On the Locations of Trans- and Sub-Personal Chakras

On December 24th, 2017 I’ve got new information about locations of Trans- and Sub-Personal Chakras. I think that the name Trans- and Sub-Personal Chakras is not adequate, because the word “personal” is linked to the wold “personality”, which has negative connotation in some systems. However, these names prevailed and I use this terminology anyway.


Information on locations of the Trans-Personal Chakras:

Connection Star or the Soul Star (aka 8th Chakra): One month ago, I have been told that the next chakra after the Soul Star (which has been said to be located 30 cm above one’s head) is located 11 kilometers above one’s head. But I have discovered that the real Soul Star is the chakra, which is actually located in the atmosphere around 11 or 12 kilometers above. This is atmospheric chakra! When we reach 11 or 12 kilometers above the surface, the 80% of the atmospheric mass is found below. From the elementary point of view, 80% is a sign of prevailing force. From the same point of view this chakra can’t be found less than 5,5 kilometers above the surface. Very rare atmosphere reaches even 10.000 kilometers above the surface. 11 or 12 kilometers are useful median in these large distances. Ordinary 8th chakra is set about 16 cm over one’s head. Some people put it as high as 30 cm or even 45 cm over one’s head. All this are actually not chakras, but minor centers, which are linked with real trans-personal chakras, not necessary only to Connection Star or the real Soul Star.

Solar Chakra or Stellar Chakra or Higher Soul Chakra (aka 9th Chakra), called “The Stellar Gateway” by Jhadten Jewall: This chakra is located in our Solar System, but not necessary in the Sun, but close to him.

Galactic Chakra or The Shamanic Chakra (aka 10th Chakra), called “Intergalactic Gateway” by Jhadten Jewall.  It is located somewhere in our Galaxy, not necessary in the galactic center in Sagittarius, but it must be somewhere “close” to it.

Land of Love Chakra, also Consciousness of Love Chakra (aka 11th Chakra): It is located somewhere in our Local Group of at least 54 galaxies.

Super-Solar Chakra (aka 12th Chakra): it is located somewhere inside our enormous supercluster, which is called Virgo Supercluster. Some people are claiming that this chakra is located on the Central Sun. It is not known where in Virgo Supercluster this Central Sun is located.

Chakra of Upper Homes (aka 13th Chakra): it is located inside even greater super cluster, called Laniakea Supercluster. Chakra is located inside the center, called Great Attractor, or somewhere “close” to it.

The chakras further above are located even further away and most of them probably even not in the physically observable Universe.  All the creatures really are infinite beings! Including humans.

Information on locations of the Sub-Personal Chakras:

The Earth Star. This chakra is located at least 7 kilometers below the surface, normally 16 or 17 kilometers below. The depth of chakra’s location varies according to the structure of the crust. This chakra is usually set about 16 cm below one’s feet. Some people put it as low as 30 cm below one’s feet. These are actually not chakras, but minor centers, which are linked with real sub-personal Earth Star.

Chakra of Small Waters, called “The Dolphin Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall: located around 40 kilometers below, somewhere in the lower lithosphere.

Chakra of Lower Homes, callled “The Inner Earth Cities” by Jhadten Jewall: located at least 50 kilometers or more below, somewhere in the boundary zone between litosphere and asthenosphere.

Chakra of Fiery Vapours: located somewhere in the middle of the mantle, around 1.500 kilometers below the surface.

Chakra of Huge Waters: located somewhere in the outer core, approximately 4.000 kilometers below the surface.

Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire, called Heart of Mother Earth” by Jhadten Jewall: located in the inner core, near the center or in the center, approximately 6.300 kilometers below the surface.