Cho Ku Rei as a Symbol for Axiatonal Balancing and Sealing

Cho Ku Rei is a well known Reiki symbol and one with the most powerful information. If we look at the following picture, we see how this symbol is composed of a spiral (green) and two linear lines (in red and blue). Upper line and spiral are pointed at the opposite directions (arrows) and this causes rubbing within the light, information and message flow and results in energy production. When upper line and spiral are pointed at the same direction, symbol looses much of its power. Spiral flows into the middle- it gathers energy! Symbol contains closed, protected area (depicted as yellow surface) for protection and reaches up to three arches on each side (numbered 1, 2 and 3):


According to the Chinese doctrine of Five elements (wu xin) spiral of this symbol can rotate in both directions. It is thought by Chinese Five element theory, that everything in nature grow, reach maturity, become weak and dissapeare, while it try to find some balance all the time. This is the nature of sinusoid and cosinusoid waves.  In this way five elements can be used to describe quantum waves, too. The element of growth is called “wood”, the element of maturity is called “fire”, the element of balance is called “earth”, the element of decline is called “metal” and the element of disappearance is called “water”. By secret formula of Chinese metaphysic, which will not be explained here, natural sequence of growth must be wood, fire, earth, metal and water (starting poit is where you want):


So, when spiral goes clockwise, looking from perspective of a healer, this is natural flow of development from wood to fire, then to earth and to metal and finally to water. In Four Pillars theory each element, which produced, is a child or “Talent star” for the previous element. Such Cho Ku Rei means empowerment and development of postnatal talents:


If the spiral of Cho Ku Rei goes anti-clockwise, looking from perspective of a healer, then wood is fed by water, water is fed by metal, metal is fed by fire and fire is fed by wood. In Four Pillars theory the element, which feed the next one, is called the Seal for this nurtured one. The Seal gives knowledge, information, light, support, prenatal/spiritual connection and healing powers:


Cho Ku Rei can be connected to seven chakras of human body, too. According to this formula we get seven chakras plus 8th and 9th:


If the upper line symbolizes unity/duality, we can use another formula (undisclosed) to see the flow from the Sun/Stellar chakra as starting point to the Chakra of Fiery Vapors:


Because the Root chakra at the center is connected to the Heart chakra (another secret formula), which also lies in the middle of the spiral, one could try to search other chakras from this heart position:


We find the extreme in Super-Solar Chakra and now build new scheme between two extremes (Super-Solar Chakra of  Heaven and Inner Fire Chakra of Earth and between Soul star and Earth star):


All three schemes, presented, are connected to Pleiades, but no formula is explained.

For spiritual use, we will use “flowing with the Seals” and choose anti-clockwise spiraling. We will also extend the symbol and create difference between left and right side with changing number of archs (from 4 to 3) to speed up empowerment and we get this picture:


Extremities between Super-Solar chakra and Chakra of Inner Fire (cneter of Mother Earth), between Soul Star and Earth star are balanced, the center of spiral is in Sexual Chakra. Such a pattern could be used in axiatonal work instead of cocoon, used by Wholeself, Reconnection and Tesla Metamorphosis to seal the energy. This symbol is more powerfull then the cocoon, because it constitutes the flow of the empowerment! From the photo of QBI their own spiral technique could be seen together with the cocoon, but they still don’t use Cho Ku Rei.

And there is inner imperfection in location of the center in Sexual or Root chakra instead of the Heart chakra, because Heart chakra in central location is most natural, dealing with postntal arangements of the first nine chakras as pictured in the 5th picture in this post . There is amazing Extended Super- Cho Ku Rei symbol, which solves this anomaly and put the center of spiral in the Heart chakra again, while still containing Pleiadean concept of love and friendship.This Super Cho Ku Rei was publicly revealed by Karmen Matičič Galia, Master of Pleiadean Energy Healing (PEH) in the short youtube video “Plejadsko energijsko zdravljenje, Karmen Matičič“, published on March 2nd, 2016. I have no information what is her name for this symbol. She has still been working intensively with master Şeref Tolga Kuralay at that time, so this chakra system perhaps originated from his modality. Both Karmen Matičič Galija and Şeref Tolga Kurlay have been Reiki practitioners years ago.

See you in my next blogs.