Star Helix of Wendy Chapman as Axiatonal Symbol

The online text on “Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki”, compiled by Geom !*, offers some interesting symbols and one among them is the so called Star Helix (diagram A), channeled by Wendy Chapman (“Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki”, page 212).


Here I am offering my explanation of this symbol.

Star Helix is comprised of three lines – two short “arrow” lines (diagram B) and one zig-zag line (diagram C). The arrow lines are pointed in the way which is opposite to the productions flow of five elements.


This opposite way is called The Seal or Resources in Chinese metaphysics of four pillars of Destiny. The opposite way also means looking at the past, material world and some kind of decadence if it is symbolized by the number two. Two arrows are parted, so they represent the starting point of disconnection, caused in the past.

When we add progressive, talent-revealing and future-oriented productive zig-zag line (diagram C), both arrows are reconnected again. They get positive meaning of the Seals/Resources: i.e. spiritual guidance, searching for the resource and searching for the health. With central zig-zag line, which is yang, strong, connected with numbers 1 (oneness) and 7 (power of concentrated energy) we get three lines (number 3). So- we get number codes 317, 371, 137, 173, 713 or 731, the code of Universal Love, strongly connected to the Pleiadeans.

Because upper intersection deals with the Sky, Stars and Heaven and lower intersection deals with the planet Earth, too, the whole picture is about the axiatonal reconnection, promoting spiritual growth, self-healing, finding one’s creativity and talents. Central zig-zag line is connected with Oneness and Light, while two lines of zig-zag line and one of the arrows with two meeting points, two distant points and potential line between the distant points can represent two-dimensional representation of DNA (diagram D). Counting the starting/ending points of Star Helix and points at intersections, we get 10 points. There are two situations where we can chose one or another additional point for connection (diagram 4)- so we get 14 potential points of holistic connection and 12 absolutely needed points for holistic connection.

The text on “Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki” mentions that Star Helix is “the activation of light body DNA. It helps activate the 12 strands. It may be useful in fighting infection and viruses including HIV.”

In my opinion symbolism on 12 or even 13 strands of DNA is connected with multidimensional levels of DNA, and not with the necessity to have more than two strands in our dimension. Whatever is the truth, 12 strands of DNA can be connected with 12 needed points for holistic connection. The role of codes 317, 371, 137, 173, 713 or 731 and central position of yang, zig-zag line speak the story of the power of the Light and this is connected with the Light body and also with the element of fire. Two arrow lines are yin, separated on their own. Yin force is connected with material substance of the body (it is called jing by Chinese tradition) and also with the element of water. And relation between the fire and water and HIV/AIDS problems are confirmed by the study of four pillars of destiny (look in the book of Raymond Lo, for example)