Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman

Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman/Heavenly Pardon Nobleman (天赦貴人Tiānshè guìrén) or Heavenly Relief Nobleman (天恕貴人 Tiānshù guìrén; Heaven Forgiveness Nobleman, Heaven Leniency Nobleman, Leniency Star) is a special type of stars, used in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman is represented by the whole pillar according to the specific season:

JIA ZI in winter season;

WU YIN in spring season;

JIA WU in summer season;

WU SHEN in autumn season.

So, if one is born during winter and one’s day pillar is Jia Zi, then one has Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman. Other pillars have much weaker effect of the Leniency Star. Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman gives you success from limitations and legal and other problems. With this star you can overcome most of opposition, adversary, limitations… and you will have support from others and opportunity to excel and develop. You can also avoid to be punished for some not so serious crime or your sentence will be very mild. The star is connected also with successful and blessed life.

Most of the whole pillar Shensha are not used in modern Bazi, because their inner logic is not so obvious as Ten Gods concept or as basic Shensha are. The basic logic of this star is in the symbolism of Jia Zi. Zi month is the bottom of the year. In this greatest darkness there is new beginning (yang wood, Jia), the new cycle of life is going to free itself of winter and to become successful later on.  The 60 JiaZi cycle can be corelated with the whole year. Summer solstice is symbolically connected with 31st pillar of Jia Wu. Between the solstices there is Chinese New Year in Yin month. Look at Yin around the 16th pillar of JiaZi cycle. This is Wu Yin (15th pillar). It corresponds to the 45th pillar of Wu Shen in the autumn.


Fortune Star Nobleman

Fortune Star Nobleman (福星貴人 Fúxīng guìrén) is a special type of stars, used in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). The Fortune Star Nobleman is represented by the whole pillar. There are twelve possible Fortune Star Noblemans:













The star is most prominent in the day pillar. However, if you have Fortune Star Nobleman in the other pillars, Nobleman is still present, but less efficient. Fortune Star Nobleman is connected with the inner strength, the possibility to manifest creativity and life power both in the activities and in the hidden potentials. Fortune Star Nobleman also gives public recognition, good life and health. One is given blessings both from the Sky and from the Mother Earth.  

Most of the whole pillar Shensha, including Fortune Star Nobleman, are not used in modern Bazi, because their inner logic is not so obvious as Ten Gods concept or as basic Shensha are.  The basic logic for the Fortune Star Nobleman is creative union between Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth have opposite direction of energy flow and initial creative union is in yang wood sign (the beginning). This is Jia Yin. The opposite flow of Earth is represented in the sequence Yin, Chou, Zi, Hai, Xu, You, Shen, Wei, Wu, Si, Chen, Mao.  The beginning is Jia Yin and the end is Gui Mao. There are twelve places for ten stems. The first stems have the opportunity to duplicate, so the first and the last places are already filled: after Jia Yin, Yi Chou, there come Bing Xu, Ding You, Wu Shen, Ji Wei, Geng Wu, Xin Si, Ren Chen, Gui Mao.

Jia is the beginning, so this option is already consumed. There is no other Jia in the seqence. It is naturally for the fire to have the greatest power to duplicate. The positions of fire are often used by Wu and Ji stem, too. So, what is between Yi Chou and Bing Xu. What are the stems for Zi and Hai? There is Bing Zi in Zi. This is the beginning of the fire, which continues in Bing Xu and Ding You. So, there should be Ding Hai, too? Ding is the ending cycle of fire. But we know that there will be continuation of Bing Xu and Ding You. It is obvious, that only Yi Hai is the correct parameter for Fortune Star Nobleman.

Day Virtue Star

Day Virtue (日德 Rìdé) is a special type of stars, used in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). The Day Virtue is represented by the whole pillar. There are only five possible Day Virtue Stars:






The star is most prominent in the day pillar. So, if your day pillar is Jia Yin, Bing Chen, Wu Chen, Geng Chen or Ren Xu, then you have Day Virtue (日德 Rìdé). With this star come inner strength, higher protection, higher blessings, inner purity and compassion. People with this star are kind and charitable, they have good fortune and they bring better fortune to the people around them, too.

Most of the whole pillar Shensha are not used in modern Bazi, because their inner logic is not so obvious as Ten Gods concept or as basic Shensha are. To get the set of Day Virtues, we choose five pure types of heavenly energies. As heaven is yang, the pure representations of five elements are: Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng and Ren. If we want to make sure that these stems become present on Earth, they must become grounded. The natural grounding areas are chosen from the following table:

Jia Yin
Yi Mao
Bing Wu
Ding Si
Wu Chen (later also Xu)
Ji Wei (later also Chou)
Geng Shen
Xin You
Ren Zi
Gui Hai

But the energy flow of Jia Yin, Bing Wu, Wu Chen/Xu, Geng Shen and Ren Zi is not possible as Bing Wu is before Wu Chen. This why we chose Bing Chen instead of Bing Wu. For symmetry we have to chose Geng Chen, also. Ren Zi is in collision with Bing Wu and Ren Xu is in collision with Bing Chen. This why we get Jia Yin, Bing Chen, Wu Chen, Geng Chen or Ren Xu.

Day Virtue

Bringers of Dawn- Pleiadeans as “Luciferian” Archons?

In the year 1992 an influential new-age book was written by Barbara Marciniak. It was named “Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians” (Inner Traditions/ Bear & Company, 1992). Many people believe that the messages from this book have been channeled from true Pleiadeans, i.e. aliens from the Pleiades star cluster within our galaxy.

All advanced civilizations have higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, compassion, better health, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy. In every advanced civilization there is pretty the same mixture of this abilities and characteristics. This is because they have no big limitations and polarities. There are no wars. But the space is differently observed from geocentric attitude, where humans can put dualistic projections of archetypes into different part of the sky, (co)creating the entities, which reveal themselves as (fake) aliens, sometimes fighting each other. I have discussed all this in one of my previous post.

So, when there are voices, channeled messages from the “aliens” and other beings from other dimensions, one should be extra careful not to be influenced by the false light entities! Here are some signals of false light teachings in the book of Barbara Marciniak:

  1. Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades are mentioned as important star systems. There is no special information about the nature of these civilizations. The lizard beings (reptilians), insect beings and bird beings are also mentioned among the cosmic civilizations as creator gods. However, only the Pleiadeans and reptilians are mentioned in greater details. Pleiadeans are described as our helpers, teachers of healthy life, as beings, full of light, awareness and love and reptilians are described as civilization of domination, chaos and fear. This is strong evidence, that we are probably dealing with geocentric projections, with entities and not with real aliens.
  2. There was a great war 300.000 year ago between the creator gods according to the book. Reptilians/lizzies won this war and they have brought suffering and chaos on the planet Earth. This is further evidence of probable false light manipulation: very advanced civilizations do not play the war games. Even the humans in deep relaxation become more protected. Three of my friends were attacked by the dog and the dog couldn’t do anything. I know the person, who was attacked by the bear and the bear stopped the attack, when this person went into the altered state of consciousness. One of my friend was attacked by a bully and the attacker was unable to make more than just a slight kick. All these were only the people. Do not underestimate the supercivilizations! They have nothing to do with wars. War between the creator gods is probably the war masquerade, starred by various entities from the parallel, dualistic (“artificial”, “synthetic”) worlds.
  3. The book is full of warnings about the near future reptilian invasion of planet Earth, bringing new slavery unless stopped by the light workers. Not only the spiritual call, but also the fear, angry and rebellious reactions could be provoked by these claims. So, this is probably not a pure knowledge.
  4. The information that our DNA is going to evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes is also offered in the book. It is also claimed that these helixes are connected with 12 chakras. The 12-strand DNA approaches are connected with archonic/demonic teachings, based on qabalah and kathara disinformation. If the book contains such material, it is probably connected with some false light energy. The book has probably influenced 12 chakras approaches with seven basic chakras plus five transpersonal chakras ending with the so called “Central Sun”. However, there are many more trans-personal chakras out there and also many sub-personal chakras, too.
  5. The name of the book is about the “bringers of the dawn“. In old mythologies the bringer of the dawn was planet Venus. This” star” is brilliant and eclipses all other stars and planets on the sky, but it is invisible in the night. From these basics one special aspect of Venus mythology was developed. This is the story of ambition and punishment, about the star, which wanted to be the number one among the sky entities, but was punished by supreme god. This bringer of the dawn was called Helel among the Hebrews, Eosphoros (“dawn-bringer”) among the Greeks and Lucifer (“light- bringer”) among Romans. So, Pleiadeans as bringers of the dawn, if they are just false Pleiadean entities, could also be named “Luciferians”.

I believe that many statements in this book are O.K. But I think that there are strong warning signals, too. Signals, that the book probably promotes some false light knowledge. Sumerians believed, that Pleiades were connected with seven demons, bound to these stars. The demons were called “The Seven”, Sebēttu. The Book of Enoch also explains, that over the abyss, at the end of the world, there are seven stars and the angels told to Enoch that certain fallen angels were to be bound to those stars, because of their mingling with women on earth. If you work with Pleiadeans, you should check if their teachings and symbols are actually connected to the powerful entities, leading you astray.

The Hidden Roses: The Rose of Inner Strength and the Rose of Integrated Darkness

In dualistic worlds the large parts of the Matrix are perceived as disintegrated. This is the foundation of both the Flower of Death and of the Satan’s Flower of Life. However, on the expanded levels of Awareness everything is integrated at the same time. The symbols, which are interpreted as the Flower of Death and of the Satan’s Flower of Life, become something else. Something useful. In our dualistic world it is hard to activate this deeper symbolism, so both symbols should be avoided by majority of people for their own good.

What is viewed as The Flower of Death (or The Flower of Fight or The Flower of Archangel Michael) within the dualistic worlds, becomes the Flower of Inner Strength. True inner strength has much to do with the God within us and within the Universe. This true inner strength needs no wars, no fights, no deaths. The Flower of Death includes the cross. We can look at the concept of Christ and the Cross. There are many different explanations whether Christ or the “King” or the “Son of God” lived on Earth or no. Whether his life on Earth is just a metaphor or the “real” thing. Whether he was incarnated as Jesus, as Horus, Mithra or Dobrinya (Yarilo?). Whether he was of Jewish, Egyptian, Persian or Slavic origin. Whatever the truth, the Cross of Christ could be viewed as the symbol of disintegrated Matrix, because it brought death to the Christ. But the Cross of Christ could also be viewed as the symbol of integrated matrix, the symbol which gave Christ the next level of inner strength.

Flower of Death in Circles

This symbol is normally explained as the Flower of Death, but it could also be The Flower of inner Strength.

When using the similar approach, the symbol explained as The Satan’s Flower of Life could also be interpreted from the viewpoint of integration. On the expanded level of awareness this symbol become representation of special aspect of the integrated (“organic”) darkness. This is why the material world is condemned and blessed at the same time.

Satan's Flower of Life

So, what will it be: The Satan’s Flower of Life or The Flower of Integrated Darkness?

Just like the true inner strength, integrated (“organic”, “non-artificial”) darkness has much to do with the God within us and within the Universe. So, if you are using these symbols, you should be strongly connected with “God”, with your “I am” awareness.



Temeljne entitete

Pri raziskovanju »jaza« oziroma duševne singularnosti sem prišel do nekaj zanimivih ugotovitev o obstoju temeljnih entitet. Njihov izvor je v trenutku spusta v dualnost, ko se omeji zavedanje naše božanske narave. Seveda se postavlja vprašanje zakaj je do tega spusta v dualnost sploh prišlo. Tako kot se v fiziki pojavlja vprašanje zakaj je do velikega poka sploh prišlo. Tega še  nisem ozavestil, verjetno je tudi to del velikega načrta Boga. In ti, bralec, morda že poznaš ta odgovor.

Kakorkoli že, s spustom v dualnost se rodijo primarne entitete, ki so delno ločene od Boga, a so hkrati še vedno neločljivi del naše singularnosti, del našega globljega jaza. Entitete na kratko opredeljujem kot bitja, nastala zaradi projiciranja energije, informacije oziroma sporočil. Tako je entiteta lahko že knjiga ali pa nek projekt. Entiteta je lahko tudi neka družbena skupina, v kateri so se ustvarile projekcije. In entitete so lahko osamosvojene projekcije, ki v sebi zgostijo zavest in energijo ter imajo pogosto podobe človeškega bitja, podobe spačkov, reptilov, vesoljcev in navideznih angelov.

Primarne entitete niso osamosvojene, ampak so to medsebojno povezani otoki zavesti v morju nezavednega, so nekakšna arheologija premalo ozaveščenega ali neozaveščenega jaza  in hkrati  njegov potencial. Nekaterih entitet se lahko znebimo z odstranitvijo predmeta, ki je njen nosilec (npr. entitete, ki je utelešena kot zgodba v neki knjigi, se znebimo tako, da se znebimo knjige), spet drugih se lahko znebimo s kurjenjem kadil, s svetim zvoki in svetimi simboli. Toda primarne entietete spadajo med tiste vrst entitet, ki se jih nikakor ne moremo znebiti s takimi pristopi. Nekatere izmed takih entitet lahko odpustimo s prošnjami svojemu notranjemu jazu, z ozaveščanjem sebe, a pri tem ne gre za primarne entitete. Največja posebnost primarnih entitet je namreč ta, da jih sploh NE MOREMO IZLOČITI IZ NAŠEGA OSNOVNEGA OKOLJA. Skupaj z nami so zgoščene v približno enakem času in prostoru in čakajo na skupinsko reintegracijo v bitje zavedanja “jaz sem”.

Med primarnimi entitetami najdemo npr. nižji um, pa ego… Meni pa so posebej zanimive temeljne primarne entitete. Vse temeljne primarne entitete so povezane z našim jazom (našo singularnostjo oziroma z »jaz sem«) in vendar same po sebi še niso to. Imamo jih vsaj pet in to so:

  • »OBIČAJNI AVTOPILOT«: vlada parasimpatičnemu živčevju, skuša pečatiti prehode med subtilnimi telesi, a znotraj zlate kletke, ki jo pomaga vzdrževati in čuvati, bi to bitje za nas naredilo vse in vedno išče nove načine za harmonizacijo.
  • NIŽJA OSEBNOST (STRESNI AVTOPILOT): vlada simpatičnemu živčevju, ustvarja stres in se odziva na bojno situacijo. Ta entiteta je povezana z močnimi čustvovanji in precej tudi z entiteto neravnovesnega ega. Osebnost je praviloma izvor posameznikovih težav na raznoraznih področjih življenja.
  • DUŠA v ožjem smislu: občutljiva, nežna in precej dobrohotna entiteta, ki ima potencial za širjenje zavedanja in za reintegracijo z ostalimi temeljnimi entitetami.
  • SVETLOBNI NOTRANJI OTROK ali SVETLOBNO »TELO«: ta entiteta je sposobna razkrivati življenjske resnice, sposobna nas je povezovati z izvorom, vendar je v življenju posameznika praviloma precej neaktivna, nedozorela, zato ji pogosto rečemo tudi notranji otrok. Skupaj z dušo lahko notranji otrok sproži proces naglega ozaveščanja. V meditacijah se na mesto svetlobnega notranjega otroka pogosto prikrade osebnost in se izdaja zanj. Svetlobni notranji otrok nima veliko čustvenih stanj, osebnost kot notranji otrok pa jih ima.
  • NIŽJA SVETLOBNA STRUKTURA: pomaga doživeti energijske zaznave in zaradi gibanja navzdol pomaga ozemljiti se. Ne ozemljuje sama po sebi, pri tem le pomaga. Pravzaprav mi na tej točki še ni jasno ali gre za eno samo enititeto ali za skupino večih entitet.