Bazi (Four Pillars) and Na Jia

There is a simple rule for using Na Jia aka Hidden stems in Bazi. Strictly speaking Na Jia is part of Yi Jing. Bridge between stems and trigrams are represented by this system. Na Jia is derived in Later Heaven sequence, using both Early and Later Heaven arrangement. Gender is represented in Early Heaven and we use yang polarity for male and yin polarity for female. With this tool we go through the Later Heaven stem sequence.

The first prenatal pair is Qian- Kun, so Kun, which is only one palace away from the exalted position, is the starting point. Yang Qian uses Jia and yin Kun uses Yi. We see that in the Later Heaven Qian- Kun order starts at Kun. Now it is the time to place the fire stems. The next trigram to be used is Dui. In Early Heaven Dui’s yin-yang opposite is Gen. Dui is yin and its stem is Ding, while Gen is male and its stem is Bing. Going in the clockwise direction of Later Heaven in search for the earth stems, the next trigram to be used is Kan. In Early Heaven Kan’s yin-yang opposite is Li. Kan is male and its stem is Wu, while Li is female and its stem is Ji. We continue to search the metal stems. The next trigram to be used is Zhen. In Early Heaven Zhen’s yin-yang opposite is Xun. Zhen is yang and its stem is Geng, while Xun is female and its stem is Xin. At this point all trigrams are used, but there are ten stems and only eight trigrams. So, we start the new circle and use the pair Qian- Kun again. Qian is male, yang and its secondary stem is Ren, while Kun is female and yin and its corresponding secondary stem is Gui.


This stem-trigram connection had a major role in developing Feng Shui formula for San He 24 Mountains. On the Earth level the polarity of the stems/mountains follows the functional polarity of the trigrams. Gui stem follows Kun and the function of Kun is yang in the most cases (its gender is yin, but Kun as exposed mother is quite yang). The youngest son (Gen) has a male gender, but functionally he is of yin polarity (young child, dependent on his mother). For other trigrams the gender polarity and functional polarity are the same. In this way the polarity for all the mountains with stems can be ascertained. Exception is the mountain of Geng, which has yin polarity in San He 24 Mountains. This is because the 24 mountains should have 12 yang mountains and 12 yin mountains. Without yin polarity of the Geng mountain there would be 13 yang and 11 yin mountains. So, one mountain has to be sacrificed and should use a yin polarity instead of the expected yang polarity. The Zhen-Xun pair is the last offspring pair in the circle, so Zhen’s stem Geng has the weakest position and follows the higher order, adopting the yin position. Well, this seems to be a little bit forced solution, slightly unnatural and this is perhaps the weakest part of San He Mountain formula.

However, in modern times Na Jia formula has another and well known variant. Because there is no Wu and Ji stem in the mountains, some people cast them out and use Gui for Kan and Ren for Li. The logic behind this is in pairing of the postnatal and prenatal Heaven position in search for the substitute stems. Li connects with Qian, and Qian brings in Ren. Kan connects with Kun, and Kun brings in Gui stem. This approach is theoretically weak: the order of five elements in the postnatal Heaven is broken. If the earth stems are cast out, fire should be used for Kan and Li, metal for Gen and Dui and water for Zhen and Xun. However, this is not the case. Early Heaven pattern is also broken. When the standard and older formula is examined in the context of the Early Heaven, the opposite sequence is gradual and symmetric: Qian-Kun (wood), Dui-Gen (fire), Li-Kan (earth), Zhen-Xun (metal)- Qian-Kun (water).  If we introduce water in the pair Li-Kan, the order is corrupted. In the imaginary view Kan with Gui becomes too strong water, while Wu stem encircles water and Ji stems prevents spreading of the fire. The rule of water Na Jia stems in the pair of Li-Kan is not a valid formula!

However, the Na Jia formula can also be used as the secondary tool in Bazi. The key concept of Na Jia is the attachment of the Na Jia stem to the particular trigram. Na Jia stem is the ally and the follower of its trigram. When knowing that, one can connect the situations in the Bazi chart with the ally relationship between the particular trigram and its Na Jia.

Bazi and Na Jia

For example: we have Bing and Ding stems and Wu branch in the pillars. The strong fire of Li is present in this chart. This fire will have a good relationship with Ji stem, because Ji stem follows the fire of Li. If the fire is too strong, Ji earth will probably be of little help in the reducing of its power.  If you have Hai- Mao- Wei trinity with strong wood, this wood belongs to the trigram Zhen and Geng stem is friend of Zhen. So, if your wood is too strong, Geng metal will be probably of moderate help because it will be a little bit reluctant to cut the trees. Hai- Mao- Wei trinity, however, is less connected to Zhen then Jia, Mao and Yi group. So Geng will still be usable. If you have Chen and Si together and also some wood in the chart, this is the wood connection with Xun and Xun makes Xin metal for its ally. So, Xin metal will not be so usable to control the excess of the wood. If there is a lot of Wei branches in the pillars, this is strongly connected with Kun palace and the element of earth. If there is Yi stem in the pillars, this stem will be probably quite unusable for controlling the excess earth, because Yi stem is a loyal friend of the Kun palace.

All these can be used ONLY at the secondary level of analysis. It can be used for fine tuning. Bear in mind:

  • Mountains of particular trigram are more connected to this trigram than San he and San hui (those with the central branch belonging to the trigram). San he and San hui are more dispersed and also carry other influences. Mountains activate stronger alliance between Na Jia and its trigram and San he/ San hui can activate only a weaker alliance.
  • If trigram’s mountains are not found in a cluster, Na Jia effect will also be weaker.
  • San he must include central branch in this approach because this central branch is a part of trigram’s mountains. So, if you have only Hai and Wei and no Mao in the chart, there is almost no activation of trigram Zhen.
  • Chen – Si, Wei – Shen, Xu- Hai and Chou – Yin mountains activate only weaker alliance between Na Jia and the trigram, because the central trigram can’t be found in Bazi. These branches MUST be found together in the pillars (neighbors).
  • If the stem of Na Jia is quite strong in the chart and has the controling or weakening relationsip with the useful element, for example, there will not be strong Na Jia alliance and the stem will still attack the controlled element (controling relationship like fire controling metal, etc.) or drain the element (like earth drains fire, etc)… For example: if one has Jia, Mao and Yi in the pillars, trigram Zhen is activated and geng metal serves as its Na Jia. But if the same pillars have strong metal presence in the chart like Geng Shen pillar with the support from the season,  Geng metal will be just a little bit less sharp and dominant and it will still attack the Jia wood.








Four Pillars (Bazi) and Residency

(Text in brown was added on 2018/03/06)

While the residency, home, courtyard and garden are common object of fengshui practice, Bazi can offer some relations, too. Parts of one’s home and parcel can be found in the basic four pillars. Basic criteria are determined by left and right side of the pillars, heavenly stems and earth branches, innate meaning of four pillars according to Yi Jing and symbolic connection between the pillars with Officer, Resource, Sibling, Output and Wealth stars.

Here are the basic traits according to the left and right sides of the pillars and upper and lower sides of the pillars:

Locations in Bazi

Using this table, one should give priority to HS: EB relation, while left: right (inner: outer) is only of secondary nature. Because day stem is the most exposed stem, one can find that Facing energy is very strong at the day stem. As month branch with the season is the hidden backup of the chart, this can be viewed as the Mountain.

The connection between the eight parts of the Bazi and one’s home with surroundings is as follows:

Bazi Locations-Residency

If we add information from the first and the second table, we can use day stem as Facing and month branch as the Mountain. As the flowers and trees are connected with wood, the year pillar has second most exposed (yang and fire!) stem belongs to flying or rising energy of wood and year branch is Kun, belonging to earth and reptilian energy. So, the year pillar is flying or rising reptilian, the Dragon. It isn’t  the clasical metal reptilian of the westerns world (entities, which are blowing fire and terrorise the people), but subtle symbolic creature. Looking at the second table and the hour pillar, one can find water (but also metal) energy both in stem and branch of this pillar. So, we get the following table with basic Fengshui symbolism:


From the oldest days of Fengshui four mythological creatures of Chinese constellations have been used in Fengshui. They are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Turtle of the North. Right side of pillars is eastern part (the beginning of life, sun and moon rising) and belongs to wood and Azure Dragon. Left side of the pillars is western part (ending of life, sun and moon setting) and it is connected with metal and with White tiger. Central upper side is visible and yang, connected with fire and red, so it represents Vermilion bird. Central lower part is connected with hidden, dark and protected and it is connected with water and Black turtle. So, these four animals can also be found in the four pillars:

White tiger Vermilion Bird Vermilion Bird Azure Dragon
White tiger Black Turtle Black Turtle Azure Dragon

I was also informed, that two central parts of the pillars should have the opposite meanings. The facing star is connected with water and the sitting star is connected with mountain, earth. The day stem is Yi Jing location of Kan, the water, while earth branches represent the Earth and day branch represents Li, the fire, the element of Vermilion Bird and the element, which supports the Earth element. So, better correlation should be:

White tiger Black Turtle Black Turtle Azure Dragon
White tiger Vermilion Bird Vermilion Bird  Azure Dragon

I am thankful for this information. (The text in blue was added on 2016/03/11).   

At the end I would like to warn you, that Bazi is not a neccessary Fengshui tool. It can add some insights to the Fengshui practitioners. And this goes both ways: Fengshui principle of 24 mountains, for example, can be used as secondary rule concerning one’s health, profession, emotions etc. Directions from the 24 mountains and Bagua can be used for Bazi help as secondary tool (on the tertiary level even four directional zones of branches such as Yin-Mao-Chen for wood can be used). Weak metal person, for example, can be advised to make long walks in the western or north-western direction.

From the Fengshui perspective Bazi can be used as secondary, tertiary… tool for making the picture clearer, too. For example: if conflict between two elements are found both in Bazi and Flying stars, one should be very cautious. People can use useful god of Bazi to find out good directions, but others can use Bazhai or something else. There are many different views among the practitioners of Fengshui about the usage of colors, directions and shapes of the favorable Bazi element in the Fengshui context. While purists dislike these approaches, practitioners of non-classical Fengshui even use figurines of Chinese zodiac and many other placebo “cures”.  Whatever is the true, I just want to show you, that some Fengshui concepts have correlations with Bazi chart, too.

Have a nice trip in the land of Bazi!



Bazi: Four Pillars of Destiny and Health


    In Bazi or Four pillars of Destiny there are some general rules how to interpret health issues in one’s chart:

  • if the energy flow in the chart is weak, one should expect problems;
  • bad luck cycles are connected with health issues or health risks;
  • if two or more elements are missing or extremely weak, the chart is out of balance (especially standard charts);
  • bear in mind, that all standard charts must have the balance in the temperature of the chart. If this is not the case, the chart is more prone to sickness;
  • strong standard charts have more possibility for acute illness, while weak standard charts have more possibility to develop chronic diseases. Bear in mind that this is not a strict rule;
  • check out which element is the weakest and which element is the strongest in the chart. These two are connected with health issues or health risks;
  • clashes and penalties could be connected with health issues and accidents. At the time when all basic pillars are clashed, this is considered to be very dangerous for one’s health, because all the foundation is ruined or damaged;
  • fan yin (clash between heavenly stems and between earth branches of two pillars) is connected with accidents and health issues;
  • fu yin (two identical pillars, i.e. pillars with same heavenly stems and between earth branches) can be connected with health issues, but not necessary;
  • Sword star (Yang Ren) in the charts is clashed or Sword star meets Qi Sha deity- the Sword star is moving then and this could cause injuries, accidents, attacks and surgery;
  • Empty branches (Void branches) could be connected with health issues of the element, stem or branch, connected with the concept of Void (Kong);
  • Search for cultural and personal aspects (access to medical treatment, access to shamanic healing, exercising, dancing, practicing yoga or qigong, living a moral life…)- all these aspects could help to maintain or restore one’s health.

Every element is connected with some special body parts and diseases.

a. five elements body


Each stem has its own connection with body parts and diseases, too. Bear in mind that “main body parts II.” should probably be used ONLY in the quite balanced charts (this information was not tested by me, so be careful). Yi jing body parts (parts II. and III.) should be used as side information only– these massages have more validity when they come in cluster. For example, if there are Bing, Ding, Wu and Si in the chart and their energy is annoying to one’s Day master, one should expect problems with heart and eyes and if there is too little water in the chart, there could be problem with high blood pressure, too.

a. stems and health


Each branch is connected with some body parts. Yi jing body parts (parts II. and III.) should be used as side information only- these massages have more validity when they come in cluster. There is good visual representation of stems and branches with body parts- here.

a. branches and health


  • Wood attacks personal earth element: lips deformation or nose shape deformation;
  • Personal wood is attacking the earth: metabolic issues;
  • Pillar with wood over the earth: moles, birth marks;
  • Earth counterattack the wood: destroying optimism, depression;
  • JIA-WU stems: chest, lung, traffic accidents;
  • YI-JI stems: lower abdomen, breast area;
  • Fire attack on personal metal: brain problems, probable headaches, probable hearing disorders, blood disease, heart and lung disease;
  • Personal fire attacking the metal: hemorrhoids;
  • BING-GENG stems- fever, tongue;
  • Any fire attack on Geng: lungs, head, fever;
  • DING-XIN stems- teeth, tongue;
  • Too much earth and too little metal: weak immune system;
  • Earth attacking the water: gastro-intestinal disorders, food poisoning, weak immune system;
  • Personal earth is attacking the water: reproductive organs, sexual diseases;
  • WU-REN stems: if Wu is stronger, problems with reproductive organs, possible infertility. If Ren is stronger, traffic accidents, accidents with the body, reproductive organs, gynecological disorders;
  • JI-GUI stems and Ji in any water on general: poisoning, sexual diseases, possible infertility;
  • Weak personal metal, attacked by the fire or counter-attacked by wood: hemorrhoids;
  • Metal attack on wood: bones, tendons, back and hips, liver and gall bladder, depression and suicidal moments;
  • Pillar with metal over the wood: leg problems;
  • Personal metal element attacking the wood: liver and gall bladder problems;
  • Personal wood element attacked by the metal: bone, spine disease;
  • Any imbalance between wood and metal: accidents, possibility of headaches, spine, bones and tendons disease, limbs disease;
  • GENG-JIA stems: head, lung problems, possibility of traffic accident or accidents with sharp objects;
  • XIN- YI stems: head, if there are many YI stems and only little of XIN, this can be connected with migraines;
  • Weak metal and weak water elements: weak immune system;
  • Water attacking the fire: vision problems, high blood pressure, depression;
  • Too many water rotten and uproots the wood: destroying optimism, so mental issues are possible;
  • Any imbalance between the water and fire: vision problems, heart diseases;
  • Too much fire, too little water OR too much fire consuming the wood: danger of insanity, depression or suicidal moments, danger of various mental issues, possible high blood pressure;
  • REN-BING stems: forehead, eyes, blood, blood pressure if other signs;
  • GUI-DING stems: very probable high blood pressure, possible heart and blood disease;
  • A lot of GUI stem: good vision, good hearing.

  • YIN-SI-SHEN penalty: heartache, chest pain, “heart” pain in the left arm, heart attack, stroke, some forms of cancer, could also be connected with limbs and motion problems. If fire is unfavorable, there are bigger possibilities of health risk.
  • WEI-XU-CHOU penalty: sciatic pain, digestion problems, some forms of cancer. If earth is unfavorable, there are bigger possibilities of health risk.
  • MAO-ZI penalty: lower back, problems with reproductive organs, feet. If water is unfavorable, there are bigger possibilities of health risk.
  • YOU self-penalty: sexual disease, blood disease, could be connected with alcohol. But if metal is favorable, there will probably be no problems.
  • CHEN self-penalty: throat, chest in the front, shoulders, head, brains, skin. But if the main active element (earth, wood or water, depends) in Chen is favorable, there will probably be no problems.
  • WU self-penalty: head, brains, heart, eyes, mental issues, possible blood pressure. But if fire is favorable, there will probably be no problems.
  • HAI self- penalty: ankle, feet, head, scrotum. But if main active element (water or wood, depends) is favorable, there will probably be no problems.
  • SI-SHEN: chest pain, traffic accidents, arms
  • YIN-SHEN: headaches, limbs, traffic accidents
  • MAO-YOU: lung and throat, accidents with sharp objects
  • CHEN-XU: lung and chest, accidents from building /structure collapse, accidents from avalanche and earthquakes, upper and lower part of the body are imbalanced, weakening the immune system.
  • SI-HAI: blood, face, blood pressure if other signs, traffic accidents, falling accident
  • WU-ZI: brain, blood pressure if other signs, accidents with bleeding
  • WEI-CHOU: spleen and digestion, accidents from building /structure collapse, accidents from avalanche

GUAN (OFFICER STARS)head, brains, nerves, meridians. Guan has possibility to attack the day master. This is why Guan is connected with weakening the immune system, causing stress and mental issues and it is also connected with the shortening of one’s lifespan. ZHENG GUAN is more connected with chronic diseases, while QI SHA has more to do with acute diseases, accidents, injuries and poisons. Problems come either from the personal element (element of Day master) and from excessive element of the Officers. If strong Officers destroy weak Seals (Yin), the element of the Seal should also be expected to be connected with illness. Are there any cures for strong officers in the chart? One possibility is that there are Seal stars to prevent such an attack. The other possibility are Shi Shang deities, which can control and regulate strong Officers.

There is a special structure, called “Qi Sha and Zheng Guan intermingling”. This means that both Zheng Guan and Qisha are found in the heavenly stems and the element of Officer is rooted also in the earth branches. Other solution is that only Zheng Guan is in heavenly stem, but Qisha is still found in the earth branches. Basic rule for “Qi Sha and Zheng Guan intermingling” is that Officers are strong in such a chart. Such situation gives weak constitution, fears, stress, weak immune system, possibility for physical diseases and for mental issues.  Woman could be raped or could be with many men. Man could have a weird sexuality.

YIN (SEAL STARS). Seal is the energy, which is feeding the personal element. They are connected with food, digestion and breathing, heart and blood. PIAN YIN is also connected with shoulders. Specially PIAN YIN could be connected with poisons, drugs and alcohol. When Seals are weak, personal element has too little support and this can cause health issues. Specially when there are strong Guan/Officer stars, attacking personal element. The other danger, coming from the Seals is situation with too many Seals. This is called “Too many caring mothers destroyed the child”. Too many of Seals will attack the personal element instead of feeding it. This bring illness to the chart, connected with weaken personal element and too strong element of the Seals. Too many wood for example, would destroy personal fire. In this case health issue would be connected both with weak personal fire and too strong wood of the Seals. Too strong Seals can also be connected with mental issues and with too vivid dreams.

BI JIE (SIBLING STARS). Sibling stars are connected with limbs and bones. JIE CAI could be connected with spine, too. If Day master is strong, Siblings are also connected with infectious diseases. Too strong Siblings affect the immune system of the father or the immune system of man’s girlfriend/wife. Day master itself is also connected with heart and brain.

SHI SHANG (OUTPUT STARS). They are connected with skin, metabolism, eyesight, throat and voice, with reproductive organs (specially women’s). If Output stars are too weak and DM is strong, the energy will accumulate in Siblings and DM, causing mental pressure or even depression. Output stars can regulate too strong Officers. SHI SHEN is the most important, because dangerous Qi Sha is controlled by it. Some say that Shi Shen is the sign of longevity. Strong Shi Shen is also connected with obesity. In situation where there is weak ZHENG GUAN attacked by the strong SHANG GUAN, one is prone to chronic diseases, in this situation immune system of woman’s boyfriend/husband is also attacked.

CAI (WEALTH STARS). They are connected with legs and blood, but PIAN CAI is also connected with one’s head and nerves. For men sexual organs are represented by the Wealth element, too. If too strong Cai attacks the Seals, this weaken one’s immune system, but at the same time Wealth stars can destroy immune system of one’s mother.


Four pillars could be connected with the body as described in the following pictures. When we know where the weak or strong element is located, we could find additional indicators of health issues, looking at the pictures below. If there is clash between Si and Hai in day and month branch, for example, and the fire is your favorite and weak element, you should expect problems with small intestine, buttocks or thigh, because day branch (in standing and lying position) is connected with hips, thigh, buttocks and belly, while fire is connected with small intestine, buttocks and thigh. If Jia stem in the year pillar is too strong, the energy in the head is out of balance. Year pillar is connected with the head (lying position) and Jia stem is also connected with the head.




AIDS is autoimmune disease. It is connected with imbalance in the water element. Water is connected with reproductive organs and “genetic power” (jing, kundalini). All sexual diseases, causing inflammations or imbalance between hidden and visible, are connected with water, but also with fire. Many cases can be shown that AIDS is actually disease of water and fire disbalance.

CANCER: Too strong and unfavorable element could be connected with cancer of the organs, belonging to this element. Unfavorable element, destroying the good picture, can cause cancer, connected with its organs. If metal element, for example, is not favorable for follow the wood type chart, there can be disease in the organ, connected with wood. If metal element attacks wood as the most favorable element, the disease can be connected with both elements, too.  So, cancer can be connected with any element! Because cells are ruled by the earth, earth element is more suspect to develop cancer disease. Unfavorable earth combinations are: strong earth with fire support, weak earth with wood attack or earth attacking the water. Cancer is also a hidden disease, which develops slowly, based on long time stress or negative influences. This is also the story of penalties.  So, metabolic and skin cancer can be connected with Wei-Xu-Chou penalty. Yin-Si-Shen penalty can also be connected with some cancer forms (oxygen disfunction) and Zi-Mao penalty can be connected with reproductive organs. Structures “Qi Sha and Zheng Guan intermingling” and “Too many caring mothers destroyed the child” can also cause long term stress, leading to cancer diseases.

DIABETES: diabetes is connected with earth element on general. Earth is connected with sugar and pancreas, while fire is connected with sugar as a form of energy. So, strong production of sugar is connected both with earth and fire element in day pillar or month branch. But pancreas is also connected with hormones and consequently with the element of water. Crucial area are day stem and month branch, because they represent location of pancreas in the body. One should expect picture with a lot of earth and fire in day stem or month branch and very weak water element present in the chart. Preferable branches are Si, Wu and Wei, because they offer both the fire and earth element. It is interesting that typical diabetes chart is connected with Bing-Geng (or Shen-Si) clash and often also with Geng or Bing personal element. Geng (it is also hidden in Shen branch) is connected with the navel area, including pancreas and so it is logical to find Geng/Shen and the conflict between fire (sugar production) and Geng/Shen in the charts of diabetic people.

EYES: too strong or too weak wood, but also too strong or too weak fire. Imbalance between fire and water can also be connected with eyes. Too weak Output element could also be connected with poor eyesight. Very strong Gui is said to give good eyesight.

GUMS: Gums (mouth) are connected with earth element and this element can be destroyed by wood, when fire is missing. Too strong earth with fire support is the other option for gums issues. Massage of gums (with tongue and brush) help the weak earth under the attack of wood.

HAIR DISEASES: the skin is metal and earth, while the hair are water and wood. Too weak water element will expose wood to metal and earth. This can cause losing hairs. Too strong fire and too weak water can also cause the same situation: fire will weaken the hairs (water and wood) and it will probably give power to the skin (earth). Too weak water and metal represent weak immune system and aging, so this combination means whitening of hair and/or losing hair at the same time. When water is too strong, hair will not be attacked by the skin, so they will not fall out. But too cold pillars can still cause whitening of the hairs.

HEADACHE: there can be multiple reasons for headaches. Too much Officers or too strong Pian Cai can cause headache. Too much wood or fire can cause headache, too. Strong water attacks weak fire and there is no strong wood in the chart. Too strong earth element can cause migraines. When fire, wood or earth attacks metal, there can be headache. Clashes Yin-Shen, Chen-Xu and Si-Hai can cause headaches. Three penalty Yin-Si-Shen is also dangerous for headaches. Too strong Wu branches or favorable Wu branch under attack can also mean headaches. Concerning the four basic pillars, head is represented by the year pillar, month stem and day stem.

LIMBS, ALZHEIMER, PARKINSON: limbs and motion abilities are connected with wood and earth element. When strong metal exhausts the earth and attacks the wood, one has danger to get limb injury or motion disease. When there is strong disfunction between wood, earth and metal, the situation is pretty the same. Too strong wood for example, can counter-attack the metal and also attack the earth. Suspected pillars are Wu Yin, Ji Mao, Geng Yin, Xin Mao. All relations from Yin-Si-Shen can also be connected with limbs and motion problems.

MENSTRUAL/GYNECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS: Too weak wood element and imbalance between the wood, earth and water at the same time. Or too strong wood (bleeding).

MENTAL ISSUES: there are many factors, connected with mental issues. Mental issues are connected with stress and stress is mostly connected with too strong and unfavorable Officers, which brings in fears and pressure. Most dangerous situation is called “Qi Sha and Zheng Guan intermingling”. If Seals are too strong and one get unfavorable “Too many caring mothers destroyed the child” structure, this can also be connected with stress and pressures, but also to hallucinations or too vivid dreams. Too strong or too weak fire element is another important factor of stress and distorted sensations. When personal element is too strong and there is too weak Output, inner pressure can lead to depression and to the other mental issues. Too strong Output on the other side causes losing the energy- the chart with energy minimum is prone to depression. Too strong earth element causes static behavior and this can lead to mental issues, too. Wood (and fire) is connected with initial optimism, and if damaged, can cause depression (strong fire eats all the wood, metal attacks the wood- specially Geng attacking Jia or Shen-Yin clash, too strong water rotten and uproot the wood). Other interesting issues: Jia Shen pillar, Bing Shen pillar, too strong Wu branch, unfavorable metal directional unity, unfavorable Wu-Xu half union.

SPINE AND BACK are connected with water and wood element, but also with Jie Cai and with Hai, Shen and most important: Wei. Other branches with minor influences are: Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen and Si. Earth branches in general are connected with the spine. Spine is also connected with hour pillar (inner parts).

TEETH: teeth are connected with metal and water elements. If both elements are weak, one would lose the teeth quickly. Weak metal with earth attacking the water: one gets more cavities or broken teeth. Too strong wood and weak water and metal: teeth are losing their structure: cavities or broken tooth. Ding- Xin clash, Si-You half union and Si-Hai clash are all connected with teeth. Metal directional union (Shen-You-Xu) is also connected with teeth and if this union is unfavorable, one can expect to have teeth issue.  If there are both Geng and Xin together with one or two other indicators in the chart (Ding, Si, You, Xu, Hai) and the metal is not favorable, one can expect to have teeth issue.

THYROIDS: all the hormones are connected with the water element. But thyroids are connected to wood and fire elements, too. Weak water with weak fire can be connected to hypo-thyroidism, too little water and too many wood (hyper-thyroidism and possible high blood pressure), strong water (hyper-thyroidism and possible high blood pressure), weak water, wood and fire (hyper- thyrodism and possible low blood presssure), moderately strong water attack weak fire (hypo-thyroidism and possible high blood pressure).


There are many Shensha. Only some of them are connected with health problems. Most of these Shensha are not becoming weaker when clashed or combined!

shen sha 1

YANG SWORD/GOAT SWORD is special star, representing the blade, knife or sword. Cashes and Qi Sha causes Goat sword to move. This represent danger of injury, wounds, accident, surgery and mishaps. Goat Sword is a strong star. Even combination can cause sword to move. If Goat Sword is otherwise a favorable element, there will be only minor issues.  Beware: clash and combo do not destroy this star, they make it even more dangerous, specially clashes! While Yang Sword can bring great success to its owner, it may also bring health issues.

CASCADING RED CLOUDS are connected to accidents, attacks, blood, surgery, miscarriage. If the element of this star is favorable, there are no such influences and the star is inactive.

EXTINCTION STAR is connected with weak immune system on general. Medical procedures with Extinction Star can cause more damage than improvement. Extinction days are avoided in Date selection.

FLYING SWORD: connected to injury, traffic accidents.

SPINNING STAR (TUO LUO): chronic diseases, fractures, diabetes, internal injuries.

shen sha 2

ROBBER: traffic accidents, being attacked, acute syndromes.

DEVASTATION SPIRIT: accidents, injuries, illness, sexual diseases.

DEATH STAR: if unfavorable element: weak energy, but more problematic for partners. If favorable element and weak: personal health issue.

ILLNESS STAR: static and trapped energies, illness.

YIN Chen Zi
MAO Si Chou
SI Wei Mao
WU Shen Chen
WEI You Si
YOU Hai Wei
XU Zi Shen
HAI Chou You
ZI Yin Xu
CHOU Mao Hai

FUNERAL DOOR: bring injuries, weak immune system, chronic sickness, hard to be cured diseases and death or even a murder to the people with this star or to their relatives, above all to their parents. This star is more dangerous for men.

CONDOLENCE STAR: one’s own health problems or injury or even death or it can represent health problems, injuries or death of one’s relatives and close people, above all that of a partner or children. This star is more dangerous for women.

YIN Shen Xu Zi
MAO Wei Hai Chou
CHEN Wu Zi Yin
SI Si Chou Mao
WU Chen Yin Chen
WEI Mao Mao Si
SHEN Yin Chen Wu
YOU Chou Si Wei
XU Zi Wu Shen
HAI Hai Wei You
ZI Xu Shen Xu
CHOU You You Hai

BLOODY SWORD: accidents, injuries, wounds, blood, danger from sharp metal objects.

WHITE TIGER: being attacked, traffic accidents.

HEAVEN DOG: being attacked, accidents, injuries, scars, moles, birth marks.


Each Jia Zi pillar can be connected with some body part and some diseases. Bear in mind that combinations (unions) and clashes between the branches and stems can alter some meanings, offered in these regular descriptions. These descriptions were mainly got from Škratkov blog, they were translated, but also upgraded with many added information. You must also check if pillar has strong favorable elements, because then the pillar has no health issues. Some pillars are also of lower quality and these pillars are more prone to cause health damage. So, 60 JiaZi pillars are only of secondary information. You have always need to look at basic principles, overall picture and favorable and unfavorable elements!

JIA ZI: high quality pillar! Very little problems, but there may be some problems with legs, possibility for eye problems, ear problems or high blood pressure (if other signs)
YI CHOU: metabolic problems, also fingers, feet, legs and arms, injuries, headaches, digestion, muscles, face moles or face birth marks, possible injury in younger days or possible injury of children;
BING YIN: eyes, rheumatism in shoulder area, inflammations, hysteria, mental issues, possible alcohol problems, possible high blood pressure (if other signs);
DING MAO: possible chronic problems with head and eye, hysteria, mental issues, possible alcohol problems;

WU CHEN: high quality pillar! With only smaller problems with stomach, chest, joints, muscles. If this is day pillar and in very unfavorable condition: diabetes, in condition of clash: possible fractures;
JI SI:  problems with metabolism, tongue, with clashes there come injuries, fractures. If this is day pillar, can become very sick;
GENG WU: arms, tongue, hearing, head problems, hemorrhoids. Heart and blood issues;
XIN WEI: skin, pelvis, possible alcohol problems;
REN SHEN: reproductive organs, head, depression;
GUI YOU: teeth, possible problems with feet, sperm and male reproductive organs;


JIA XU: metabolism, headaches, possible alcohol problems, legs and amrs, feet, leg’s tendons, muscles, head, lungs, injuries, face moles and face birth marks;
YI HAI: legs, feet, possible headaches, possible high blood pressure, nails, fingers, penis, possible premature aging. If Yi Hai is day pillar, premature aging can show signs of degenerative disease;
BING ZI: eyes, endocrine organs, blood vessels, possible high blood pressure (if other signs);
DING CHOU: possible inflammations, injuries, accidents;
WU YIN: injuries, traffic accidents, possible severe infections, head, brain and nerves, liver disease, gums, muscles, Alzheimer, Parkinson, face moles or face birth marks, legs (in lesser extent arms, too). If this is day pillar, there is possibility for deformation of lips or mouth shape. If Wu Yin is day pillar, person can become very sick;

JI MAO: belly and abdominal problems, breast tumor, accidents, infections, liver disease, gums, muscles, Alzheimer, Parkinson, face moles or face birth marks, legs and arms. If this is day pillar, there is possibility for deformation of lips or mouth shape. When Ji Mao pillar meets with Yi You pillar, there could be weakness in waist or in the back;
GENG CHEN: skin, chest, flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases) ;
XIN SI: arms, tongue, ears, hearing, buttocks, anus, head, brains, women’s reproductive ogans, flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases). Possible heart and blood issues. When Xin Si meets Bing Shen, there could be problems with the arms, not good in situation of gun fire (hot bullet is like Ding You or Xin Si);
REN WU: eyes, head, heart, blood vessels, blood, possible high blood pressure (if other signs);
GUI WEI: spinal problems, injuries, legs, metabolism, poisoning, infertility, sexual disease, reproductive organs (specially women’s), possible alcohol problems


JIA SHEN: low quality pillar! Headaches, mental issues, injuries with bones, traffic accidents, accidents with metal objects, tendons, hips, lungs, back, spine. Not good for liver;
YI YOU: low quality pillar! Headaches, injuries with sharp objects, headaches, tendons, bones, hips, lungs, penis. When Yi You meets Ji Mao, there will be weakness in waist and back. Not good for liver. Day pillar: chronic diseases of organs, mentioned;
BING XU: injuries, accidents, eyes, possible problems with alcohol;
DING HAI: eyes, heart, blood, possible high blood pressure (if other signs). If Ding Hai is day pillar, immune system is weaker;
WU ZI: legs, small injuries, gastrointestinal problems, reproductive organs- diseases or infertility;
JI CHOU: spleen, navel, lower abdomen, stomach, metabolism, joints, muscles, limbs. If there is no metal and there is more earth, immune system become weak;
GENG YIN: traffic accidents, accidents, injuries, head and brain problems, bones, breathing, lungs, liver, tendons, rheumatism, limbs, Parkinson, Alzheimer, joints, depression;
XIN MAO: low quality pillar! Very prone to illness and injuries, accidents. Headaches, breathing, lungs, legs, Parkinson, Alzheimer, tendons, spine, hips. Flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases).
REN CHEN: legs, metabolism, head, poisoning, reproductive organs, possible accidents;
GUI SI: chronic sickness, reproductive organs, eyes, heart, blood, possible high blood pressure (if other signs), possibility of alcohol problems. If Gui Si is the day pillar, person can become more ill;


JIA WU: some possibility for chronic diseases, connected with head, nerves, eyes, heart. Possibility of stroke, heart attacks, head, nerves, eyes, heart, sleeping disorders, mental issues, high blood pressure if other signs;

YI WEI: metabolism, legs and arms, injury, accident, head, muscles, fingers, spine, face moles or face birth marks, possible problems with alcohol;
BING SHEN: respiratory organs, arms, head, mental issues, hemorrhoids. Bing Shen meets Xin Si: possible problems with arms. If this is day pillar, person can become very sick;
DING YOU: high quality pillar! Minor problems with respiratory organs, arms, teeth, tongue, large intestine, hemorrhoids, possible problems with alcohol, not good in situation of gun fire (hot bullet is like Ding You or Xin Si);
WU XU: high quality pillar! Minor problems with stomach, joints, muscles;
JI HAI: legs, metabolic problems, poisoning, diseases of reproductive organs or infertility;
GENG ZI: reproductive organs;
XIN CHOU: chronic skin or intestinal disease;
REN YIN: high quality pillar! Minor problems with legs, head, ears, hearing or rheumatism. But if Ren Yin is day pillar, immune system is little bit weaker;
GUI MAO: high quality pillar! Minor problems with legs, nails;


JIA CHEN: traffic accidents, injury, metabolism, mental issues, liver, legs and arms, nose, tendons, muscles, face moles or face birth marks, flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases). High blood pressure if other signs;
YI SI: neck, nerves, head, face, eyes, tendons, buttocks, lower back, liver, tendons, mental issues, flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases), possible high blood pressure (if other signs);

BING WU: low quality pillar! Face, small intestine, respiration organs (flue), fever, hearth, eyes, mental issues, possible alcohol problems, sleeping disorder. If this is day pillar, more prone to surgery, injury, accident. If Bing Wu is day pillar, born in winter, person would be chronically sick with very weak immune system;
DING WEI: low quality pillar! Heart problems, possible alcohol problems, sleeping disorder. If this is day pillar, more prone to surgery, injury, accident;
WU SHEN: high quality pillar! Minor problems with skin, nose, voice or metabolism;
JI YOU: high quality pillar! Minor problems with skin, voice and chest;
GENG XU: chronic problems with skin or chest, possible minor issues with head, lungs, mouth, penis, sperm and scrotum;
XIN HAI: high quality pillar! Possible problems with reproductive organs, specially women. Day pillar only: possible some minor chronic problems;
REN ZI: low quality pillar! Possible alcohol problems, depression, urine bladder, ear, hearing, kidney, reproductive organs, head, brains, blood, back, fingers, hands, reproductive organs. If this is day pillar, possible injuries, wounds, surgery, illness. If Ren Zi is day pillar and born in summer, person would be chronically sick with very weak immune system;
GUI CHOU: injury, wounds, surgery (worse if this is day pillar), feet, fingers, hands, weak legs, rheumatism, depression, metabolism, poisoning, infertility;


JIA YIN: high quality pillar! Long life, only minor issues with head, gall, tendons, hairs, navel, eyes or muscles, high blood pressure (if other signs). However, if this is day pillar, born in autumn, these problems can be more serious and can develop in chronic disease and mental issues. If Jia Yin is day pillar, immune system is slightly weaker, smaller possibility for injury in younger days, smaller possibility for injuries of children;

YI MAO: liver, tendons, headaches, feet, possible high blood pressure, muscles, tendons, buttocks, hair, convulsions, fingers, penis, flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases). Some indications for high blood pressure. Immune system is quite strong, unless Yi Mao is day pillar, born in autumn- in this case person is prone to chronic diseases and mental issues;

BING CHEN: nerves, shoulders, high blood pressure (if other signs), mental issues. If this is day pillar: possibility for diabetes;
DING SI: low quality pillar! Chronic illness, mental issues, heart, eyes, tongue, teeth, throat, reproductive organs, fever, high blood pressure (if other signs), hysteria, mental issues. If this is day pillar, prone to injuries, fractures. If Ding Si is the day pillar, born in winter, person would be chronically sick with very weak immune system;
WU WU: chronic sickness of heart, metabolism. If this is day pillar, possible accidents, injuries or surgery;
JI WEI: high quality pillar! Minor problems with spleen, stomach, metabolism, joints, muscles, limbs. But if there is no metal in the pillars, but there is additional earth, immune system is weak. If this is day pillar, minor possibility of accidents, injuries or surgery;
GENG SHEN: large intestine, head, mouth, lungs, navel, penis, sperm and scrotum, depression. If there is conflict with wood element, there could be limb disease, Alzheimer or Parkinson. Immune system is quite good, but if Geng Shen is day pillar, born in spring, person would have weak immune system. If Geng Shen is day pillar on general, immune system is weaker;
XIN YOU: women’s reproductive organs, tongue, teeth, lungs, chest, brain, flower of romance issues (alcohol, sexual diseases). If there is conflict with wood element, there could be limb disease, Alzheimer or Parkinson. Immune system is quite good, but if Xin You is day pillar, born in spring, person would have very weak immune system with chronic sickness;
REN XU: traffic accidents, injury, head, ankle, legs, reproductive organs- disease or infertility, depression;
GUI HAI: low quality pillar! Depression, poisoning, internal injuries, feet, ankles, hands, kidney, ear, reproductive organs- disease or infertility. If this is day pillar, possibility of injuries, fractures, chronic illness.


Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman

Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman/Heavenly Pardon Nobleman (天赦貴人Tiānshè guìrén) or Heavenly Relief Nobleman (天恕貴人 Tiānshù guìrén; Heaven Forgiveness Nobleman, Heaven Leniency Nobleman, Leniency Star) is a special type of stars, used in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman is represented by the whole pillar according to the specific season:

JIA ZI in winter season;

WU YIN in spring season;

JIA WU in summer season;

WU SHEN in autumn season.

So, if one is born during winter and one’s day pillar is Jia Zi, then one has Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman. Other pillars have much weaker effect of the Leniency Star. Heavenly Amnesty Nobleman gives you success from limitations and legal and other problems. With this star you can overcome most of opposition, adversary, limitations… and you will have support from others and opportunity to excel and develop. You can also avoid to be punished for some not so serious crime or your sentence will be very mild. The star is connected also with successful and blessed life.

Most of the whole pillar Shensha are not used in modern Bazi, because their inner logic is not so obvious as Ten Gods concept or as basic Shensha are. The basic logic of this star is in the symbolism of Jia Zi. Zi month is the bottom of the year. In this greatest darkness there is new beginning (yang wood, Jia), the new cycle of life is going to free itself of winter and to become successful later on.  The 60 JiaZi cycle can be corelated with the whole year. Summer solstice is symbolically connected with 31st pillar of Jia Wu. Between the solstices there is Chinese New Year in Yin month. Look at Yin around the 16th pillar of JiaZi cycle. This is Wu Yin (15th pillar). It corresponds to the 45th pillar of Wu Shen in the autumn.

Fortune Star Nobleman

Fortune Star Nobleman (福星貴人 Fúxīng guìrén) is a special type of stars, used in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). The Fortune Star Nobleman is represented by the whole pillar. There are twelve possible Fortune Star Noblemans:













The star is most prominent in the day pillar. However, if you have Fortune Star Nobleman in the other pillars, Nobleman is still present, but less efficient. Fortune Star Nobleman is connected with the inner strength, the possibility to manifest creativity and life power both in the activities and in the hidden potentials. Fortune Star Nobleman also gives public recognition, good life and health. One is given blessings both from the Sky and from the Mother Earth.  

Most of the whole pillar Shensha, including Fortune Star Nobleman, are not used in modern Bazi, because their inner logic is not so obvious as Ten Gods concept or as basic Shensha are.  The basic logic for the Fortune Star Nobleman is creative union between Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth have opposite direction of energy flow and initial creative union is in yang wood sign (the beginning). This is Jia Yin. The opposite flow of Earth is represented in the sequence Yin, Chou, Zi, Hai, Xu, You, Shen, Wei, Wu, Si, Chen, Mao.  The beginning is Jia Yin and the end is Gui Mao. There are twelve places for ten stems. The first stems have the opportunity to duplicate, so the first and the last places are already filled: after Jia Yin, Yi Chou, there come Bing Xu, Ding You, Wu Shen, Ji Wei, Geng Wu, Xin Si, Ren Chen, Gui Mao.

Jia is the beginning, so this option is already consumed. There is no other Jia in the seqence. It is naturally for the fire to have the greatest power to duplicate. The positions of fire are often used by Wu and Ji stem, too. So, what is between Yi Chou and Bing Xu. What are the stems for Zi and Hai? There is Bing Zi in Zi. This is the beginning of the fire, which continues in Bing Xu and Ding You. So, there should be Ding Hai, too? Ding is the ending cycle of fire. But we know that there will be continuation of Bing Xu and Ding You. It is obvious, that only Yi Hai is the correct parameter for Fortune Star Nobleman.

Day Virtue Star

Day Virtue (日德 Rìdé) is a special type of stars, used in Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny). The Day Virtue is represented by the whole pillar. There are only five possible Day Virtue Stars:






The star is most prominent in the day pillar. So, if your day pillar is Jia Yin, Bing Chen, Wu Chen, Geng Chen or Ren Xu, then you have Day Virtue (日德 Rìdé). With this star come inner strength, higher protection, higher blessings, inner purity and compassion. People with this star are kind and charitable, they have good fortune and they bring better fortune to the people around them, too.

Most of the whole pillar Shensha are not used in modern Bazi, because their inner logic is not so obvious as Ten Gods concept or as basic Shensha are. To get the set of Day Virtues, we choose five pure types of heavenly energies. As heaven is yang, the pure representations of five elements are: Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng and Ren. If we want to make sure that these stems become present on Earth, they must become grounded. The natural grounding areas are chosen from the following table:

Jia Yin
Yi Mao
Bing Wu
Ding Si
Wu Chen (later also Xu)
Ji Wei (later also Chou)
Geng Shen
Xin You
Ren Zi
Gui Hai

But the energy flow of Jia Yin, Bing Wu, Wu Chen/Xu, Geng Shen and Ren Zi is not possible as Bing Wu is before Wu Chen. This why we chose Bing Chen instead of Bing Wu. For symmetry we have to chose Geng Chen, also. Ren Zi is in collision with Bing Wu and Ren Xu is in collision with Bing Chen. This why we get Jia Yin, Bing Chen, Wu Chen, Geng Chen or Ren Xu.

Day Virtue