequence of Heaven leads to the success more trough morality, sequence of Mankind leads to the success more trough ideas and sequence of Earth leads to the success more trough wisdom.