Sub-Personal Chakras

Sub-personal chakras are those chakras which are found below one’s feet. The sub-personal chakras are yin chakras, while trans-personal chakras (those above one’s head) are viewed as yang chakras. Sub-personal chakras represent different forms of suffering for the souls from the Lower planes (aka Hell aka Naraka). But for our 3D or 4D dimension (Assiah) these chakras normally don’t represent suffering. Because the suffering for our 3D reality is caused by our immorality and mental blockades, shown as imbalance in particular chakras (personal, trans-personal or sub-personal). So, what is represented by sub-personal chakras from Assiah point of view? (the text in brown was added on 2017/02/04).

Generally speaking all yin or sub-personal chakras are connected with rooting, wealth, abundance, secrets, ancestors, our planet’s memory, rooted wisdom, structured memory of our past, incarnation matrix, genetics and the essence (ind. kundalini, ch. jing). They provide rooting and enable us to work even with those higher chakras, which are extremely yang and focused. Do not work only with sub-personal chakras, because they represent lower worlds. And do not be afraid of lower worlds: chakras, which connect us to the lower worlds, enable us to work with higher chakras and higher worlds. Everything is in balance. The balance for sub-personal chakras quite often lies in supra-personal chakras.


As Above So Below. Source: Vasuna.

My approach in explanation of these chakras is influenced by Chinese metaphysics. There are different approaches on the nature and order of sub-personal chakras out there. However, only the system of Jhadten Jewall from Sacred Spaces, published at least in 1997, seems to be really close to my descriptions. And even this system with meditation on 17 chakra is missing knee chakra, ankle chakra, foot chakra and sub-personal chakra of Fiery Vapours. It looks like that a combination of ten trans-personal and sub-personal chakras with solids and elements can’t be proven by Chinese metaphysics. Well, we have only six major sub-personal chakras. There are no other chakras. There are lists with even lower chakras. But they actually don’t exist.


You should also be aware that possibility of further explanations is not exhausted by this text or any other. O.K, here are 6 sub-personal chakras, which connect us to the lower worlds:

The Earth Star. This chakra is normally located 16 or 17 kilometers below the surface. Instead of it some very close supplementary centers are used. These are actually not chakras, but minor centers, which are linked with real sub-personal Earth Star (information added on 2017/01/02). This chakra is usually set about 16 cm below one’s feet. Some people put it as low as 30 cm below one’s feet. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of Earth Star. However in most cases location is about 16 cm below one’s feet. Together with Chakra of Small Waters and Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire this chakra is among the most important sub-personal chakras. This chakra is connected with basic rooting, talents, strong will, intelligence, balance, smooth life, communication, ancestors, the essence (kundalini/jing), abundance and wealth and deep memory of our incarnations on this planet. Together with Chakra of Small Waters this center is strongly connected to the patterns of our incarnation (general path of life and also our career).  However, if this chakra is out of the balance, life is “rotten”: we can be confused, disoriented, lazy or without discipline and our immune system can suffer. Color: purple-gray, it can also be dark brown or golden. Some people say that it can be represented by black color.

Chakra of Small Waters. This chakra rules over great communication, great intelligence, great memory, great wealth, great talents and rooting of great wisdom. While the Earth star is more connected with incarnation patterns and the essence (kundalini/jing) and less with ancestors, Chakra of Small Waters has more to do with ancestors and great potentials and less with incarnation and kundalini. It is also connected with communication with people, which have great practical talents and abilities. The elementary nature show a picture of small lagoons with cold and clear water, filled with precious stones, fishes and perhaps with dolphins. This chakra is called “The Dolphin Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall, and it seems to be a proper name, too. If chakra is not balanced, one can become confused, depressed, one can rebel against rooting and constant communication. Color: gray, also darker golden.

Chakra of Lower Homes, callled “The Inner Earth Cities” by Jhadten Jewall. The elements have shown to me that this chakra could also be called the Chakra of the Land of the Mud. It is connected with element of earth and this chakra rules over lower aspects of one’s ego. If this chakra is balanced, ego is probably also balanced and one has a good connection with feminine aspects and proper rituals (mental patterns) of one’s life. It is partly connected with abundance and wealth, too. If this chakra is out of balance, ego is more or less out of balance and this situation will shrink one’s awareness. Color: black.

Chakra of Fiery Vapours. This Chakra rules over the region inside one dimension of our planet, which is filled by the fire, heat, but also with vapours. This is extremely unpleasant location for life energy. It rules over lower unrest and unclear path, so it can bring great suffering, real hell in one’s life. Jhadten Jewall hasn’t used this chakra in the system, published in 1997. Probably there is a good reason for that. I am not sure how to balance this chakra. It seems that it could be balanced with the help of other sub-personal chakras. This chakra could play important role in the awakening of the essence (kundalini/jing): the great heat awaken the vapours (symbol of genetics and the essence) and lift them up. Color: dark red.

Chakra of Huge Waters. This chakra is connected with huge waters and probably with ice and probably still gathers some life forms in it. The whole picture here is really big- these waters are not small lagoons, they are vast oceans with big forms. This chakra is called “The Whale Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall, and it seems this could be suitable name, too. Chakra rules over communication, especially over spiritual communication, because it can be represented by a distant mystic Sun shining over the cold waters. And it can also rule over one’s wealth and abundance, but to the lesser degree than the Earth Star and Chakra of Small Waters and it can bring some financial troubles if not balanced. Unbalanced chakra means that the root of serious spirituality could be broken and if this happens one has almost no access to spiritual channels and inner ecstasy. Color: shining black.

Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire. It is called “The (Crystal) Heart of Mother Earth” by Jhadten Jewall, and I can confirm this name with Chinese metaphysics, which put fire (heart) and earth (planet, crystal) element on this plane. This is the chakra of inner strength and inner fire of our Planet. This is the last level of Life form before the static forms are recycled. It is interesting that in most cases this chakra, which is put in the extremely yin position, and the Earth Star are the most balanced sub-personal chakras. Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire rules over friendships, intimate and other partnerships, wealth and abundance. If this chakra is not balanced, it can bring poverty and marital problems. Color: dark copper.