Finding the Balance in Assiah with the Help of Upper and Lower Chakras

We live in the world of Assiah. If you do not like this Jewish spiritual term, you can use the name Purgatory, because this is what our level is about. Using the Keys of Chinese metaphysics, several “closest” chakras can be described. Some of them belong to Assiah, some of them to Lower Heavens (Yetzirah aka First Heaven) and some of them to the Lower Dimensions.They are connected to 38 possible subtle bodies (we have only 32 active subtle bodies, the lower six belong to lower planes only). They have been placed according to their prenatal positions. They are important for appropriate work of one’s axiatonal net.

Most of the information presented is already known in some cycles.I’ve got these information from announcement of Karmen Matičič Galia, Master of Pleiadean Energy Healing (PEH), for example. But only later, on 2017, January 23, I have found out that original holder of copy right for these system is Jhadten Jewall from Sacred Spaces, who have described it before 1997. So, all the words in blue are adjusted on 2017, January 23 (with original names in english and with proper authorship). However, my model uses two additional chakras, one in the world of Yetzirah and one in the lower dimensions. Chinese metaphysical techniques, used in my chakra descriptions and ordering are not disclosed, because I do not want to violate Universal law of Reciprocity. Almost all Information is based on Chinese Metaphysics. I do not see these invisible worlds with my third eye. Here are some descriptions:


Higher Chakras are filled with strong yang energy. Many people claim that Yetzirah world is the source of E.T. supercivilisations (like Pleadeans, Arcturians, Lyrans, Grays and Reptilians).

Chakra of Upper Homes (aka 13th Chakra). This is the chakra for balancing one’s ego. For Asiah this chakra also govern over Pure existence. Jhadten Jewall hasn’t used this chakra in the system, published in 1997.

Supersolar Chakra (aka 12th Chakra). It is called “The Great Central Central Sun” by Jhadten Jewall. It is located in one specific location of the Universe. Chinese metaphysics has shown to me that this Super Sun could be higher dimensional Giant star or perhaps a Double Star. It concentrate pure yang energy of the Universe. For Assiah it also represents Pure Consciousness.

Land of Love Chakra (aka 11th Chakra).  It is located in one special part of Universe. This Chakra deals with Higher Love. It is called “The Christed Consciousness” by Jhadten Jewall.  As long as Christ is connected with the number 888, this is correct picture. But it is rather about the Love of Christ than Consciousness of Christ. It can also be viewed as Love of Krishna.

Galactic Chakra (aka 10th Chakra). It is called “Intergalactic Gateway” by Jhadten Jewall. It is located somewhere in our Galaxy, not necessary in the galactic center in Sagittarius. It rules over our spiritual relations with our galaxy and has some connections to Atziluth (Third Heaven).

Solar Chakra (aka 9th Chakra). It is located in our Solar System. It is called “The Stellar Gateway” by Jhadten Jewall. Its first level is perhaps found in the vicinity of one’s body. It is chakra of unitiy, it rules over our spiritual relations within our Solar system and gives us ability to overpass our dualistic views. It has some connections with Briah (Second Heaven).

Connection Star/Soul Star (aka 8th Chakra). It seems that this chakra is strongly connected with plants, but I am not sure. It rules both over duality and (re)connection. Ordinary 8th chakra is set about 16 cm over one’s head. Some people put it as high as 30 cm over one’s head. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of 8th chakra.  However in most cases location about 16 cm over one’s head has the strongest vibration.

Middle Chakras are filled with both yang and yin energies. Throut Chakra is postnatal version of Nose Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra is postnatal version of Mouth Chakra and Sexual Chakra is postnatal version of Navel Chakra. We have also have Knee chakra and Ankle Chakra and Foot chakra. Palm chakras in humans are connected with Mouth Chakra. Without these two chakras, we have 22 chakras (upper, middle and lower) for finding the basic balance.

Lower Chakras gather strong yin energies.

The Earth Star is connected to talents, “flow” and balance. Ordinary this chakra is set about 16 cm below one’s feet. Some people put it as low as 30 cm below one’s feet. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of Earth Star.  However in most cases location is about 16 cm below one’s feet.

Chakra of Small Waters. This chakra rules over communication, wealth and talents. The elements of metal and water show to me a picture of small lagoons with cold water, filled with precious stones, fishes and perhaps with dolphins.This chakra is called “The Dolphin Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall.

Chakra of Lower Homes, callled “The Inner Earth Cities” by Jhadten Jewall. This chakra rules over lower aspects of one’s ego. The elements have shown to me that this chakra could also be called the Chakra of the Land of the Mud.

Chakra of Fiery Vapours. This Chakra rules over the region inside one dimension of our planet , which is filled by the fire, heat, but also with vapours. This is extremely unpleasant location for life energy. It rules over lower  unrest. Jhadten Jewall hasn’t used this chakra in the system, published in 1997.

Chakra of Huge Waters. This chakra is connected with huge waters and ice, but probably still gathers some life forms in it. This chakra is called “The Whale Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall, but I am not able to confirm this information. Chakra rules over communication  and can also rule over one’s wealth.

Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire. It is callled “The Heart of Mother Earth“by Jhadten Jewall, and I can confirm this name with Chinese metaphysics, which put fire (heart) and earth element on this plane. This is the chakra of inner strength and inner fire of our Planet. This is the last level of Life form before the static forms are recycled.

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