Jupiter Ascending (2105): Grey, Draconian and Pleiadean Entities Revealed!

Jupiter Ascending Scene

The movie scene from the Jupiter Ascending Official Trailer #3 (2015)

A lot of spiritual information is represented in many of the modern sci-fi movies, for ex. The Matrix or Star Wars. Jupiter Ascending is a movie from 2015.

The story goes like this (skip this if you already know it): superhuman aliens under the rule of the leading dynasty of Abrasax control planet Earth and many others and they are harvesting on lower civilizations like Earth, i.e. killing the people to get elixir of youth. Rulers are humanoids and the are helped by warrior draconian race (reptillians). The lower race of Keepers (Greys like creatures) are given the lowest tasks like kidnapping and killing somebody.  The key members of Abrasax dynasty are Balem, Titus and Kalique Abrasax. Balem is wiser, richer, business oriented and older, Titus is more a handsome playboy than a successful businessman and politician, while Kalique as woman is perhaps more warm and emotional. Earthwoman Jupiter Jones is also regarded as member of Abrasax dynasty, because she is recognized to be reincarnation of the Queen of the Universe, the mother of Balem, Titus and Kalique. Violence and brutality are common among Abrasax members. Dynasty controls various humanoid planets and when the population reaches the appropriate number, the population is harvested, i.e. killed to be a source of elixir of youth.

These are the conscious or subconscious spiritual massages of the movie:

-There are three aspects of synthetic “alien” reality: Keepers, reptilians and Pleiadean humanoids;

The Keepers are Grey aliens. They are the lowest in the alien hierarchy, they can be violent, they torture humans with medical procedures, they are kidnapping them etc.;

Draconian Aliens are winged reptilians and they are higher in the hierarchy. They are brutal warriors;

Pleiadean Aliens aka humanoid Aliens are human-like beings. They represent themselves as kind, seductive and sweet at first, but under this cover they are brutal and selfish.

Humanoid Aliens feed on humans while washing themselves in the elixir of youth. This is a representation of what the entities do: they harvest on the victim’s energy field.

Mother Queen or Seraphi Abrasax and her reincarnation in the form of Jupiter Jones is good and warmhearted. In its late version of Seraphi and in the life of Jupiter it represents the organic darkness (feminine power), which is good (compare these to synthetic light of Titus and Kalique and synthetic darkness of Balem).

Balem Abrasax, Emperor of the House of Abrasax is a negative representation of synthetic or parallel reality and acts like negative aspects of Varuna or Veles and like Jewish Satan. He is openly emotional, brutal and dark. Balem killed Mother Queen- This is why symbolism of organic darkness (David star, Flower of Life) becomes a symbolism of Satan’s Flower of Life. Be careful with these symbols! His name can be (deliberately or subconsciously) connected with kanaanite Baal, but also with Irish evil Balor or even with Slavic Veles.

Titus Abrasax is Balem’s brother. He is like a handsome and seductive representation of artificial light. He is close to the Jewish representation of Lucifer and perhaps to negative aspect of the Greek Apollo. His name is connected with with evil meaning, because it is (deliberately or subconsciously) connected to Titus, a Roman general and later an emperor, who a destroyed  the Temple of Jerusalem. He and his father Vespasian were both called Titus Flavius Vespazianus and both of them could be connected with the number 666, which is the number of the beast, and with belief that Neron (666) had risen again.

Kalique Abrasax, Balem and Titus’s sister is synthetic creature, too, perhaps (?) like the Greek Artemis. Her name can be connected to Indian goddess Kali, the “negative” aspect of Goddess.

Caine Wise, a genetically engineered soldier is a half human and half canine, and he helps Jupiter Jones. Canine nature is connected with synthetic aspects of darkness (like wolf Fenrir in Norse myths and more positive Yarilo, the wolf shepherd among the Slavs, who returns into the world of living, organic).

Stinger Apini is half human and half honeybee. Bee was a symbol of Artemis.

The overall scene is pretty dark and synthetic! The movie reveals the true nature of many “Aliens”, which are in fact geocentric projections. This the old story of evil spirits. It also speaks the truth about the Pleiadean entities, which are actually the powerfull demons and spirits (all these don’t mean that there are no true Pleiadeans, by the way): they want to feed on our energy. They are sweet and kind in order to fool us.

There are also two misinformation in the movie:

Organic Earth is not the most important planet of Pleiadean-Reptilian-Grey entities: it is probably the ONLY one they have!

Harvesting is happening every day. The people find this spiritual truth in meditations and in the long spiritual journey. But many people which are not mentally balanced can get into the contacts with them trough the worlds of hallucinations, mixed with strange, but true experiences.  The various rituals of exorcism can help with the greys and reptilians, but they are more or less ineffective with Pleiadean entities, because of the limits of the magic.


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