Satan’s Flower of Life

Satan's Flower of Life

A Satan’s Flower of Life is based on the principle of polarity and the principle of 60° and the number 6, which represents ego and personality. The Satan’s Flower of Life is unfortunately known just as the “Flower of Life”. Untill last days I also believed that this is God’s Flower of Life. But there are actually at least two another Flowers of Life (God’s and Lucifer’s Flower of Life and the Christ’s Flower of Life) and at least one Flower of Death, so the notion of Flower of Life is misleading. The Satan’s Flower of Life in the form of basic central flower (called also a Seed of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek) was already found in Mikene around 1.600 BC.  Soon after that it was also found on Cyprus. In the 15th century BC the full Flowers of Life were found in Egypt and these artefacts have stimulated Drunvalo Melchizedek to researched them and their symbolism. Drunvalo Melchizedek didn’t recognize the satanic meaning of this type of this type of Flower of Life.

My own findings on this flower are that the Flower contains symbolism of numbers 1,3,7, which represents Love, but only on the secondary (and conditional) level. They are represented with three (3) circles with seven (7) limited areas, and they have unity and each part can be considered as one part (1).

Three Circles- Outer and Inner

At the center numbers 1, 3 and 6 can be found: three circles (3), six limited parts (6 and 1). The structure 136 is the reign of ego.

136 Areas

When Ego is found in the center of attention, this is a sign of rebellion, an aspect of Satan’s manipulation, and in singular mentality this Satan’s manipulation is represented as Personality. This was the numeric way to found such a type of the Flower of Life to be actually the Satan’s Flower of Life, The Flower of Personality, the Flower of polarization, the Flower of lower awareness. The circles of this flower with the principle of polarization, found in the three oppositions of hexagon, are among the main principles of disintegration of Divine Oneness, percepted by the God and His singularities in each living being. Inside this flower there is a hexagon (and the Star of David):

Hexagon Flower

Hexagon (and the Satan’s Flower of Life) can be found in the water crystals, organic molecules and elsewhere… This can be expected considering the numeric symbolism, which will be explained in detail in some another post. In short: our material world (Assiah) is the lowest part of Creation and the Forces of polarity ruled this world and material forms. This does not mean that everything is O.K. with the Satan’s Flower of Life just because it is found in the nature (together with it’s numerical sequence and curve, which are called Fibonacci sequence and Fibonacci curve).  This Flower represents the center of ego, which overpowers the force of Love and uses the force of Love for its own selfish purposes. The power of Love is trapped in the Flower: David Star as a symbol of the Hearth Chakra is satanic trick to block the Heart chakra among the naïve yogis, meditating on this symbol. Disbalance in Heart is connected with disbalance in rooting and it causes some illusions.

Decades ago Satan’s Flower of Life was used as platform of the Metatron’s Cube:

Metatron's Cube

Regarding this Flower as the Satan’s Flower of Life this False Metatron is just an entity of the False Light or it is the collective name of some entities of the False Light. The six leaves of this flower and Metatron’s Cube are foundation for twelve Fibonacci Curves (pictured in red):


There is another case (which probably need additional testing):


Just like hexagons, Fibonnacci Sequence can also be found in the nature (Snail’s shell, the order of the seeds in sunflower…) and it is based on the sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,…  Every new number added is represented as the sum of the two previous numbers.  The higher numbers have ratios, which are close to Φ ratio (Φ= 1.6180339887) of the Golden Section. It is claimed by some people (I think they are gathered around the page of, but don’t know their names) that the Fibonacci sequence represents the Conservation Law of Energy: if we take 2 from the sequence as our own starting level of the energy, for example, and we added 3 from the outside world, we get number 8. And so on.  If the first number should be expanded to the third, the second number must be consumed by the first! So, yes, I agree with these people.

All these means, that this Flower of Life only consumes the force of Love: if David star or it’s Indian variant is put on the Heart Chakra, this Chakra is actually blocked. The energy of Love, got from the integrated matrix is trapped and transmitted in the zones, ruled by the entities, which eat this kind of transported and changed energy. So, the matrix of this Flower of Life is the matrix of Satan, which uses one’s ego to be represented as Satan’s singularity, i.e. the Personality, to Lower one’s awareness from the stage of “I am” into the low awareness. This matrix is one of the matrixes, used in the disintegrated parts of Universe.

This Flower of Life is viewed as Divine flower by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It was also explained by Drunvalo Melchizedek, that the Flower of Lucifer (The False Light) is different from the Flower of Life. The Flower of Lucifer was represented as the flower of compression. It is claimed that kabalistic Tree of Life couldn’t be found in such a system, but only in the Flower of Life. What Drunvalo hasn’t seen is the fact, that Lucifer’s Flower can be found in this Flower of Life, but not in the center of it. It also hasn’t been noticed by Drunvalo Melchizedek that one big reptilian eye (in light yellow) can be found in the Lucifer’s flower (the pupil is in green).


FOL Reptilian Eye of Lucifer


Satan is the central power of this flower, he is a great ruler of Polarity, and Lucifer is the secondary entity. He has more important symbol, the God’s and Lucifer’s Flower of Life. But Lucifer is surrounding all the central point- there are six eyes with reptilian pupils around the central point. So Lucifer can also be viewed as lower aspect of Satan himself. Drunvalo Melchizedek was focused on two vertexes of Lucifer’s eye and not on the eye itself. So, the Flower, used by Drunvalo Melchizedek is actually a Satan’s Flower of Life of disintegrated matrix, using Drunvalo’s own concept of Luciferian eye. This disintegrated matrix has two opposite poles: False Light with False Light angels (of Metatron and others) and False Light “alien” entities on one side and revealed darkness (devils and “bad” alien entities) on the other. O.K., authentic parts of the matrix seems to be found in  Satan’s Flower of Life, too. This is perhaps only illusion, or the fact is represented, that Satan is also a part of Divine Unity, ruled by God.

There is also one very good numeric explanation of 666 and this Flower of Life, found on the internet. It is told that “Dunvalo’s” Flower of Life is actually a Satan’s “Daisy of Death”. This is the same group, gathered around, I think. But they are also proposing the use of their own kathara, which is of low quality. This will be discussed in one later post.  O.K: in this Flower of Life hexagonal forms can be found:

Hexagon Flower

We are interested in combinations of the numbers in a hexagram. Starting with line segment, we get the place for number two.  At the next level we can see three triangles and the place for number 3 have been found. One next parallel level reveals number for (triangle with the central point).

In the next level we search where in the four remaining points of hexagon number two can be placed. Lower line segment is consummated. The next level of line segment, representing number 2 can be found between the points, which are not neighboring each other. In the next level number 4 is found. Number 3 is represented by the remaining two points. Now we can easily find the third digit for each external point.  When we add the opposite number to the chosen one, the sum is always 666, the number of Satan. The number 666 is repeated three times.

666 number and Flower of Life

There is also another scheme to get 666 from this Flower of Life and/or from hexagons:


Number 666 and 616, which are connected with ego, personality and Satan, are actually already present in the basic unit of Flower of Life:

FOL, 666 and 616

However, there are people who believe that this Flower Life is connected with Christ and with his number 8. But this is true only at the secondary, tertiary, … levels. Foe example: there is a Fibonacci sequence used to get 888 and 111 triangles, thus forming special David Star. Circles of 8 in the Metatron’s Cube and “8 symbolism” in the basic David Star could also be noted… However, again and again: all these concepts are only based on the secondary, tertiary, … levels! Be careful, at the secondary level of the number 6 all the numbers are present within this number. It could be shown with Magic Square or with Fibonacci sequence, already mentioned. (this part of the text in brown was added on 2017/02/05). Here are visual representations of these “secondary” Christ symbolisms:

Number 8 in 6

Figure 1. 111 and 888 within Rodin’s math – The template of the first picture has been taken from here.  Figure 2. Metatron’s Cube and numbers 8.  Figure 3. David Star and numbers 8

The symbol of Triquetra, which is already connected to the God’s and Lucifer’s Flower of Life, is also used in the Satan’s Flower of Life, but not in the center:

Second level Triquetra Satan's FOL

In the Satan’s Flower of Life the Tree of Life can be found (but only on the secondary level) and also a prolonged kathara with 15 centers.  All based on the angle of 60°:


Kathara is hexagonal geometric shape with left, right and central side, with transversal and diagonal lines and with triangle structure on the top and on the bottom of the structure. Divine aspect is resembled by the triangle structures. In equilateral triangle there is no kathara, the sequence of oneness is got with expanding the connected triangles. Two parallel sides of Kathara are ordinary prolonged and form the key which unchain the structure beyond Fibonacci rule. But in the Satan’s Flower of Life Primary kathara is actually the equilateral hexagon itself:

Primary Satan's Kathara

With rotation there is no new space to develop. In this sequence each two previous elements are consumed to produce the new element, which has only the half of the remaining energy. This is the core of Satan’s Flower of Life, i.e. the black hole of ego, personality and Satan. So, this Flower of Life is the Flower of Death at the same time. The vampire structure of this Flower consumes the energy to produce and sustain the parallel worlds. In order to get the balance of Fibonacci Curve and the Conservation Law, we also need secondary kathara, which has the ability to grow. We use expanding hexagons in Oneness (because Satan is also the part of Oneness):

Rotationg Hexagon in Oneness with Kathara

And here it is, the secondary kathara curve, going beyond Fibonacci:

Secondary Satan's Kathara

The Satan’s Flower of Life is perceived from the aspect of dualistic worlds, similar to our world. On the expanded level of awareness this symbol, which is otherwise explained as the Satan’s Flower of Life, become representation of special aspect of the integrated matrix. Then this symbol is the Flower of integrated (“organic”) darkness. However, in our dualistic world it is hard to activate this deeper symbolism. So, be very careful with this symbol!!! (this part of the text in brown was added on 2017/02/05)

There are two points in the body, which are the alpha points of many flowers, i.e. The Christ’s Flower of Life, Satan’s Flower of Life and Flower of Death, but not for the God’s Flower of Life, which has its own alpha point. One of the alphas is located in approximately the same region as sexual chakra or Swadhishthana, the other one is located in the area, which is found in between the male nipples (women have to make adjustments), i.e. in the zone of the Middle Dan tian. Be careful how you use these alphas. It is better not to use symbol of David Star or six-pointed star in the zone of Heart chakra and Middle Dan tian. It is also better not to meditate on six petals of Swadhisthana. These are programming tricks to install Satan’s Flower of Life.

Kathara Centers

From this Flower of Life and from its hexagons the symbol of David Star can be found.  Triple repetition of 666 can also be found in David Star.  Even worse is another symbol, found on internet, in which the main David Star contains two minor David Stars. Every 666 is repeated three times!

David Star

The Satan’s Flower of Life has a lot to do with the ideology of 12 DNA strands. Number 6 is a strong symbol of the material world. While positive genetic programs are represented by the number 8, negative genetic programs are represented by 5 and mostly by 6. One should be cautious not to be involved into the ideology of 12 DNA strands or 13 DNA helixes/strands. From The Metatron’s Cube (and from the Satan’s Flower of Life) and from the Kathara of the Flower of Death it is possible to find “12” levels. From the Metatron’s Cube one could find 13 centers.

In the next posts I will discuss the true God’s Flower of Life, the Christ’s Flower of Life and the Flower of Death. Have a nice time!


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