The Head and The Axiatonal Line of Raphael

Based on archetypes it was found by me that the central axiatonal line, which flow from the head down in the middle part of the frontal body (central frontal line), should be called The Raphael Line. More correctly: the Raphael Line IS NOT just the central frontal longitudinal line, overlapping with the Conception Vessel and part of the Governing Vessel. It has two equally important side longitudinal lines, sometimes overlapping with the kidney meridians. It is shown on the picture, that the flow of this axiatonal lines on the head area is a little bit complicated.

Axiatonal Line of Raphael- HEAD

While all the axiatonal lines cross the meridians of TCM or overlapps with them, axiatonal lines are subtler in their nature. They are stimulated with very light concentration of one’s mind or with very gentle touch. The focus of the mind or the pressure on the lines will rather activate TCM meridians or acu-points than axiatonal lines and axiatonal points.

Raphael is known as an archangel of healing. The Raphael Line is connected with healing, with the power of essence (jing; the term of TCM) regeneration, wisdom, awareness

There are some powerful axiatonal points of the Raphael Line. One of them is the point in the proximity of the ear. This is an axiatonal point of inner wisdom. It is actually the same as the “Awareness Bar” in the Access Bars terminology. In the midde of the temple is the axiatonal point of harmonization of the essence. It represents the power of regeneration, empowerment of the immune system, long life and the health. It is actually the same as the “Health Bar” in the Access Bars terminology. In the lower side of the eyes, there is another axiatonal point of vision, which represents eyes, eyesight, clear life path, life visons, long life.

On the merge of the skin and the middle of the upper lip, there is another powerful axiatonal point. The Soul and Essence axiatonal point is connected with our soul, the secret areas of our soul, with the essence (jing) and with the depth of our health. The point in the lowest central part of the upper lip is the place of another point, which has similar meaning as the previous point.