7. The Aliens, “Cosmic Entities” and Invisible Worlds

If there are any ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS in space, and I believe there are many, these civilizations would know NO WARS, NO ADVERSARIES, because they are protected by spiritual energies. Developing civilizations with advanced technology and weak spirituality are extremely rare as they are more or less destroyed by the laws of the spiritual nature. So, there are many protectors and friends outside in the Space. And many other, which are ignorant about us. And there are only few “problematic” civilizations, which still exists because of some reasons. And they can easily be stopped by majority of advanced civilizations without any combat!

Based on this fresh information and based on the development of my awareness, the section on aliens could rather be called “Cosmic civilizations and Entities”. I really believe that the Life in the Universe is flourishing. I was given a few moments in my spiritual training when I was full of love. I was given many moments, when I was relaxed. When the man is really relaxed, he starts to receive and starts to recognize warnings, sent from the invisible worlds. When a man in very relaxed state is attacked, the attacker, man or the animal, loose his/its power, because the attacked one is protected by spiritual energies. The attacker didn’t kick, the animal didn’t bite. I have seen some cases with my own eyes. And vice versa. When one is full of imbalanced ego, one is getting health, relationship or financial tests. And this is Earth here and know. With all our limits.

So, when one reads about the reptilians and greys attacking the Earth, about the great wars between the Lyrans and Dark forces, when one hears about evil Avians and good Felines, when one is informed about the wars between the Pleiadeans and Reptilians, …, you should know, that all of these staff is representation of disintegrated human matrix, projected on the Cosmic level. These “Pleiadeans” and “Reptilians” have never been on the Pleiades or Ursa Maior. They are around us in the astral planes as the creation of the humankind, creation of our minds, our traumas and our ego. And yes, from the astral point of view all these beings are real, and this disintegrated matrix developed its own intelligence. All these entities are part of False Creator, Disintegrated matrix (synthetic in this sense), the most powerful beings from this part of the matrix are known as the Archons or Demons. They represent an accelerate stage of duality, where one part of disintegrated matrix plays the role of good forces, angels, Pleiadeans, fairies, and the other part plays the role of the bad guys, Reptilians, Greys… Many texts in Vasunin blog are actually on these entities. So read them with this new information in your mind.

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