5. Flowers of Life

The Flower of Christ with Prolonged Kathara 2

In the last days of December 2018, I have discovered, that there are many types of the Flower of Life. What is commonly known as geometrical Flower of Life is actually the Satan’s Flower of Life. This is a a symbol, used by old Egyptians and some other ancient civilizations. In 80-ies it was rediscovered by Drunvalo Melchizedek: Holy geometry, linked with this symbol is described amazingly well in his books. My posts about this type of Flower of Life deal only with some aspects which are not covered by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

On the other side, there are at least two additional Flowers of Life- God’s and Lucifer’s Flower of Life and the Christ’s Flower of Life. There is also at least one Flower of Death. Each of these four flowers has it’s own curve and it’s own kathara grid (kathara is geometric shape with left, right and central side, with transversal and diagonal lines and with triangle structure on the top and on the bottom of the structure.


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