2. Aksiatonalne linije (Axiatonal Lines)

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Aksiatonalne linije so izraz, s katerim je leta 1973  J. J. Hurtak  v knjigi z naslovom »Knjiga znanja: Enohovi ključi« (The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch) označil linije, ki prepredajo vesolje, planete in telesa, in ki omogočajo našo povezavo med nebom in zemljo. S tem nam najmočnejše (tim. progresivne) aksiatonalne linije omogočajo prenos prenatalnih sporočil, kod oziroma programov v naše telo, očitno pa tudi v našo dušo. Danes so te linije večinoma pretrgane oziroma nedelujoče. Obstaja že več različnih pristopov za delo z aksiatonalnimi linijami. Ponovna poravnava oziroma povezava teh linij bo človeštvu omogočila prehod na višjo raven bivanja. Takega Novega človeka nekateri imenujejo Homo luminus oziroma Homo luminis, kar pomeni Svetlobni človek.

WARNING (!): Very famous axiatonal spirituality has shown up as demonic one in my research. The master of this spirituality is obsessed with demons which are “Martian type” of Aliens. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of this spirituality or the name of this master, because I could be sued for such claims. So, be careful and listen to your heart.

WARNING (!!!):  For 22 or 23 months or so axiatonal spirituality has been studied by me. After all this time I wish to warn you about some important staff. You can be exposed to the influence of entities by using the axiatonal approaches. To avoid such influencies, please search for the practitioner, who is energetically pure (calm, tolerant, kind…). If you want to install “The Light Body” (actually only the frame of the light body), search for the practitioner, by whom you will be connected not only to the “Soul star” aka 8th chakra, but also to the 9th chakra (Solar Chakra or Stellar Chakra or Higher Soul Chakra, also the Monadic chakra, the Monad). (this warning has been added on October 15th, 2017)


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