Teachings of Mathias de Stefano (Chakras, Light and Information)

Well, at the moment I don’t know what to think about this number and symbol games of Mathias de Stefano. But it is interesting 🙂


Chakras Trough the History

Chakras are rotating psychic centers of consciousness. They belong to one special system, which is not based on Chinese Meridians and Acu-points. They were mentioned by Indian authors of the Yoga Upanishads as early as ca. 600 BC. The practice of using chakras could be even older. However nobody knows which chakras were used at that time. There are some approaches which try to find the chakra system of Egyptians and some other civilizations. But we need more proofs for all these.

Let’s return to Yoga Upanishads. 900 years later one Chinese author talked about the chakras and mantras and that perhaps enables us to search for the indirect way to discover the old system of chakras. With the spread of Buddhism the knowledge of chakras was spread in Tibet and China. So, around 317/318 AD Daoist scholar Ge Hong was perhaps influenced by the Buddhists and Indian chakras. He wrote a famous book “Baopuzi” and there he discussed mantras and gestures, which could be connected to different chakras  and body parts (Shou-Yu, Wen-Ching, 1997: Qigong Empowerment. Page 157, 159):

  • Crown chakra with mantra “Xing”
  • Third Eye Chakra with mantra “Qian”
  • mantra “Lie” with wisdom seal
  • Throat Chakra with mantra “Zhen”
  • Heart Chakra with mantra “Jie”
  • Navel Chakra with mantra “Zhe”
  • Sacral Chakra with mantra “Dou”
  • Root Chakra with mantra “Bing”
  • Immovable Foundation Seal with mantra “Lin”

As the “n/ng” sound is lower than “m” sound and “i/ee” sound is more closed than “a” sound, Lin is probaly lower version of original Lam, so it works with foundations- i.e. with the legs. For perineum mantra Bing is used, probably coming from original mantra Vam. As Chinese don’t use voice “r”, the navel mantra Zhe is probably coming from the syllable Re/Ra and from the original mantra Ram. Ge Hong’s heart mantra is Jie and it was probably developed as the mixture of daoist mantra Shang and Indian mantra Yam, perhaps even Shyam. However – according to the “Hundreth Monkey Effect” it is also possible that Ge Hong got these information directly from akasha.

The classical model of 7 or 8 (7+ Bindu) main chakras from Muladhara to Sahasrara was revealed in 8th or 9th century tantric and Buddhist texts (wikipedia: Chakras; Tenzin Gyume, 2015: S-Alchemy. Page 114.):

  • Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)
  • Ajna (Third Eye Chakra)
  • Vishuddha (Throat Chakra)
  • Anahata (Heart Chakra)
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)
  • Muladhara (Root Chakra)
  • Bindu

Seven Chakras. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

For long centuries this system was used. There are claims out there that Helena Blavatsky (died in 1891) already knew 7 chakras + additional 5 trans-personal chakras. But I could not find the proof for these claims. Later on Sri Aurobindo from India (died in 1950) started to claim that “real Sahasrara chakra” is located some way above the head, while the top of the head is represented by “Brahmarandra chakra” (Vibrational Enegy Medicine: page 54). In this way Aurobindo’s Sahasrara was changed into the trans-personal chakra, which is known as Soul Star. In the fifties and sixties there were some other attempts from India to locate trans-personal chakras. Some leg chakras from hips (Atala chakra) to the soles of the feet (Patala Chakra) were revealed in Hindu spirituality, too, but I have no information when this system has been developed. Hindu leg chakras are (Vibrational Enegy Medicine: page 54):

  • Atala (chakra of the hips)
  • Vitala (chakra of the thighs)
  • Sutala (chakra of the knees)
  • Talatala (chakra of the calves)
  • Rasatala (chakra of the ankles)
  • Mahatala (chakra of the feet)
  • Patala (chakra of the soles of the feet).

All these chakras have quite demonic meaning and as far as I have researched this concept this is an exaggeration. And only three of these chakras have some major importance. You can also find “ancient” image from India with several trans-personal chakras, but no source is mentioned there and no proof of authenticity is found on the net. Yes, trans-personal chakras seem to be quite new phenomena.

In 1973 very influential book “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch” was published by J.J. Hurtak. 8th and 9th chakras were mentioned there (Hurtak, J.J., 1973: The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. Los Gatos, CA: Academy for Future Science., page 39, 125). According to J.J.Hurtak the 8th chakra represents connecting link with the Overself working with the Christ body of Light, while the 8th and 9th chakra are used in triangulation with the 7th (Sahasrara) to actualize a physical quantum leap beyond the imperfect karmic cycles of our solar spectrum.

At the end of the eighties new approaches searched the ways to work with trans-personal and sub-personal chakras. At that time the 8th chakra or the first trans-personal chakra was already named the Godhead Chakra in India. Later on it was called the Soul Star (8th chakra) in the West. But in some systems the Godhead is now viewed as one higher trans-personal chakra, too. Westerns also started to use the Earth Star, located somewhere below the feet.

Between the years 1985-1994 the workshops of Drunvalo Melchizedek offered some new approaches in the ways how the chakras could be used. His merkaba system has one upper point above the head and one bottom point below the feet, which are now connected to the Soul star and to the Earth Star, even if he hasn’t named them in this way (compare with Melchizedek Drunvalo, 2000: The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life; Volume II. Light Technology. Page 319).  13 chakra system  with the Survival chakra, Sex chakra, Will-ego chakra, Solar plexus, Heart chakra, Throat, Chin, Nose, 3rd Eye, Chakra of 45°, Crown chakra and God-head was also promoted by Melchizedek Drunvalo (Melchizedek Drunvalo, 2000: The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life; Volume II. Light Technology. Page 319).  His God-head or 8th/13th chakra was located one hand over the crown of the head (ca. 10 cm over one’s head). In the West this chakra is generally known as the Soul Star. Drunvalo was probably the first man, who mentioned not only the set of trans-personal chakras, but also the set of sub-personal chakras. He said: “The eights chakra is just a beginning,…, of another set of chakras above head. There is also another set of chakras below the ones in your body, and from which you have come.” (Melchizedek Drunvalo, 2000: The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life; Volume II. Light Technology. Page 314).

Axiatonal spirituality also started to use 8th chakra (Soul Star) and Bottom Sub-personal chakra (Earth Star) at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the ninetees. By the year 1993, when Eric Pearl was initiated in this kind of spirituality, these two chakras were definitely used by the adherents of axiatonal spirituality.

Trans-personal and sub-personal chakras have their media boom in the year 1992. Among sub-personal chakras the Earth Star was described (Poynder Michael, 1992: Pi in the Sky. Page 51). The first three trans-personal chakras were mentioned by Ken Eagle Feather (Eagle Feather Ken, 1922: Light Techniques That Trigger Transformation, page 18). It is very common for New Age that the first three trans-personal chakras are described. The 8th chakra was viewed as 13 cm to 16 cm above one’s head. And Janet McClure mentioned existence of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th trans-personal chakras (McClure Janet, 1992: Light Techniques That Trigger Transformation. Page 18).

In the years between 1992 and 2017 many systems of trans-personal and sub-personal chakras were described. Most of them are corrupted in one way or another (meanning, order, non-existing chakras  etc.). However at least between the years 1994 and 1997 Jhadten Jewal started to use his system of five trans-personal and five sub-personal chakras, which have very good foundation. It is said that this system was revealed to him by the Elochims. I have developed my own system with 42 or 43 chakras and for closest trans-personal and sub-personal chakras my system is quite simmilar to Jhadten Jewal’s . However my system has special set of sub-personal and special set of trans-personal chakras, which has minor differences according to Jhadten Jewal’s system. At the same time my system has better affinity with the spiritual system of Irving Feurst and his 32 subtle bodies.

Here is the picture of the chakras, used in meditation of Jhadten Jewal:


Sub-Personal Chakras

Sub-personal chakras are those chakras which are found below one’s feet. The sub-personal chakras are yin chakras, while trans-personal chakras (those above one’s head) are viewed as yang chakras. Sub-personal chakras represent different forms of suffering for the souls from the Lower planes (aka Hell aka Naraka). But for our 3D or 4D dimension (Assiah) these chakras normally don’t represent suffering. Because the suffering for our 3D reality is caused by our immorality and mental blockades, shown as imbalance in particular chakras (personal, trans-personal or sub-personal). So, what is represented by sub-personal chakras from Assiah point of view? (the text in brown was added on 2017/02/04).

Generally speaking all yin or sub-personal chakras are connected with rooting, wealth, abundance, secrets, ancestors, our planet’s memory, rooted wisdom, structured memory of our past, incarnation matrix, genetics and the essence (ind. kundalini, ch. jing). They provide rooting and enable us to work even with those higher chakras, which are extremely yang and focused. Do not work only with sub-personal chakras, because they represent lower worlds. And do not be afraid of lower worlds: chakras, which connect us to the lower worlds, enable us to work with higher chakras and higher worlds. Everything is in balance. The balance for sub-personal chakras quite often lies in supra-personal chakras.


As Above So Below. Source: Vasuna.

My approach in explanation of these chakras is influenced by Chinese metaphysics. There are different approaches on the nature and order of sub-personal chakras out there. However, only the system of Jhadten Jewall from Sacred Spaces, published at least in 1997, seems to be really close to my descriptions. And even this system with meditation on 17 chakra is missing knee chakra, ankle chakra, foot chakra and sub-personal chakra of Fiery Vapours. It looks like that a combination of ten trans-personal and sub-personal chakras with solids and elements can’t be proven by Chinese metaphysics. Well, we have only six major sub-personal chakras. There are no other chakras. There are lists with even lower chakras. But they actually don’t exist.


You should also be aware that possibility of further explanations is not exhausted by this text or any other. O.K, here are 6 sub-personal chakras, which connect us to the lower worlds:

The Earth Star. This chakra is usually set about 16 cm below one’s feet. Some people put it as low as 30 cm below one’s feet. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of Earth Star. However in most cases location is about 16 cm below one’s feet. Together with Chakra of Small Waters and Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire this chakra is among the most important sub-personal chakras. This chakra is connected with basic rooting, talents, strong will, intelligence, balance, smooth life, communication, ancestors, the essence (kundalini/jing), abundance and wealth and deep memory of our incarnations on this planet. Together with Chakra of Small Waters this center is strongly connected to the patterns of our incarnation (general path of life and also our career).  However, if this chakra is out of the balance, life is “rotten”: we can be confused, disoriented, lazy or without discipline and our immune system can suffer. Color: purple-gray, it can also be dark brown or golden. Some people say that it can be represented by black color.

Chakra of Small Waters. This chakra rules over great communication, great intelligence, great memory, great wealth, great talents and rooting of great wisdom. While the Earth star is more connected with incarnation patterns and the essence (kundalini/jing) and less with ancestors, Chakra of Small Waters has more to do with ancestors and great potentials and less with incarnation and kundalini. It is also connected with communication with people, which have great practical talents and abilities. The elementary nature show a picture of small lagoons with cold and clear water, filled with precious stones, fishes and perhaps with dolphins. This chakra is called “The Dolphin Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall, and it seems to be a proper name, too. If chakra is not balanced, one can become confused, depressed, one can rebel against rooting and constant communication. Color: gray, also darker golden.

Chakra of Lower Homes, callled “The Inner Earth Cities” by Jhadten Jewall. The elements have shown to me that this chakra could also be called the Chakra of the Land of the Mud. It is connected with element of earth and this chakra rules over lower aspects of one’s ego. If this chakra is balanced, ego is probably also balanced and one has a good connection with feminine aspects and proper rituals (mental patterns) of one’s life. It is partly connected with abundance and wealth, too. If this chakra is out of balance, ego is more or less out of balance and this situation will shrink one’s awareness. Color: black.

Chakra of Fiery Vapours. This Chakra rules over the region inside one dimension of our planet, which is filled by the fire, heat, but also with vapours. This is extremely unpleasant location for life energy. It rules over lower unrest and unclear path, so it can bring great suffering, real hell in one’s life. Jhadten Jewall hasn’t used this chakra in the system, published in 1997. Probably there is a good reason for that. I am not sure how to balance this chakra. It seems that it could be balanced with the help of other sub-personal chakras. This chakra could play important role in the awakening of the essence (kundalini/jing): the great heat awaken the vapours (symbol of genetics and the essence) and lift them up. Color: dark red.

Chakra of Huge Waters. This chakra is connected with huge waters and probably with ice and probably still gathers some life forms in it. The whole picture here is really big- these waters are not small lagoons, they are vast oceans with big forms. This chakra is called “The Whale Matrix” by Jhadten Jewall, and it seems this could be suitable name, too. Chakra rules over communication, especially over spiritual communication, because it can be represented by a distant mystic Sun shining over the cold waters. And it can also rule over one’s wealth and abundance, but to the lesser degree than the Earth Star and Chakra of Small Waters and it can bring some financial troubles if not balanced. Unbalanced chakra means that the root of serious spirituality could be broken and if this happens one has almost no access to spiritual channels and inner ecstasy. Color: shining black.

Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire. It is called “The (Crystal) Heart of Mother Earth” by Jhadten Jewall, and I can confirm this name with Chinese metaphysics, which put fire (heart) and earth (planet, crystal) element on this plane. This is the chakra of inner strength and inner fire of our Planet. This is the last level of Life form before the static forms are recycled. It is interesting that in most cases this chakra, which is put in the extremely yin position, and the Earth Star are the most balanced sub-personal chakras. Chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire rules over friendships, intimate and other partnerships, wealth and abundance. If this chakra is not balanced, it can bring poverty and marital problems. Color: dark copper.

Trans-Personal Chakras

Important note: The text below mention some “Cosmic civilizations”. The staff about good and bad cosmic forces are actually projections of entities aka synthetic matrix from the geocentric surroundings of the human beings, and then projected on the Cosmic levels, based on the archetypes of light and darkness. However, the texts on the “Aliens” will remain as they are written, because these “Cosmic entities” are still the astral reality of our planet and humankind. All advanced supercivilizations are either ignorant of us, or they are our invisible protectors. In supercivilizations there are no wars, no poverty, they are protected by the great Divine. (this information was added on 2017/10/29).

Trans-personal chakras are those chakras which are found above one’s head. There are 26 or 27 trans-personal centers out there. Here I will write only about the first eleven trans-personal chakras, because they are more connected with our world (Assiah) than higher chakras are. This is because all these eleven chakras are connected to Yetzirah (Lower Heaven), the region, which is closest to Assiah. The texts in brown were added on 2017/02/04.

The trans-personal chakras are yang chakras, while lower, sub-personal or Earth chakras (those under one’s feet) are viewed as yin chakras. Yang chakras are more focused, and they are connected to fresh ideas, awareness, new information and spiritual help from higher dimensions. And most of them are prone to get out of balance if they are not balanced with yin aka Earth chakras! Never forget to work with yin chakras, too, in order to get rootings and necessary balance.

My approach in explanation of these chakras is influenced by Chinese metaphysics. There are different approaches on the nature, order and number of trans-personal chakras out there. However, only the system of Jhadten Jewall from Sacred Spaces, published at least in 1997, seems to be really close to my descriptions. However even this system with meditation on 17 chakra is missing knee chakra, ankle chakra, foot chakra and sub-personal chakra of Fiery Vapours. It also looks like that a combination of ten trans-personal and sub-personal chakras with solids and elements can not be proven by Chinese metaphysics.


The traditional numeric order is used here. However- the numeric order of chakras is little bit tricky. The first chakra from bottom-up is actually sub-personal chakra of Earth’s Inner Fire aka The Heart of Mother Earth and not the Base chakra (Muladhara). If chakras are not viewed in the linear way (which is 3D way), they can form pyramidal structures, David Stars, Diamonds and spirals. From the spiral point of view, for example, the central (and “first”) chakra lays in the middle, in the human body. The starting point could be the Soul Frame chakra aka the Throat chakra (Vishudha), which is also connected with cerebellum and medulla oblongata. The starting point of spiral could also be sacral chakra, but also the heart chakra, where the energy is more focused and this is the most powerful middle point. The winner in this game seems to be the heart chakra.

You should also be aware that possibility of further explanations is not exhausted by this text or any other. O.K, here are 11 trans-personal chakras of Yetzirah level:

Connection Star or the Soul Star (aka 8th Chakra). Ordinary 8th chakra is set about 16 cm over one’s head. Some people put it as high as 30 cm or even 45 cm over one’s head. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of 8th chakra. Some people said that strongly activated 8th chakra would move even further up, somewhere into the atmosphere. Connection Star is chakra of 4D reality. It rules both over duality and (re)connection. It represents basics of higher awareness, communication, new ideas, friendship and even love and compassion and it gives us support and protection of higher powers and some special powers like energy sensation, if it is activated. With this chakra activated one can sense presence of various entities and beings from “Invisible worlds” (angels, fairies etc…), which are present in our atmosphere. If this chakra is not balanced, it rules over disconnection from higher worlds or one could be influenced by some darker forces, which are fighting for power and surveillance. This chakra is strongly connected with Yetzirah worlds. While all chakras, described in this text, are connected to Yetzirah, this chakra has strongest connection to it. Its color is ultra-violet, magenta or light blue-green.

Solar Chakra or Stellar Chakra or Higher Soul Chakra (aka 9th Chakra). This 4D chakra is located in our Solar System, but not necessary in the Sun. Its first level is found in the vicinity of one’s body. It is called “The Stellar Gateway” by Jhadten Jewall. This is chakra of unity, Light and focused energy, it is advanced source of spiritual realm. It gives us ability to overpass our dualistic views and it also rules over awareness, higher creativity and long life. At this level one feels the true Self. If this chakra is activated, one can sense entities or beings from “Invisible worlds”, which are present in our solar system or perhaps even those, which are present on Polar star.However this chakra is extremely hot or yang and it may cause problems if not balanced with yin chakras- it may represent false Light and egoistic approach. Chakra is connected with Indian deity named Indra. If not balanced, chakra can be connected with archangel Lucifer and Indian demon Vritra. There are also warnings that 8th chakra (which is more balanced) must be opened first and only than 9th chakra could be opened. It has some connections with Briah (Second Heaven). Color: bright blue-green, but there could be some other solutions in the way toward very bright beige tones.

Galactic Chakra or The Shamanic Chakra (aka 10th Chakra). It is called “Intergalactic Gateway” by Jhadten Jewall. It is connected with Atziluth (Third Heaven). Because Atziluth is “galactic” and “inter-galactic” at the same time, Jhadten Jewell’s naming is also correct. It is located somewhere in our Galaxy, not necessary in the galactic center in Sagittarius. This chakra is connected to the value of friendship, to higher and more intensive creative powers and to very long (“eternal”) life. It is also connected to the basic levels of scalar energy. This is the first of the heavenly chakras, which are heavenly sources of wealth and abundance. With creative powers of 10th chakra one has ability to easily accomplish large and complicated projects. This is the first of 5D chakras. This means that when Galactic chakra is strongly activated, one experiences 5D reality, which goes beyond space (3D) and time (4D). One can get some yogi power aka magical, shamanic power like 5D soul traveling, telekinesis etc. If this chakra is activated, one can sense entities or beings from “Invisible worlds”, which are present in our galaxy (especially Arcturians and Pleiadeans) and even some entities and beings from other galaxies. However this chakra is also very delicate, because it is so yang and powerful and it can go out of balance very easily if not balanced with activities in the Earth, yin chakras. If this chakra is out of balance one can gather false Light and search the guidance of darker forces. Color: very bright yellow (like very bright Golden Light).

Land of Love Chakra, also Consciousness of Love Chakra (aka 11th Chakra).  It is located in one special part of Universe. This Chakra deals with Higher Love, but also with some higher, transcendental consciousness and Emptiness, which are connected to Higher aka Unconditional Love (agape). These Love and consciousness have power to regenerate and transform one’s body and genetic structure. This  5D chakra is the main heavenly source of our genetic blueprint and kundalini/jing essence (but most of genetic blueprint comes from the planet Earth!). In this way it is also the chakra of eternal Life. Chakra also represents wisdom, spiritual sensitivity and intelligence. If Solar Chakra gives opportunity to find one’s true Self, Land of Love Chakra enables one to feel the depth of the Self. In the West this type of energy is normally connected to Christ. It is called “The Christ(ed) Consciousness” by Jhadten Jewall and it also seems to be correct naming. This Love can also be viewed as Love (and Consciousness) of Krishna. It is also connected to archangel Raphael, a Divine healer. Among various civilizations this chakra enables you to communicate with the highest dimensions or with the masters of wisdom, for example with advanced masters, super angels orwise beings from Arcturius. This is a wonderfull chakra, because it has quite good inner balance. It can also be seen as the great moonlight of the full moon. Color: very light and bright orange or snow-white.


Trans-personal chakras. Distances between the chakras are not real distances and positions of chakras are not real positions of them. Source: Vasuna

Super-Solar Chakra (aka 12th Chakra) is located in one specific location of the Universe. Chinese metaphysics has shown to me that this Super Sun could be a higher dimensional Giant star or perhaps a Double Star. It is called “The Great Central Sun” by Jhadten Jewall and this is also a correct meaning. This 5D to 6D chakra gathers very strong and pure yang energy of the Universe, the real and true Light and even prenatal darkness (i.e. that darkness, which already has potential of Light!). It rules over the friendship, over Pure consciousness, over the Pure awareness, higher intelligence and additional level of Emptiness. Among various civilizations this chakra enables you to communicate with advanced Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Andromedans and Vegans/Lyrans and some super-angels. One can also feel union with cosmic God.  But- this is so yang and powerful chakra that it can very easily go out of balance if not balanced with activities in the Earth, yin chakras. Negative traits of this chakra are connected with illusions or even with some mental troubles. This chakra is connected to (Indian) deity, named Shiva. And this is powerful Divine force. It is also connected to archangel Uriel. Be careful with this chakra and work with the Earth chakras, too! Color: golden-sunny or light pink.

Chakra of Upper Homes (aka 13th Chakra). This 6D chakra could also be called “Homes in the Mountains”. This chakra can be quite easily put into the balance and it is good chakra for balancing one’s ego and for building the opportunity to be incarnated in the higher worlds (because balancing one’s ego is actually a development of morality at the same time). At the same time this chakra is among heavenly sources of wealth and abundance. This chakra is also connected to experience of the Pure existence and it is connected to Indian deity, named Brahma. Color: turquoise.

With all the chakras from bottom up to the level of 13th chakra we found the numerical rule “As above so below” fulfilled- so, when one works with centers, which are even higher, it demands additional rooting and work with Earth chakras if these chakras gather too much yang energy!


As Above So Below. Source: Vasuna.

Chakra of Alchemy (aka 14th Chakra). This 6D to 7D chakra is very transcendental and almost perfectly balanced chakra. It rules over the energy flow, the rule of eternal change, metamorphosis and transformation. It teaches us that everything is in constant change. It rules over appearance and disappearance, especially on the micro level. In this way it rules over quantum levels of Universe and over teleportation in Assiah. Color: white.

Chakra of Solar Sword (15th chakra). This 7D chakra brings the power and drive to realize one’s ideas. This is very yang chakra of warriors and fighters and it brings the archetype of “father” figure. It is also connected to archangel Michael, Indian hero Trita and Feline or Reptilian super-civilizations. If you want to work with it, it MUST be balanced with additional rooting and working with Earth chakras! Color: golden white.

Chakra of Fertile Soil (16th chakra). This 7D chakra also does not need a lot to get basic balance. It rules over higher level of harmony, compassion, cooperation and creative platform. It also represents higher source of wealth and abundance. It is also connected to the quantum level of genetics and to archangel Metatron. It is also connected to Buddhist Avalokiteshvara aka Guanyin. Color: yellowish white.

Chakra of Holy Fire (17th chakra ). This 8D chakra is very yang chakra. It is represented as fire consuming a living plant, but at the same time balanced chakra brings a new life. This chakra is connected to the Atar and Agni, the Holy Fire. It represents many ideas, opportunities, support and clear guidance from higher powers, vivid dreams, friendship and love. As this chakra easily get off balance, working with this chakra demands that one MUST also work with lower, Earth chakras to avoid problems! Color: bright red and green.

Chakra of Fiery Tree (18th chakra). This 8D chakra represents super-creativity, Love and clear guidance from higher powers. When Moses has sawn a burning bush, this was a symbol for rooting of his 18th chakra activation. For Human races of Assiah Chakra of Fiery Tree represents human races from higher dimensions of Pleiades, but only if chakra is balanced. If this chakra is not balanced, it is connected to archangel Lucifer, Indian Vritra and to Carian/Avian super-civilizations. As this chakra easily get off balance, working with this chakra demands that one MUST also work with lower, Earth chakras to avoid problems! Color: bright red and green.

Don’t forget that this is not the end of the story. There are even higher chakras, but they are very distant and ordinarly we don’t work with them.