The Limits of the Magic

The Magic uses mind and body. God uses inner stillness and Oneness. Magic uses symbols and archetypes, affirmations and visualizations and also special types of breathing control. It also uses types of body treatment, body gestures and body movements and sound therapy. Today there are many modalities, using Bioenergetics, Healings etc… but they are actually just a modern form of magic. Sometimes the plant or animal medicine is used for cleansing and for getting visions, too, and such a medicine is used as traditional tool to transcendent the magic itself at the same time.

All the people make gestures, mind focus etc… This is a spontaneous magic. But a concentrated magic, used by magicians, is a large battlefield. One can choose the sides. Whatever side one chooses, one gets their own protection from the world of deviated entities. The world of the entities is influenced and led by the rule of the archons aka archdemons, together with Satan, Ahriman, Vritra, Set … – however you call him/her. There are two departments of Satan’s “multinational company”. One of them could be called “Department of Suffering and Death” and the other one could be called Luciferian “Department of False Love and False Light.”

The entities are playing the games with us. If one choses the side of “Department of Suffering and Death”, one will get protections and help from dragons, reptilians, trolls, devils, greys, lords of fear etc. One will be given such a help in exchange for one’s own light energy or for any type of the energy of someone else (human or animal sacrifice).

If one choses “Department of False Love and False Light,” one will be got help and protection from the false angels, fake Arcturians, fake Pleiadeans, fake fairies etc…

Apart from the concentrated magic, spontaneous magic is far less dangerous. All the people do it and there are many paleolithic practices:

  • Burning the fire brings in the concept of light against darkness. Burning the fire will help in the battle against reptilians, devils etc.
  • Sitting in the circle brings in the symbol of the circle, the symbol of unity. Sitting around the fire strengthen the magic of the fire
  • Sending a guardian to protect the camp is magic in itself. This is the archetype of protection.
  • Building a tent or a house brings in the archetype of protected and safe area, again. In Mesolithic or Neolithic fences duplicate this archetype.
  • The wilderness has an archetype of potential danger. It is even more dangerous in the night, in the fog and in the storm weather.

All these basics of magic have been used for eons. It works because of the power of the people to produce projections. When projections and fragmentations became independent, these are called (deviated) entities aka bad energy.

These entities are built on human archetypes. And this is why magicians discovered the ways how to be protected from “Department of Suffering and Death”. Humans are sometimes attacked. If the beast attacks the animal or human being, then all the others are safe. This is why black sorcerer aka magician of the “Department of Suffering” will offer an animal or human sacrifice in order to safe his/her client. Humans are also attacked by mosquitos, but the smoke will protect them. This is why the entities of the “Department of Suffering” would dislike smoke, specially from palo santo, white sage etc. These entities are in disharmony. They also don’t like harmonic fragrances. For example, they don’t like agua de florida.  Strong sounds are disliked by those entities, too. They shake your body and mind. The sound is an archetype of light, of disclosure. This is why “Department of Suffering” dislikes friendly gongs, drums and bells. But be careful about that who is the drummer: enemies also use drums and this is another archetype.

However, any victory over “Department of Suffering” is only temporary, because the Beast is not defeated only by these procedures. The supreme forces of duality and spiritual darkness have another department, “Department of False Love and False Light.” In human world, there are hidden domestic enemies. Persons, living in the same house or in the neighborhood. People pretending to be nice. Pretending to love someone. They sit in the same circle. They could have function of guardian. They could burn the protecting fire. So, the entities like false light beings and even the entities of the false Oneness facade (false light angels, most of the ascended masters, many fairies, fake Arcturians, fake Pleiadeans, fake Andromedans etc…) could not be disclosed and defeated by using fire, offerings, drums, gongs, palo santo, sage, agua de florida and similar protections. A human can decide to live with the hidden enemy inside one’s tribe. This is why even a strong medicine and the drums or gongs will not necessary help against such entities. So, you can stay under the influence of the false reality. There are ways to figure out if one is exposed to these entities.

The choice between the two departments is no true choice (yes, in this life it is maybe better to chose Department of False Love and False Light, as positive energy has more healing and harmonic effects; but what is going on after death?). When one is overburden with reptilian and devil entities and with the health problems, it is good to use some classical protections. But there is a greater road ahead.  Let’s try to find the way out of this battle! Let’s search for Oneness, Inner strenght and the True God!