National flags with Satanic symbols of FOL

In the article Satan’s Flower of Life  it was shown that the so called Flower of Life (FOL), propagated by Drunvalo Melchizedek, is actually only one of the possible Flowers of Life and it is the Satan’s Flower of Life. There is another, but less probable option, that the concept of “organic darkness”is represented by such a flower. In the politics and its (im)moral standards this Flower should be interpreted as the symbol of Satan.

The basic symbol, found in this FOL is the David’s Star or the hexagonal star (one or another). This two stars bear the symbolism of 616 and 666 and these two numbers are exactly those one, which are claimed to be the numbers of the beast by the early Christians:

FOL, 666 and 616

Inside the FOL there is one very good numeric explanation of 666 and this Flower of Life, found on the internet. It is told that “Dunvalo’s” Flower of Life is actually a Satan’s “Daisy of Death”. The group which published this is probably the same group, gathered around, I think. In this play we search three digits for the corners of the line segments and that means that we chose 2,3 and 4, because 2 is the lowest digit for defining the line segment has to be digit 2. So, starting with the line segment, we get the place for number two. At the next level we can see three triangles and the place for number 3 have been found. One next parallel level reveals number 4 (triangle with the central point).

In the next level we search where in the four remaining points of hexagon number two can be placed. Lower line segment is consummated. The next level of line segment, representing number 2 can be found between the inner points, i.e. the points, which are not neighboring each other. In the next level number 4 is found. Number 3 is represented by the remaining two points. Now we can easily find the third digit for each external point.  When we add the opposite number to the chosen one, the sum is always 666, the number of Satan. The number 666 is repeated three times.

666 number and Flower of Life

There are at least three states with the satanic symbolism of the FOL. I think that there are other reasons for putting such symbols on the flags, while then authors were unaware (I hope) of the satanic meaning. However, the symbols are there and they have energetic impact on the states, having such a flag. One of these states is Burundi with three minor hexagonal stars, pointing upward. The flag of Israel has one and quite big David’s Star (the symbol was probably late antique ornament and was later got a magical meaning). Slovenian flag has very small hexagonal stars, hidden in the coat of arms. Just like the flag of Burundi, tree haxagonal stars build a group number 666. But the stars on slovenian flag point downward and all the fallen stars and angels are represented by this symbolism. This is the symbolism of the morning star (Lucifer, Eosphoros), which “falls off the sky”, when the Sun with the “true” Light follows. So, while these stars are really small, both Lucifer and Satan are represented by this symbolism. Oh my God!