Teachings of Mathias de Stefano (Chakras, Light and Information)

Well, at the moment I don’t know what to think about this number and symbol games of Mathias de Stefano. But it is interesting 🙂


Some Axiatonal Lines and Grids for You

Between 09.09.2016 and 13.12.21016 I have reasearched my axiatonal grid during my empirical introspection at the time of my axiatonal accelerations. Several points, lines and grids have shown themselves to me.

Ordinary only frontal and lateral lines and structures are dealt by the axiatonal work. It is very interesting that we have important axiatonal structures in the back side of our body, too. There are many structures on and around the nose and mouth.  Also there are many lines and points on the palms and fingers of the hands.

Very famous axiatonal spirituality has shown up as demonic one in this research. The master of this spirituality is obsessed with demons which are “Martian type” of Aliens. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of this spirituality or the name of this master, because I could be sued for such claims. So, be careful and listen to your heart.

I decided to show 2/3 of my “axiatonal map” to you. It is not finished and detailed and some points have only approximate position, because my research has stopped in December 2016. But perhaps someone is missing only this information to develop a more powerful axiatonal system, which would benefit humankind a lot. So here it is 🙂

Vasuna's Axiatonal Grid 1

Source: Vasuna. The model is from Makehuman program.

Vasuna's Axiatonal Grid 2

Source: Vasuna. The model is from Makehuman program.

Vasuna's Axiatal Grid 3

Source: Vasuna. The model is from Makehuman program.