Golden Age = 2012 + 2032?

Many people have predicted that Golden Age would start in the year 2012 in some kind of dramatic global change of the cultural patterns, awareness and even of the nature. Later on some of these prophets move their predictions in the year 2013, then in the year 2014 or even later. Some people have chosen new precious moment in the year 2032. Well?

We can reconsider these predictions using models of Chinese metaphysics like the one, used in the Škratkov blog, where 60- year Jia Zi cycle was used together with Kan-Li structure, clashes, energy flow, Sanqi, Shen Sha, Qiong Tong Bao Jian, Nayin, five elements evolution… What can we see from this model?


The years of Spiritual development. Source: Škratkov blog

We have a trend from 2009 to 2014 with rising spiritual vibrations, but also with rising cleansings and reactions. Spiritual vibrations were extremely high in the years 2012-2014, but the rate of reactions was also quite high. So we haven’t seen any dramatic changes. The first phase of the Golden Age is already here, it has come almost secretly. This is the energy of the fire element, which is connected with information, light, creativity, friendships, motivation and LOVE. Now we are in the years 2015-2018 and this is the era of great cleansing, it is our little “dark ages” in the age of fire, these are the years before light could get pure power. But many of us feel how the energy vibration is still rising, even in the years 2016 and 2017. Yes, the seed is already in you. As you cleanse yourself, you can feel spiritual power of the fire age.

Look at the graph- after 2021 positive vibrations could prevail. Looking at the differences between the rates of spiritual index and the rates of reactions and cleansing, one can see that the most pure energies will be found in the years 2031 and 2032. So- yes- these years are another important mark in the Golden Age spectacle.

And there is something more, which is not presented in the graph of Škratkov blog. Those who study “Chinese” five elements could found out that historical cycles of five elements are accelerating. Golden Age is not represented only with the fire element, it is also about the speed of the creative power in this cycle of five elements. We have the opportunity to uplift the cycles of the five elements in our world. And this can make our age of awareness the real Golden Age. We have not reach the goal yet, but we have good chances. So- let’s do it, folks!