Flower of Life: Between the Planes, Between Dimensions

Flower of Life (the type here is the Satan’s Flower of Life, but I was not aware of it until the end of december 2018!) is a powerful symbol, known by ancient Egyptians and some other nations. This spiritual symbol has been thoroughly researched by Drumvalo Melcizedek and taught before 1990. With the help of Flower of Life, one can explain Genesis,[1] the Egg of Life, the Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube,[2] Egyptian wheel with 24 radial lines[3] etc…

In one of the previous blogs, I’ve talked about connections between Flower of Life and five macro-worlds/planes. There are five regions of Flower of Life, presented as circles going from the center out:


On this picture one can see, that our plane of Assiah finds section with Yetzirah and the beginning of Lower Planes. That is why Irving Feurst, who uses sequence of 32 subtle bodies (including our phisical body) as published in his book Enegy Blessing from the Stars: Seven initiations , feels weaker sensations of 18th subtle body and bodies beyond. With 17th subtle body one is leaving the level of Yetzirah and with the 18th subtle body Briah is entered.

Great planes seem to have different number of levels/worlds, based on the quality of the frequency  (dimensions of frequency):

  • Lower Planes have 18 levels (9 main domains x 2);
  • Assiah has 18 levels (9 main domains x 2);
  • Yetzirah has 81 levels (9 main domains x 9);
  • Briah has 81 levels (9 main domains x 9);
  • Atziluth– have no information on levels of frequency

Beside these “dimensions of frequency” one can also look at ordinary meaning of dimensions, which seem to have these arrangements:

  • Lower planes are 1D (point) or 2D (length and width);
  • Assiah is 3D (length, width, height) or 4D (length, width, height and time)
  • Yetzirah is 5D to 8D. It is claimed by the mediums/psychics that these are main dimensional homelands for Extra Terrestrials who physically or mentally visit planet Earth;
  • Briah is 9D to 16D;
  • Atziluth seems to go from 17D up.

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