Flower of Life, Five Worlds and Five elements

Important information: The staff about good and bad cosmic forces are actually projections of entities aka synthetic matrix from the geocentric surroundings of the human beings, and then projected on the Cosmic levels, based on the archetypes of light and darkness. Even when they can be traced in the Flower of Life. However, the texts on the “Aliens” will remain as they are written, because these “Cosmic entities” are still the astral reality of our planet and humankind. All advanced supercivilizations are either ignorant of us, or they are our invisible protectors. In supercivilizations there are no wars, no poverty, they are protected by the great Divine. Afterall my new insights show me, that there is no hell (represented only as a point compared to the other parts of the Flower of Life, so there is no foundation!) (this information was added on 2017/10/29).

Flower of Life (the type here is the Satan’s Flower of Life, but I was not aware of it untl the end of december 2018!) is a powerful symbol, known by ancient Egyptians and some other nations. This spiritual symbol has been thoroughly researched by Drumvalo Melcizedek and taught before 1990. With the help of Flower of Life, one can explain Genesis,[1] the Egg of Life, the Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube,[2] Egyptian wheel with 24 radial lines[3] etc…

Going from central circle outward, there are six directions with another circles and part of the circles. There are many way to see that Fruit of Life is already a perfect symbol and it does not need additional circles. External points are locations, where beginning of the fifth rank of circles is allowed, but the circles are not put into existence. The fourth rank of circles is allowed to form one third of the circles. In the second and third rank full circles are shaped and the central circle is also fully developed.


From this information, we can describe five worlds: Third Heaven (Atziluth), Second Heaven (Briah), First Heaven (Yetzirah), Purgatory (Assiah) and lower planes. At the same time we can deduce five elements, known from Chinese metaphysics (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). Most of the information presented is already known in Jewish and Chinese metaphysic, but techniques how and why these worlds and elements exist in particular shapes are not disclosed, because I do not want to violate Universal law of Reciprocity.

External points symbolize imperfect lower planes with strong static energy. These planes are called the “Hell” in the west and “naraka” in India. These planes are connected with suffering and sometimes with recycling of the souls. Lower planes are connected with the earth element.

Purgatory is represented by the fourth rank of circles. Unlike Christian beliefs this purgatory, composed of imperfect planes, is not somewhere outside of our reality. We live this reality in this world. In Jewish spirituality this level is called Assiah or the world of activity, connected with our and similar material worlds. Assiah is connected with material and spiritual cleansing. It is also connected to the water element. It is shown by the Flower of Life that these imperfect worlds use only one third of holistic talents, used in the higher worlds.

Each from the upper three worlds is perfect in their own way. Lower or First Heaven is connected to the fire element and it is called Yetzirah (Creativity) by Jewish esoteric teachings. It is taught by Naomi Imber Feinberg, that E.T. civilizations, which come to visit us, come from this level.[4] Many authors claim, that our civilization, once linked to the E.T. civilizations, fell into lower dimension.[5] Civilisations on this level ordinary don’t practice cleansing or even suffering. They rather practice building of their own energy, learning of the spiritual laws and living the life of creativity.  Humanoids on this level have many shapes, their body is more etheric. Their heads could be simplified or with many protuberances. By theory those with protuberances prevail, but according to various mediums E.T. civilizations, connected to our world, commonly have no protuberances on their heads. Those coming from the Light levels have nice shapes (“Pleadeans”, “Lyrians”…) and those from darker parts are represented as “heavenly underground”- these civilizations have features of simplified albinos (“The Greys”), reptiles (“The Reptilians”), sharp-shaped beings and some other types. Unfortunately the Polar axis of our planet is strongly connected to this “heavenly underground” and not to the locations of Light (Andromeda, Lyra and Milky Way on general, then Pleiades, Arcturius…).

In Jewish mythology Second Heaven is called Briah aka world of creation. There live lower angels (but some said that these beings are only entities, which are our projections) and deities and they practice creation of lower rank. In this world duality already exists, there are angels and deities of Light and angels and deities of Darkness. This level of worlds is strongly connected to the galactic Saviour. Briah is also connected with the element of metal.

In Jewish mythology Third Heaven is called Atziluth aka World of Emanation. It is connected to the element of wood. This level is represented by higher angels and deities and Divine power is strongly felt. This Divine power has many names like YHWH, Allah, Varuna, Osiris, Odin and Veles. This Divine power is wrongly represented as God of fear, jealousy and control by spiritual teachers, connected to the “Reptillians”, “Grays” and others from the rebellious side. Sometimes Divine power is also represented in the snake like feature (in the “reptillian” way). It is also possible that some lower entities pretend to be this Divine power. Part of Jewish YHWH – that part of jealous, childish and mentally disturbed God- could be one example. Later on Gnostics pray to higher God instead of this fake YHWH. Feelings of Unity, Oneness are strong, but some locations without Love are in the state of rebel, led by beings, which are named Ramiel and Lucifer by Jewish people. Our world is under strong influence of Orion and Sirius dispute. On the Atziluth level forces of Light still prevail in the Orion constellation and in the Sirius stellar system. But in Briah and Yetzirah forces of Darkness become stronger and stronger.  Many people claim that Betelgeuse and Rigel are connected with “Reptillians” and “Grays”, while they are actually describing Yetzirah level. But anyway- Love and intention to be part of Oneness bring the soul to the Source. Find some people in your surroundings for your own inspiration!


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