God’s Flower of Life and Flower of Lucifer: Some New Information

More than half year ago I’ve got information on God’s and Lucifer’s Flower of Life. I have written an article about that. At that time the difference between God’s and Lucifer’s symbolism hasn’t been so clear to me. It has been obvious that both systems overlapped in one way or another.

So, here is a continuation of my research. Just for information: I was not raised as a Christian, but like most of modern Europeans I live in the Judeo-Christian world. I use names like Lucifer, Satan, God… For me it is not so important if one should be called God, YHWH, Allah, Varuna or Brahma, the other Satan or Shaitan and the third Lucifer, Eosphoros or “The fallen star” etc. Let’s go back to the theme. Below, there are two pictures of Flower of Life and the Light is represented by both of them. God’s Flower of Life (pure Light) is on the left, the symbol on the right can be connected both with God and with Lucifer’s (False Light) Flower of the Life is on the right:

God and Lucifer as Flower

For God’s Flower of Light it is crucial, that there is the point, the center of the Flower, symbolizing either revealed God (number 1) or transcendent God (number 0). If the God is transcendental (number 0), then numeric game is the same for both Flowers:

Triagle in Oneness

Triagle under Satan's Influence

However, if we have only two repetitions in Oneness and the God is present (number 1), then we get the scheme of the revealed God. Summation of numbers give the sequence from 1 to 7. After that numbers 8, 9 and 10 are not present. So, this scheme is quite prenatal to our world.  Here is the scheme:

God Revealed.png

With only two repetitions of oneness, we already get digits 1, 3 and 7, which numerically represents love (this is theme for another article ;).  Everything is encompassed by the outer-most triangle (1), each triangle has three vertexes (3). The two triangles have six points and there is also central point (God), together seven (7) points. Inside 1 there is also yang as the principle of 7.

The structure with 1, 3 and 7 becomes even more visible after the fourth repetition:

137 structure after three rotations in oneness

Here, we have seven distinct areas, formed by the three circles. The center is not important here. This is replication of Love without revelation of either transcendental or non-transcendental God. This is the “secondary Love” of Lucifer, who is the bearer of the False Light. You can also look at the third and the fourth picture- where the first triangle has the numbers 1, 1 and 1, together 111. 1 is yang number and is connected with 7 (theme for another article) and there are 3 numbers 1: so, we get numbers 1, 3 and 7 again. Just like the number 137,173 etc… number 111 is also not necessary the purest number of Love- fo the same reasons as in the case of numbers 1, 3 and 7. There are people who claim that number 111 is connected with Pleaideans. In this case, number 111 represents Lucifer! Pleiadean aliens, which “bring love, art and compassion”, are demonic Luciferian entities and not real aliens, based on geocentric symbolism and five elements (read this article for further proofs).

For recapitulation:

God must have a central position in the Flower of Life, while Luciferian Flower of Life doesn’t use the center. In this way it becomes clear, that Celtic symbolism of triple Godess (both “Tripple Spiral”/“Trinity Spiral of Life” and “Triquetra”/“Trinity Knott”/“Triple Moon”) are connected with Lucifer. In my previous article I was convinced, that Tripple Goddess is a slightly negative symbol of yin, impure forces. But they are actually quite negative symbols. By these symbols Lucifer is represented in the form of Tripple Goddess.

God and Lucifer

When you use Flowers of Life, connected with God and Lucifer, be carefull not to use the concepts, which are NOT CONNECTED WITH GOD! Here are instructions:

-don’t use “Tripple Spiral”/“Trinity Spiral of Life” symbol of (Luciferian) Tripple Goddess (in red; two trigons in black are added in order to make the connection to the Lucifer’s Flower of Life visible)

Celtic Trinity Spirals

-don’t use “Triquetra”/“Trinity Knott”/“Triple Moon” of (Luciferian) Tripple Goddess

Celtic trinity

-don’t use numbers 111 or numbers with 1, 3 and 7, if they are connected with Pleiadean demons and entities

-don’t use the concept of Anticosmos and its power of Anti-force. Anticosmos is the concept, used in European black magic and in the spiritual school “The way toward the Enlightenment” (in Serbian original: Put ka prosvetljenju) of serbian healer and spiritual leader Ljubiša Stojanović. Anticosmos is clearly connected with Lucifer. Some followers of Ljubiša Stojanović use activations like “I activate … Anticosmos…” and “I activate perpetuum mobile for…” Be careful, because one will be connected to Luciferian (Anti-)forces by such activations .

Triagle and Lucifer

-don’t use the mediations with the help of trigonal spinner. Almost a year ago one group of followers of Ljubiša Stojanović started to spin the trigonal spinner while making the activations. Spinning of the trigonal spinner brings in the symbols like 111, 137, 147 etc and it is a powerful tool. But trigonal spinner is connected with the Lucifer’s Flower of Life! The difference between three holes (three Luciferian centers) and central part make a distinction between the three ones and the center and also invokes Anticosmos!

trigonal spinner.png