The Flower(s) of Death

Flower of Death in Circles

The Flower of death is based on the squares, o the angle of 45° and intersections between four circles. If the other circles are added, specific the pattern is got. This pattern is thought to be similar to the peripheral shape of the cownose ray, so it is also called the “Cownose”. It is said that the Cownose pattern was known in the area of Fertile Crescent from the 6th millennium BC and in 3000 BC it was also known in the area of the Indus Valley (Marko Manninen: Artifacts of the Flower of Life, 2015, page 9). Cownose as a decoration motif were antecedent and far more prominent than Satan’s Flower of Life patterns (compare to: Marko Manninen: page 13).

Cownose Pattern

The Flower of Death is based on the number 4. While the number 8 (2×4) as the pattern of Christ represents new light in the great darkness, the end of the darkness cycle, number 4 is in the starting line of polarity (numbers (2), 4, 6, 8). Number 4 represents declining energy and intensity of polarity. By the square rotation in Oneness the first kathara is derived. There are some others katharas, too  (the two of them are found in the Satan’s Flower of Life and the two of them are found in the Christ’s Flower of Life). Kathara is hexagonal geometric shape with left, right and central side, with transversal and diagonal lines and with triangle structure on the top and on the bottom of the structure. Divine aspect is resembled by the triangle structures. In equilateral triangle there is no kathara, the sequence of oneness is got with expanding the connected triangles. Two parallel sides of Kathara are ordinary prolonged and form the key which unchain the structure beyond Fibonacci rule. If kathara is not the equilateral hexagon, there is opportunity to be used as a key to unlock the jail of darkness. But in the Flower of Death the kathara’s replications in Oneness (in the lower diagram: dark orange area is the first use of kathara, the orange+ yellow is the second etc…) form the Curve of Death (blue color), which still has the ratios below Fibonacci levels and can’t be used as a key to unlock the jail of darkness.

The Flower of Death with Square Based Kathara

Fibonnacci Sequence is based on the sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, …  Every new number added is represented as the sum of the two previous numbers.  It is claimed by some people (I think they are gathered around the page of, but don’t know their names) that the Fibonacci sequence represents the Conservation Law of Energy: if we take 2 from the sequence as our own starting level of the energy, for example, and we added 3 from the outside world, we get number 8. And so on.  But in the Curve of Death the final result has less energy than the previous two values have. It is interesting, that the people from Emerald Guardians (probably the same as the group around, which has already explained the Satan’s Flower of Life, offered the Kathara of Death as Divine solution and the Curve of Death is named the “Krystal Spiral & Sequence” by them.  These peoples also offered the 12-point Tree of Life (but I call it the Tree of Death):

Square Kathara with the Tree of Death

However, this 12-point Tree of Life is a form from the Flower of Death pattern.  Kabbalistic Tree of Life seems to be this 12-point system (minus two centers) mixed with some basic numerology. Apart from the Flower of Death, based on the square and the angle of 45°, there are also a pentagon with number 5, heptagon with the number 7 and nonagon with number 9. In these polygons there are no kathara keys to unlock the situation, while the rotating and replicating in Oneness produces the curves with the sequence far below the Fibonacci. So, they can be also viewed as the Flowers of Death.

There are two points in the body, which are the alpha points of many flowers, i.e. The Christ’s Flower of Life, Satan’s Flower of Life and Flower of Death, but not for the God’s Flower of Life, which has its own alpha point. One of the alphas is located in approximately the same region as sexual chakra or Swadhishthana, the other one is located in the area, which is found in between the male nipples (women have to make adjustments), i.e. in the zone of the Middle Dan tian. Be careful how you use these alphas. It is better not to use symbol of David Star or six-pointed star in the zone of Heart chakra and Middle Dan tian. It is also better not to meditate on six petals of Swadhisthana. These are programming tricks to install Satan’s Flower of Life.

Kathara Centers

Flower of Death is also the Flower of Fight or the Flower of War at the same time. It is also the conditional Light and conditional Heaven inside the worlds of duality- it still resides within the concept of duality. This Flower is actually the Flower of Archangel Michael/ Flower of God Raa/ Flower of God of War and so on. Inside this symbol there is a cross symbol as the part of this symbolism. In the Mediteran region and in India strength and war have a lot to with the power of the Sun. solar power, war and light- I call this the zone of Archangel Michael. Michael, Lucifer and Satan are three basic entities, which rule the worlds of disintegrated parts of the matrix. However, the symbol which is explained as Flower of Death could also bear better symbolism if used in the integrated part of matrix. In that case this is the Flower of Inner Strength. In our dualistic world it is hard to activate this deeper symbolism. So, be careful with this symbol (this part of the text in brown was added on 2017/02/05).