The Head and The Axiatonal Line of Uriel

The upper lateral line is called Line of Uriel, because of the warm, creative and active archetype, which is present in this line. Regarding the head only, Line of Uriel is not just the lateral line. It also flows through the lower chin. So, the flow of this axiatonal lines on the head area is a little bit complicated, but not as much as the Line of Raphael.

Axiatonal Line of Uriel- Head

While all the axiatonal lines cross the meridians of TCM or overlapps with them, axiatonal lines are subtler in their nature. Axitonal lines are stimulated with very light concentration of one’s mind or with very gentle touch. The focus of the mind or pressure on the lines will rather activate TCM meridians or acu-points than axiatonal lines and axiatonal points.

Uriel is known as an archangel of fire. The Line of Uriel is connected to creative powers, activity, inner warmth, energy sensibility… This line doesn’t flow through the leg and it doesn’t touch the ground. However, it is connected with happiness and with the basic pulse of the ability for basic grounding/ rooting.

There are some powerful axiatonal points of the Uriel Line. Process of grounding is stimulated by two axiatonal points on the sides of lower chin and by one point in the middle of lower chin, which is unfortunately very unsafe.

The upper points have more to do with exposure, publicity etc… They are part of the programming layer of light and information in the parts of the middle and upper head. The connective point on the face offers connection between the lateral part of Uriel Line and the chin line. This point is also a crossing center between Uriel Line and Raphael Line and the basic axiatonal system. The number symbols of this center represent connections and relationships. This axiatonal point is named a “Communication Bar” in the Access Bars approach of Access Consciousness spiritual technology.

Another important point is Alpha point at the first (downward) angle of the lateral side (going from the top of the head down). Alpha point is the beginning, the supreme situation in Chinese metaphysics and it is similar to the concept of Guan (Officer, Supervisor). It is called “Control Bar” in the Access Bars approach. Next to it is the second axiatonal line, based in the second (upward) angle. This star is connected to basic archetype of the fire: activity, creativity, movement, ideas, information. It is called “Creativity Bar” in the Access Bars approach.

During a next two years an e-book will be written by me, explaining the nature of axiatonal lines. It is very important, that symbolism of axiatonal lines is publicly revealed for better understanding of this concept and for the further development. It is obvious that different masters use slightly or visibly different paths for the same line. Understanding of human body and archetypical symbolism is needed to prevent major deviations in the representation of these lines.


The Head and The Axiatonal Line of Raphael

Based on archetypes it was found by me that the central axiatonal line, which flow from the head down in the middle part of the frontal body (central frontal line), should be called The Raphael Line. More correctly: the Raphael Line IS NOT just the central frontal longitudinal line, overlapping with the Conception Vessel and part of the Governing Vessel. It has two equally important side longitudinal lines, sometimes overlapping with the kidney meridians. It is shown on the picture, that the flow of this axiatonal lines on the head area is a little bit complicated.

Axiatonal Line of Raphael- HEAD

While all the axiatonal lines cross the meridians of TCM or overlapps with them, axiatonal lines are subtler in their nature. They are stimulated with very light concentration of one’s mind or with very gentle touch. The focus of the mind or the pressure on the lines will rather activate TCM meridians or acu-points than axiatonal lines and axiatonal points.

Raphael is known as an archangel of healing. The Raphael Line is connected with healing, with the power of essence (jing; the term of TCM) regeneration, wisdom, awareness

There are some powerful axiatonal points of the Raphael Line. One of them is the point in the proximity of the ear. This is an axiatonal point of inner wisdom. It is actually the same as the “Awareness Bar” in the Access Bars terminology. In the midde of the temple is the axiatonal point of harmonization of the essence. It represents the power of regeneration, empowerment of the immune system, long life and the health. It is actually the same as the “Health Bar” in the Access Bars terminology. In the lower side of the eyes, there is another axiatonal point of vision, which represents eyes, eyesight, clear life path, life visons, long life.

On the merge of the skin and the middle of the upper lip, there is another powerful axiatonal point. The Soul and Essence axiatonal point is connected with our soul, the secret areas of our soul, with the essence (jing) and with the depth of our health. The point in the lowest central part of the upper lip is the place of another point, which has similar meaning as the previous point.

Some Short Number Codes for Axiatonal Work

If you work with axiatonal lines, some number codes are more appropriate to use then another… Key techniques are not explained. If any of you works with numbers in any way, here are some solutions:

123general force of connection

713, 317, 137 – vibration of Pleiades, friendship and love.

613, 361, 163 – harmonius vibrations of circumpolar zone. In Yetzirah this zone is settled by “darker” civilizations of Grays and Reptillians. So, you need number 3 to search for harmony and connection with some positive influences. Because antenna of the Earth’s Axis reaches Polaris and other circumpolar stars, you can not totally avoid them.

111connection with Pleiades and other civilizations of love and friendship. 111 brings 1+1=2 and 1+1+1=3, so it has a vibration of 123, symbol of connection. Three ones also represent 3 and 1, while the inner nature of this code is 7. So we get 713, 317, 137 combinations, which symbolize Pleiades and similar civilizations.

333– this code is used in Reconnection, Tesla metamorphosis and some other axiatonal modalities. It includes 3+3=6 and 3+3+3=9. Alternation between 3 and 6 is connected with electromagnetic and/or scalar vibration, while 9 represents finishing and grounding. Inner nature of this code is number 8. Combination between 8 and 6 represents David’s star and Light body. Combination between 3 and 8 tells a story of harmony in one’s life, while combination of 8 and 9 tells a story of prosperity.

What about the code of axiatonal realignment? Sorry, I haven’t found it yet.

Restore Your Divine Power Technique of Sylvia Vowless

Axiatonal modality of Sylvia Vowless (aka Sylvia Shanti Vowless) comes from New Zealand. Sylvia Vowless uses simple method for self-activating and reconnection of axiatonal lines. Her technique is called “Restore Your Divine Power Technique” and is published as chapter 10 in her bookThe Miracle Effect”.

This technique works with eight chakras. The 8th chakra of Sylvia Vowless seems to be located only about 10 cm or less above one’s head, what is not usual in other modalities.[1] Technique uses holy geometry, which connect chakras with the Tree of Life. Holy geometry is also visible in using two mudras (hand gestures): triangle with both hands and diamond (rhombus) mudra with both hands (which activates Star Tetrahedron). Her technique is heavily influenced by Jewish mysticism and J.J. Hurtak’s approach. Jewish mantras (chants) are used for activating axiatonal lines. When we are moving down the body we chant Jewish holy words like Yod and He or Ain, Soph and Aur.

I haven’t used her technique, which is very special, so I can’t make comments on the effects of the activation of this type. However, there is a short youtube movie for quick learning of her technique:

[1] Ordinary 8th chakra is set about 16 cm over one’s head. Some people put it as high as 30 cm over one’s head. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of 8th chakra.  However in most cases location about 16 cm over one’s head has the strongest vibration.

Compare Three Schools of Different Axiatonal Modalities

These modalities originate in Eric Pearl‘s system. He has developed his system when he had got his own Axiatonal Alignement. Two Australian ladies -Melissa Hocking Huges and Anya Petrovic- have developed their own systems. Pearl’s approach has been upgraded by them in one or another way. The prices at QBI are in AUD, I guess, and EUR prices for QBI are rated according to AUD. These are prices for basic training programs, not for the Healing Sessions and Axiatonal Alignements of clients. Regarding all these trainings, I have no idea about the quality of them. If money is not a problem for you (I hope), try to feel if there are any frequencies of invitation. The path is yours.

Eric Pearl’ System (The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection) Melissa Hocking Huges’s System (QBI) Anya Petrovic’s System (Tesla Metamorphosis)
Level I: The Essentials of Reconnective Healing Training Program

(Hands-off Healing Others  & Self-Healing)

635 EUR

The Healer Within – The Facilitation = The Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique™

(Hands-off Healing Others  & Distance Healing)

$1190.00 (800 EUR) 

Tesla Metamorphosis I = Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

(Hands-off Healing Others, Self-Healing & Distant Healing )

370 EUR

Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program

(Advanced Hands-off Healing, Advanced Self-Healing,  Holographic Healings & Distance Healing)

635 EUR

The Healer Within –  The Instrumental Body

(Advanced Spiritual, Emotional & Body Self-Healing)


$1490.00 (1003 EUR)

Tesla Metamorphosis II= Tesla Soul Communication

(Healing communication through meanings, emotions and in images, transcending communication with words)

370 EUR

The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


Ca. 945.00 EUR

The Healer Within –Facilitating The Axial Initiation


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


$2900.11 (1953 EUR)

Tesla Metamorphosis III= Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis


(Axiatonal Lines Alignement, Deeper DNA Changing)


600 EUR


Darren Starwynn’s Axiatonal Lines

Here you have a picture of Darren Starwynn’s axiatonal lines:

Axiatonal lines arrangement of Darren Starwynn is slightly different from the “Axiatonal Mainstream”. Some main hidden principles, which could be found in the Reconnection of Eric Pearl and Whole-Self Attunement Manual etc., are present in Starwynn’s approach, too. This approach has stronger connections with TCM meridians than other modalities. Darren Starwynn even equates these axiatonal lines with TCM meridians. But there are some differences…  And “spin points” are described as some of the acupuncture points. I think that these lines are worth to be carefully studied to broaden our knowledge on axiatonal work.

Darren Starwynn offers sessions, where the client lies face up on a treatment table in a meditative space. Darren Starwynn than facilitates axiatonal reconnection by directing light into the client’s energy fields, and also through his hands and fingers into axiatonal lines and spin points on the client’s body. The benefits are claimed to be the same whether the receiver is in the same room as the healer, or around the world. This is for the first time I hear about distant axiatonal alignement/ (re)connection  😉

Starwynn offers beautiful Meditation on Self Love, too. The energy feeling is very strong (but this is not “emptiness exercise”- it uses visualization):

Early Manifestations of Axiatonal Lines in the Polarity Therapy of Randolph Stone

Randolph Stone (born as Rudolph Bautsch; 1890-1981) was a founder of Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy is eclectic method, which combine approaches from Osteopathy, Chiropractic Healing and Naturopathy and some other stuff. In 1948 he published book “Energy – The Vital Principle in the Healing Arts,” where he integrated all of the different approaches that he had used in his therapeutic work by this single unifying principle of ‘energy.’[1]

Randolph Stone

Randolph Stone. Source:

The concepts of Polarity Therapy contain some aspects of axiatonal line work.  Axiatonal lines system was described in 1973, when American spiritual researcher J. J. Hurtak (born 1940) has written a comprehensive metaphysical work Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.[2] Axiatonal lines are described by Hurtak as lines “which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems.”[3] Someone’s body is “a grid of magnetic domains which moves between the primary blueprint of the Overself and the pattern angles of the human organs (i.e., the axial relationship).”[4]The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound…”[5]

From information, scattered trough Hurtak’s book, one can derive some crucial axiatonal lines and concepts for spiritual and healing effects such as Light body, David Star, Pentagram, merkaba, triangulations, zigzag or diagonal axiatonal lines, horizontal axiatonal lines and longitudinal axiatonal lines. I would like to show you some axiatonal concepts, revealed in Randolph Stone book “Polarity Therapy”. This work is digitaly published on[6] and all pictures on Polarity Therapy are taken from there.

Polarity Therapy” uses triangulations and this can be seen on some charts:

Randolph Stone Chart 11 II-  Big Triangulation

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 11.

Randolph Stone Chart 6- Triangulations and Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 1, Charts No 6, 7. Notice also many diagonal axiatonal lines!

For your comparison here is one of my variations of triangulations according to Hurtak’s text:

Models for triangulations with 8th chakra

Source: Vasuna

Most often diagonal axiatonal lines are used. They are not found only on the Charts 6 and 7 from Volume I, Book I. There are more charts:

Randolph Stone Chart 7 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source. polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 7, Figure 3.

Randolph Stone Chart 13 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 13.

Randolph Stone Chart 28 II-  Diagonal Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2. Figures 1, 2.

Pentagram and David star are also there (David star in its prenatal form has been already presented in the first chart No 11 with two triangles forming a triangulation):

Randolph Stone Chart 2 IV-  David Star

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 3, Chart No13. with my colored presentation of the David star.

Randolph Stone Chart 9 II-  Pentagram Axiatonal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 2, Chart No 9, Figures 1, 2.

Two lines are represented, which looks like intermingling of two longitudinal lines:

Randolph Stone Chart 7 III-  Intermingling of Nipple Longitudinal Lines

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 1, Book 3, Chart No 7.

There are these longitudinal axiatonal lines picture for better comparison:

Inner longitudinal axiatonal lines

Source: Vasuna.

“Polarity Therapy” also offers a drawing of spiral path over the body:

Randolph Stone Chart 3 VI-  Similarity to Cocon

Source: Polarity Therapy, Volume 2, Book 4, Chart No 2.

This technique seems to be related to Cocoon of Light technique, used in axiatonal reconnection:[7]

Cocoon of Light

Source: Whole-Self Manual, pg. 33.


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