Restore Your Divine Power Technique of Sylvia Vowless

Axiatonal modality of Sylvia Vowless (aka Sylvia Shanti Vowless) comes from New Zealand. Sylvia Vowless uses simple method for self-activating and reconnection of axiatonal lines. Her technique is called “Restore Your Divine Power Technique” and is published as chapter 10 in her bookThe Miracle Effect”.

This technique works with eight chakras. The 8th chakra of Sylvia Vowless seems to be located only about 10 cm or less above one’s head, what is not usual in other modalities.[1] Technique uses holy geometry, which connect chakras with the Tree of Life. Holy geometry is also visible in using two mudras (hand gestures): triangle with both hands and diamond (rhombus) mudra with both hands (which activates Star Tetrahedron). Her technique is heavily influenced by Jewish mysticism and J.J. Hurtak’s approach. Jewish mantras (chants) are used for activating axiatonal lines. When we are moving down the body we chant Jewish holy words like Yod and He or Ain, Soph and Aur.

I haven’t used her technique, which is very special, so I can’t make comments on the effects of the activation of this type. However, there is a short youtube movie for quick learning of her technique:

[1] Ordinary 8th chakra is set about 16 cm over one’s head. Some people put it as high as 30 cm over one’s head. Just like seven variations of heart chakra these locations can show us different levels of 8th chakra.  However in most cases location about 16 cm over one’s head has the strongest vibration.


Some Axiatonal Mantras

Here you can find various axiatonal mantras 🙂 There must be other axiatonal chants, of course. Years ago I was even tempted with very powerfull mantra channeled to me from one spiritual force. This mantra has the power to disconnect practitioner from divine source! I destroyed and forget the message and hope you will never get info on that mantra. Mantras, presented in this article, are mostly some “nice” axiatonal mantras. When some of the mantras could have some problematic results, further info are offered to you in this article.

  1. Some Local Axiatonal Mantras

Ó-I-Ó (read as Ó – EE- Ó with Ó as “a” in “ball”): This mantra stimulates upper silhouette lines.

MA: Repeating this mantra stimulates lower silhouette lines.

MAÔ (Ô should be read as “o”in “long): this mantra stimulates side frontal lines (“coil lines”)

FÉF (É should be read as “e” in “elbow”): this mantra stimulates central group of frontal lines.

ALA (both A are read as“u” in “lung”- AH-LAH): this “bridge” mantra works on the 8th and the 9th chakra in order to make these chakras a tool for the force of the axiatonal connection.

ALILA (both A are read as“u” in “lung” and I is read as “ee”- AH-LEE-LAH):  this “bridge” mantra also works on the 8th and the 9th chakra. I was given this mantra by intuition more than 20 years ago, not knowing it was a mantra at all and not knowing the true meaning of it. It is better to have an accent on the first and last syllable. But the influences of this mantra are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. For most of the people this mantra would cause inner fighting between the attitudes of reconnection and disconnection of axiatonal lines on the level of the 8th chakra. But if this duel is surpassed, one could be reconnected with the highest worlds of universal Emptiness beyond the 9th chakra.

  1. Yin Axiatonal Mantra A-I TUNG, A-I-TUM

You are invited to test my general yin axiatonal mantra for your daily use. Mantra stimulates downward axiatonal flow of information and light from the higher source to the body. Mantra has two parts:

  • A-I  TUNG (read as AH- EE- TOONG)- the voice starts high with A-I and becomes lower with TUNG.
  • A-I  TUM (read as AH- EE- TOOM)- the voice starts high with A-I, becomes lower with TUM, but rises again with the ending MMMM.

Initial voice A-I will introduce heavenly light and information. TUNG will circle these light and information trough the body and it will try to prevent loosing of this information. Downward movement of information could cause some energy shower to appear. TUM will also cause downward movement (connecting with Earth), but higher ending MMM will lift it up, too. This mantra has special influence on activation of “coil” longitudinal lines (side frontal lines, passing through the nipples), but other lines are activated, too. However with this mantra one can’t stimulate one’s light body.

Inner longitudinal axiatonal lines

Simplified Image of the”Coil lines” (brown colour). Source: Vasuna

  1. Yang Axiatonal Mantra SIAHÔ-ALA-SIÊ of Eva Marquez

 This mantra was named “Find Missing Pieces” by Eva Marquez, who channeled it. It was mentioned on Youtube by her, that “chanting this mantra will help you to find the missing piece of knowledge to add to your puzzle and attract the right energies in your life. … You may not be given “the key” right after finishing this mantra. This mantra activates your energy — your light codes — so you can receive/attract the energy, the missing piece that you need to take the next step on your journey.”

It was also mentioned by her that when she was given this mantra by her guides it helped her learn more about axiatonal lines – meridians, connections from Earth, our physical body and the Universe. That was her missing piece of the puzzle, and she wishes to everyone that each of us will find his/her own missing piece.

But SIAHÔ-ALA-SIÊ mantra has inner frequency, connected with axiatonal lines on general. Disconnected axiatonal lines seems to be everyone’s missing piece! This mantra stimulates axiational lines and their connection with the planet Earth and the Universe. And it goes in ascending order (this is yang mantra), enabling spiritual evolution and promoting spiritual ascension. While Eva Marquez, who has channeled this mantra, does not give any explanation of these sounds with  her youtube video, I will give you my short description of what this mantra seems to be (this is my interpretation of it and there could be other interpretations, of course):

SIA: connects the Earth to the Heaven, activating Earth chakra (below your feet), the 8th chakra  and (then) the 9th chakra. “SI” inside SIA also works on finding the information.

HÔ: this mantra represents basic circulation of information, light and energy inside one’s soul and body. While SIA connects the Earth to the Heaven on general, one is enabled by HÔ to invite these information/light/energy inside one’s own information/light/energy system.

ALA: this mantra works on the 8th and the 9th chakra in order to make these chakras a tool for the force of stronger axiatonal (re)connection. It might also work with legs.

SIÊ: this mantra connects Earth to the Heaven, activating Earth chakra (below your feet) and the 8th chakra and connects these two chakras to one’s own system. Together with SIA(HÔ) this mantra also promotes balancing of one’s ego, promoting spiritual growth and it forms the Stars of David (i.e. David Shield aka Magen David) or even Star Tetrahedrons inside our body, influencing one’s personal merkaba or Light body with it.  SIÊ should not be practiced without another chant, which contains “S” or “M” sound. In this mantra solution is found in SIA(HÔ) with another “S” sound. These “S” or “M” sounds are needed to handle with “Ê”! SIÊ on its own does not build Stars of David and it may become potentially dangerous mantra. “SI” inside SIÊ also works on finding the information.

Looking at other mantras, which are already mentioned, I think that  SIAHÔ-ALA-SIÊ mantra is the most powerful and correct mantra for stimulation of axiatonal lines. Thank you, Eva Marquez, thank you to your guides, giving to us this mantra!

For correct pronunciation look at Eva’s video on Youtube: