Some Short Number Codes for Axiatonal Work

If you work with axiatonal lines, some number codes are more appropriate to use then another… Key techniques are not explained. If any of you works with numbers in any way, here are some solutions:

123general force of connection

713, 317, 137 – vibration of Pleiades, friendship and love.

613, 361, 163 – harmonius vibrations of circumpolar zone. In Yetzirah this zone is settled by “darker” civilizations of Grays and Reptillians. So, you need number 3 to search for harmony and connection with some positive influences. Because antenna of the Earth’s Axis reaches Polaris and other circumpolar stars, you can not totally avoid them.

111connection with Pleiades and other civilizations of love and friendship. 111 brings 1+1=2 and 1+1+1=3, so it has a vibration of 123, symbol of connection. Three ones also represent 3 and 1, while the inner nature of this code is 7. So we get 713, 317, 137 combinations, which symbolize Pleiades and similar civilizations.

333– this code is used in Reconnection, Tesla metamorphosis and some other axiatonal modalities. It includes 3+3=6 and 3+3+3=9. Alternation between 3 and 6 is connected with electromagnetic and/or scalar vibration, while 9 represents finishing and grounding. Inner nature of this code is number 8. Combination between 8 and 6 represents David’s star and Light body. Combination between 3 and 8 tells a story of harmony in one’s life, while combination of 8 and 9 tells a story of prosperity.

What about the code of axiatonal realignment? Sorry, I haven’t found it yet.