The Head and The Axiatonal Line of Uriel

The upper lateral line is called Line of Uriel, because of the warm, creative and active archetype, which is present in this line. Regarding the head only, Line of Uriel is not just the lateral line. It also flows through the lower chin. So, the flow of this axiatonal lines on the head area is a little bit complicated, but not as much as the Line of Raphael.

Axiatonal Line of Uriel- Head

While all the axiatonal lines cross the meridians of TCM or overlapps with them, axiatonal lines are subtler in their nature. Axitonal lines are stimulated with very light concentration of one’s mind or with very gentle touch. The focus of the mind or pressure on the lines will rather activate TCM meridians or acu-points than axiatonal lines and axiatonal points.

Uriel is known as an archangel of fire. The Line of Uriel is connected to creative powers, activity, inner warmth, energy sensibility… This line doesn’t flow through the leg and it doesn’t touch the ground. However, it is connected with happiness and with the basic pulse of the ability for basic grounding/ rooting.

There are some powerful axiatonal points of the Uriel Line. Process of grounding is stimulated by two axiatonal points on the sides of lower chin and by one point in the middle of lower chin.

The upper points have more to do with exposure, publicity etc… They are part of the programming layer of light and information in the parts of the middle and upper head. The connective point on the face offers connection between the lateral part of Uriel Line and the chin line. This point is also a crossing center between Uriel Line and Raphael Line and the basic axiatonal system. The number symbols of this center represent connections and relationships. This axiatonal point is named a “Communication Bar” in the Access Bars approach of Access Consciousness spiritual technology.

Another important point is Alpha point at the first (downward) angle of the lateral side (going from the top of the head down). Alpha point is the beginning, the supreme situation in Chinese metaphysics and it is similar to the concept of Guan (Officer, Supervisor). It is called “Control Bar” in the Access Bars approach. Next to it is the second axiatonal line, based in the second (upward) angle. This star is connected to basic archetype of the fire: activity, creativity, movement, ideas, information. It is called “Creativity Bar” in the Access Bars approach.

During a next two years an e-book will be written by me, explaining the nature of axiatonal lines. It is very important, that symbolism of axiatonal lines is publicly revealed for better understanding of this concept and for the further development. It is obvious that different masters use slightly or visibly different paths for the same line. Understanding of human body and archetypical symbolism is needed to prevent major deviations in the representation of these lines.


The Head and The Axiatonal Line of Raphael

Based on archetypes it was found by me that the central axiatonal line, which flow from the head down in the middle part of the frontal body (central frontal line), should be called The Raphael Line. More correctly: the Raphael Line IS NOT just the central frontal longitudinal line, overlapping with the Conception Vessel and part of the Governing Vessel. It has two equally important side longitudinal lines, sometimes overlapping with the kidney meridians. It is shown on the picture, that the flow of this axiatonal lines on the head area is a little bit complicated.

Axiatonal Line of Raphael- HEAD

While all the axiatonal lines cross the meridians of TCM or overlapps with them, axiatonal lines are subtler in their nature. They are stimulated with very light concentration of one’s mind or with very gentle touch. The focus of the mind or the pressure on the lines will rather activate TCM meridians or acu-points than axiatonal lines and axiatonal points.

Raphael is known as an archangel of healing. The Raphael Line is connected with healing, with the power of essence (jing; the term of TCM) regeneration, wisdom, awareness

There are some powerful axiatonal points of the Raphael Line. One of them is the point in the proximity of the ear. This is an axiatonal point of inner wisdom. It is actually the same as the “Awareness Bar” in the Access Bars terminology. In the midde of the temple is the axiatonal point of harmonization of the essence. It represents the power of regeneration, empowerment of the immune system, long life and the health. It is actually the same as the “Health Bar” in the Access Bars terminology. In the lower side of the eyes, there is another axiatonal point of vision, which represents eyes, eyesight, clear life path, life visons, long life.

On the merge of the skin and the middle of the upper lip, there is another powerful axiatonal point. The Soul and Essence axiatonal point is connected with our soul, the secret areas of our soul, with the essence (jing) and with the depth of our health. The point in the lowest central part of the upper lip is the place of another point, which has similar meaning as the previous point.

Some Axiatonal Lines and Grids for You

Between 09.09.2016 and 13.12.21016 I have reasearched my axiatonal grid during my empirical introspection at the time of my axiatonal accelerations. Several points, lines and grids have shown themselves to me.

Ordinary only frontal and lateral lines and structures are dealt by the axiatonal work. It is very interesting that we have important axiatonal structures in the back side of our body, too. There are many structures on and around the nose and mouth.  Also there are many lines and points on the palms and fingers of the hands.

Very famous axiatonal spirituality has shown up as demonic one in this research. The master of this spirituality is obsessed with demons which are “Martian type” of Aliens. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of this spirituality or the name of this master, because I could be sued for such claims. So, be careful and listen to your heart.

I decided to show 2/3 of my “axiatonal map” to you. It is not finished and detailed and some points have only approximate position, because my research has stopped in December 2016. But perhaps someone is missing only this information to develop a more powerful axiatonal system, which would benefit humankind a lot. So here it is 🙂

Vasuna's Axiatonal Grid 1

Source: Vasuna. The model is from Makehuman program.

Vasuna's Axiatonal Grid 2

Source: Vasuna. The model is from Makehuman program.

Vasuna's Axiatal Grid 3

Source: Vasuna. The model is from Makehuman program.

Golden Age = 2012 + 2032?

Many people have predicted that Golden Age would start in the year 2012 in some kind of dramatic global change of the cultural patterns, awareness and even of the nature. Later on some of these prophets move their predictions in the year 2013, then in the year 2014 or even later. Some people have chosen new precious moment in the year 2032. Well?

We can reconsider these predictions using models of Chinese metaphysics like the one, used in the Škratkov blog, where 60- year Jia Zi cycle was used together with Kan-Li structure, clashes, energy flow, Sanqi, Shen Sha, Qiong Tong Bao Jian, Nayin, five elements evolution… What can we see from this model?


The years of Spiritual development. Source: Škratkov blog

We have a trend from 2009 to 2014 with rising spiritual vibrations, but also with rising cleansings and reactions. Spiritual vibrations were extremely high in the years 2012-2014, but the rate of reactions was also quite high. So we haven’t seen any dramatic changes. The first phase of the Golden Age is already here, it has come almost secretly. This is the energy of the fire element, which is connected with information, light, creativity, friendships, motivation and LOVE. Now we are in the years 2015-2018 and this is the era of great cleansing, it is our little “dark ages” in the age of fire, these are the years before light could get pure power. But many of us feel how the energy vibration is still rising, even in the years 2016 and 2017. Yes, the seed is already in you. As you cleanse yourself, you can feel spiritual power of the fire age.

Look at the graph- after 2021 positive vibrations could prevail. Looking at the differences between the rates of spiritual index and the rates of reactions and cleansing, one can see that the most pure energies will be found in the years 2031 and 2032. So- yes- these years are another important mark in the Golden Age spectacle.

And there is something more, which is not presented in the graph of Škratkov blog. Those who study “Chinese” five elements could found out that historical cycles of five elements are accelerating. Golden Age is not represented only with the fire element, it is also about the speed of the creative power in this cycle of five elements. We have the opportunity to uplift the cycles of the five elements in our world. And this can make our age of awareness the real Golden Age. We have not reach the goal yet, but we have good chances. So- let’s do it, folks!

Star Helix of Wendy Chapman as Axiatonal Symbol

The online text on “Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki”, compiled by Geom !*, offers some interesting symbols and one among them is the so called Star Helix (diagram A), channeled by Wendy Chapman (“Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki”, page 212).


Here I am offering my explanation of this symbol.

Star Helix is comprised of three lines – two short “arrow” lines (diagram B) and one zig-zag line (diagram C). The arrow lines are pointed in the way which is opposite to the productions flow of five elements.


This opposite way is called The Seal or Resources in Chinese metaphysics of four pillars of Destiny. The opposite way also means looking at the past, material world and some kind of decadence if it is symbolized by the number two. Two arrows are parted, so they represent the starting point of disconnection, caused in the past.

When we add progressive, talent-revealing and future-oriented productive zig-zag line (diagram C), both arrows are reconnected again. They get positive meaning of the Seals/Resources: i.e. spiritual guidance, searching for the resource and searching for the health. With central zig-zag line, which is yang, strong, connected with numbers 1 (oneness) and 7 (power of concentrated energy) we get three lines (number 3). So- we get number codes 317, 371, 137, 173, 713 or 731, the code of Universal Love, strongly connected to the Pleiadeans.

Because upper intersection deals with the Sky, Stars and Heaven and lower intersection deals with the planet Earth, too, the whole picture is about the axiatonal reconnection, promoting spiritual growth, self-healing, finding one’s creativity and talents. Central zig-zag line is connected with Oneness and Light, while two lines of zig-zag line and one of the arrows with two meeting points, two distant points and potential line between the distant points can represent two-dimensional representation of DNA (diagram D). Counting the starting/ending points of Star Helix and points at intersections, we get 10 points. There are two situations where we can chose one or another additional point for connection (diagram 4)- so we get 14 potential points of holistic connection and 12 absolutely needed points for holistic connection.

The text on “Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki” mentions that Star Helix is “the activation of light body DNA. It helps activate the 12 strands. It may be useful in fighting infection and viruses including HIV.”

In my opinion symbolism on 12 or even 13 strands of DNA is connected with multidimensional levels of DNA, and not with the necessity to have more than two strands in our dimension. Whatever is the truth, 12 strands of DNA can be connected with 12 needed points for holistic connection. The role of codes 317, 371, 137, 173, 713 or 731 and central position of yang, zig-zag line speak the story of the power of the Light and this is connected with the Light body and also with the element of fire. Two arrow lines are yin, separated on their own. Yin force is connected with material substance of the body (it is called jing by Chinese tradition) and also with the element of water. And relation between the fire and water and HIV/AIDS problems are confirmed by the study of four pillars of destiny (look in the book of Raymond Lo, for example)

The Story of the Aliens

Important information: The staff about good and bad cosmic forces are actually projections of entities aka synthetic matrix from the geocentric surroundings of the human beings, and then projected on the Cosmic levels, based on the archetypes of light and darkness. Even when they can be traced in the Flower of Life. However, the texts on the “Aliens” will remain as they are written, because these “Cosmic entities” are still the astral reality of our planet and humankind. All advanced supercivilizations are either ignorant of us, or they are our invisible protectors. In supercivilizations there are no wars, no poverty, they are protected by the great Divine. Afterall my new insights show me, that there is no hell (represented only as a point compared to the other parts of the Flower of Life, so there is no foundation!) (this information was added on 2017/11/01).

Many contradicting information about some types of civilizations are published, for example about positivity or negativity of Greys. I have spent many years studying Chinese metaphysic and recently got some knowledge on number codes and Universal connections with our dimension on the planet Earth. It must be stressed that many civilizations have no access to our plane and our location, because their portals are closed.

With this knowledge and with some limited spiritual experiences I can tell my own story about the Alien life which has some influence on our planet and our dimension. However, some interesting information is taken from other sources, which couldn’t be confirmed by my research. In this case the text is colored in brown color. Some minor additions in green color have been added on January 5th 2017. Fairies, deities and angels are not mentioned here as they are special type of beings. But in some broader sence they actually are Aliens, too. I will write about them in the separate blog.

In my system the world of Atziluth (World of Emanation) is the world, whic offers the bridge between unity and oneness on one side and duality on the other. One step lower there is Briah (World of Creation). In this two worlds there live some super-beings, which could be called gods and angels, but are perhaps something different.

Our 3D world has dimensional proximity to the Yetzirah (World of Creativity) and most of aliens, connected to our planet and to our plane) are coming from this world (which is going from 5D up to 8D).

For interesting matches between the Flower of Life and Aliens (Felines, Carians and Reptilian) you can visit another post Concept of Love, Aliens and Flower of Life. (This information was added on 2017/0January/08)


Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah as part of Flower of Life.

Genetics teaches us that reptilians and insects have developed from aquatic ancestor, birds and mammals have developed from reptilians and humans have developed from monkeys. But from spiritual point of view the breeding with information and Light from Yetzirah and higher worlds cause genetic development (evolution) in our dimensions.  While humans and other mammals have developed from reptilians according to genetic history of our planet, information and Light, which have initiated human species on Earth, had come from totally different Universal source than information and Light, which have initiated reptilian species on Earth. And information and Light, which have initiated reptillian species on Earth, had come from quite different Universal source than information and Light, which have initiated bird species on Earth.

1. Origins with Carians and Felines

Universal story goes like this. For our planet the core energetic influence is coming from Orion Constellation. This is the constellation, which emanates galactic information of oneness and unity and galactic information of creating the duality in Atziluth. The force, which is called Lucifer or Vritra has brought a huge rebellion in the galaxy. This rebellion in Atziluth formed lower worlds of Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah (3D and 4D worlds) and even Lower Planes (1D and 2D). From our perspective the fallen races were composed mainly from “Bird-like intelligent and spiritually developed beings”, called Carians. But their original form in Atziluth could be quite different. They can be seen in our dimensions and in our matrix as “Bird-like creatures”. These Carians have never lived lower than 5D and they are normally found in 12D or in higher dimensions.  Their power has been established in many regions of galaxy, but the darkness zones of circumpolar regions are those, which have important influence on our plane and our planet. Carians are able to feed on negative emotions of lower races.


Egyptian god Raa, depicted as Carian. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

“Furred predator-like intelligent and spiritually developed beings” have been found in the opposite camp, led by one super-being, known as Michael or Trita. “Furred predator-like intelligent and spiritually developed beings” are fighting with Carians. In the higher levels these beings are winged. It is claimed by many sources, that these beings are mainly composed of those ones, which resemble lions and other big cats, sometimes with humanoid body. So they are called Felines. I have seen such cat-like humanoid in my meditations, too.  So, from our perspective these higher races were composed mainly from “Furred intelligent and spiritually developed beings”, called Felines. But their original form in Atziluth could be quite different. They can be seen in our dimensions and in our matrix as Felines. Felines are able to feed on positive emotions of lower races. Those, who live on higher planes regions of Orion and Lyra and those who live on higher and medium planes of Sirius, have portals for connection with planet Earth, which are opened.


Winged white lion as example for Sirian Felines. Source of the picture: here.

Carians and Felines have spirituality, strongly connected with breathing techniques on general, but those from Atziluth and Briah practice relaxation with Emptiness for most of the time. Felines from Orion and Sirius are connected with the mantras of Divine Oneness and with sacred sounds, produced by gongs, bells and Tibetan bowls.  Some civilizations of Polar star and its surroundings and all high Civilizations of Orion and Sirius (Feline, Carian, Reptilian) could be connected with circling magical sealings (like axiatonal Cocoon), spiraling magical sealings (like Cho Ku Rei or spiral Dai Ko Myo in Reiki) or “rotation” dance of Sufies or Dervishes.

2. Development in the fallen races: Reptilians and Greys

Under Carian surveillance or even exactly by them another race has been developed: that of Reptilians. The main cosmic portals for connection of Reptilians with planet Earth lie in Draco constellation. Tendency to rebel against any supervisor or authority is even more visible in Reptilians than in Carians. So Reptilians rebelled against the Carians and they rule the dark regions in Yetzirah and even some lower planes in Briah, including some regions on Orion and Sirius. The higher races of Reptilians are winged and they are called Draconians or Dragons. They live mainly in Briah and they are extremely independent, intelligent, technically advanced, scientific and dictatorial by their own nature.  Lower Reptilian races (at least in Yetzirah) are mainly not winged, they are more humanoid and they are “more benevolent” than Dragons. They are still dark and evil. Many people see these beings in their meditations. Reptillians are very good in breathing exercises and their spirituality likes to use breathing control even on the higher dimensions.


Reptoid according to

There are also lower humanoid dark races. They were created by Reptillans or they have been created under supervision of Reptilians. Some sources claim that these humanid dark races (from Yetzirah or even Assiah) represent quite positive civilizations, but this is not true. Their basic information codes are connected with the fallen races. Many people see these beings in their meditations as “Greys”. I see them, too. On the other side there are some spiritually developed Reptilians and perhaps even some Greys, which are benevolent. But here we are talking only about individuals, not about whole races, which still remain dark races.

Greys have no central power and they don’t have as strong rebellious spirit as Reptilians have.  But they were created with extremely disbalanced ego, they produce very evil and dark emotions and Reptilians are fed on these frequencies. They live in many regions of Universe and those who live in regions without strong Light, have portals for connections with planet Earth, which are opened. It seems that the Greys influenced mythological stories of dwarfs, trolls and demons. They are technically advanced but not so strongly as Reptilians and Arcturians. I have reach history of contacts with them during my meditations. However one should be very cautious, because these races are not benevolent. Some people said that their origin is in Zeta Reticulum, but I can’t confirm this information. Some people say that there are two types of Greys and that at least one type has no sexual organs (living as clones), but I can’t confirm this information either. I also can’t confirm successful rebellion against Reptilians. Be carefull, they are not benevolent races.


One type of Greys. Source: here.

Reptilians and Greys from Orion and Sirius are connected with Luciferian mantras for building their own spirituality. Draconians from the regions around Polar star are connected with those spiritualities, which focus on balancing too much. Subpolar civilizations rules over karma of Humans which live on planet Earth. Because of this influence one should give many blessings to his/her surrounding and one should also look for love and gratitude in order to overcome the burden of karma. It is also possible that some higher levels of Polar star are still connected to Carians, but also to Felines, too.

There are some rumors that Reptilians have created our civilizations a long time ago and that they are coming back to make us their slaves again. This causes unnecessary  stress.  I can’t confirm this information anyway… Some Reptilian influences on Earth history are possible. History of religions shows great influence of reptilian symbolism. However, Retilian and Grey civilizations are based on negative emotions. So, if you don’t like to be exposed, the best solution is not to be scared or even horrified. The best solution is to be positive and connected with your higher self, while rooted to the mother Earth. Positive attitude and Love help to  close portals for Reptilians and Greys and help to open portals for Pleiadeans, Arcturians and Felines. So- instead of being scared and instead of waiting for some heroes to defend you, the real answer is always inside you! It always has been.

3. Development of the mixed (Light and Darkness) races: Humans,  Arcturians and Conic race

Our world level is strongly fixed to the Constellation of Sagittarius. Higher prenatal frequencies are coming from Lyra Constellation, specialy from Vega. So Vega can be seen as higher homeland of the Human matrixes. First humans were born somewhere in higher plains. And from that plains Vega is the strongest portal for connection with planet Earth. As Lyra and Vega are mainly under the control of Felines, Felines are either creators of Humans or they have had some supervision over the process of creation of the Humans. Unfortunately Vega and Lyra are strongly influenced by the Darkness and hence Humans are the races of mixed influence– having many negative traits but also many benevolent traits.  Humans on Vega are higher Human race. Together with Lyran Felines they are more musical (this is not just a Greek myth) and Lyran Humans are more spiritual. Some people say that Vega Human civilization has been completely destroyed by the force of Darkness (Reptilians and Greys), but I can’t confirm this information. But I can confirm that this is possible. Through the portals on Vega Human coding reaches the planet Earth and some other zones and this signal or even physical visit has influenced the evolution of Humans on the planet Earth and some other regions in Sagittarius, Aquilla, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus Constellation. Humans, who possess portals for connections with planet Earth, which are opened, are mainly found in the Taurus constellation and strongest portals are found in Hyades and Pleiades.

Hyadean civilizations, which have portals for connection with the planet Earth, which are opened, are similar to our civilization. They are Human race between lower and higher type. Comparing with planet Earth there is less negativity, there is stronger collectivism, more caring society, more intuition, a lot of knowledge. They are spiritually inclined and scientific at the same time and their societies are much wealthier than ours. Like Pleiadeans Hyadeans are connected with Light bodies on general and with potentials of multiplication of galactic body, but to much lesser extent, so they are probably connected with basics of genetics, too.


Pleiadean depicted as Nordic Alien. Source: here

Pleiadean civilizations, which have those portals for connection with our planet, which are opened, are very advanced. They are a higher Human race, very similar to Vegans/Lyrans. They also have very strong collectivity, they practice love, acceptance and friendship, they practice their life force (qi, prana) to the levels of mastership and they study many healing arts. Pleiades are connected with artistic potentials, with some longitudinal axiatonal lines of beings from the planet Earth and with axiatonal triangulations and with Light bodies on general. Pleiadeans are connected with potentials of multiplication of galactic body, so they are probably connected with basics of genetics, too. In Greek mythology Pleiades are connected with sorrow, but this is far from truth. Pleiadeans are often depicted as Nordic Aliens. Is this true or just racial prejudice, projected into the Universe? Unfortunately I have no visual contact with Pleiadeans, although I have spiritual connection with them at least from the summer 2016.

Conic race (“Martians”, simmilar to Mr. Spock from the Star Trek) could live In Capricorn and some other zones. They could or could not be connected with Humans. I have found no information on these races, but I have spiritually seen them in my meditations. To my surprise very famous axiatonal spirituality has shown up as demonic one in my research and the master of this spirituality is obsessed with demons which are “Martian type”or “Conic type” of Aliens. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of this spirituality or the name of this master, because I could be sued for such claims. So, be careful and listen to your heart.(this info has been added on 2017/03/12)


My vision of Arcturian.

Arcturians are local civilization in Bootes. Only on the planets of Arcturius there are  portals of this type of civilization for connections with planet Earth, which are opened. I have seen Arcturians as long headed beings with black eyes and almost white and shiny skin. But some people see them with greenish-blue skin.  Arcturians are civilization of wisdom, beauty and they are technically advanced at the same time. Arctiurians are also very intelligent race and they have large knowledge on genetics. They are also connected with some longitudinal axiatonal lines for living beings from the planet Earth. Arcturians are masters of metamorphosis from darkness into the light. They live in the lower dimensions of Yetzirah, but at the same time they are spiritually very developed. Edgar Cayce claimed that they belonged to 5D reality. They are said to open portals for spiritual journeys for Humans, which live on planet Earth, but I can’t confirm that. It seems possible that Reptilian portals have independent access to planet Earth. But Arcturians are definitely the force, which opens benevolent portals for our planet (for Sirians and Pleiadeans for example). They practice connection with Pure Consciousness/Pure Awareness, they work with primordial Energy (Shakti) and Love and they practice relaxation in Pure Emptiness instead of breathing control in order to balance their mind. In this way they get deep spiritual insights and get opportunity to reincarnate in higher civilizations. I have no information if these higher civilizations are of Arcturian type or not and where they have developed. Arcturians are still working on their ego, which creates them wishes to be respected.


Common outlook of Arcturian according to

4. Some hard to know civilizations: Andromedans, Mantils, Aquatic civilizations

Many people claim that Andromedans really exist. Andromedans are possible civilization, existence of which could not be confirmed by my research. But on the other side this civilization is possible according to my observations of elements and symbolism. If it exists, Andromedans are pattern cousins of Humans, but they are races of Light and not the mixed races. If they exist they are on the higher level of development, compared to Lyrans. Energies from Andromeda represent pure natural spiritual balance and love.


Andromedan According to Higher Desity Blog.

Mantils are energy pattern, which could be found away from the strong Light systems, but not in circumpolar regions and probably not on the northern stellar hemisphere.  Most suitable regions are in southern parts of Aquarius and in Cetus or in southern parts of Virgo and in Crater. Some people speaks about Sombrero galaxy in the southern Virgo as origin of Mantils- this is possible, but I can’t confirm this information.

Aquatic civilizations are common on binary stars, above all in the darker regions of Universe. Some of these civilisations are connected with energies of the fallen race, but some of them are benevolent. It is said that some (benevolent?) aquatic civilization lives on Sirius.