Jupiter Ascending (2105): Grey, Draconian and Pleiadean Entities Revealed!

Jupiter Ascending Scene

The movie scene from the Jupiter Ascending Official Trailer #3 (2015)

A lot of spiritual information is represented in many of the modern sci-fi movies, for ex. The Matrix or Star Wars. Jupiter Ascending is a movie from 2015.

The story goes like this (skip this if you already know it): superhuman aliens under the rule of the leading dynasty of Abrasax control planet Earth and many others and they are harvesting on lower civilizations like Earth, i.e. killing the people to get elixir of youth. Rulers are humanoids and the are helped by warrior draconian race (reptillians). The lower race of Keepers (Greys like creatures) are given the lowest tasks like kidnapping and killing somebody.  The key members of Abrasax dynasty are Balem, Titus and Kalique Abrasax. Balem is wiser, richer, business oriented and older, Titus is more a handsome playboy than a successful businessman and politician, while Kalique as woman is perhaps more warm and emotional. Earthwoman Jupiter Jones is also regarded as member of Abrasax dynasty, because she is recognized to be reincarnation of the Queen of the Universe, the mother of Balem, Titus and Kalique. Violence and brutality are common among Abrasax members. Dynasty controls various humanoid planets and when the population reaches the appropriate number, the population is harvested, i.e. killed to be a source of elixir of youth.

These are the conscious or subconscious spiritual massages of the movie:

-There are three aspects of synthetic “alien” reality: Keepers, reptilians and Pleiadean humanoids;

The Keepers are Grey aliens. They are the lowest in the alien hierarchy, they can be violent, they torture humans with medical procedures, they are kidnapping them etc.;

Draconian Aliens are winged reptilians and they are higher in the hierarchy. They are brutal warriors;

Pleiadean Aliens aka humanoid Aliens are human-like beings. They represent themselves as kind, seductive and sweet at first, but under this cover they are brutal and selfish.

Humanoid Aliens feed on humans while washing themselves in the elixir of youth. This is a representation of what the entities do: they harvest on the victim’s energy field.

Mother Queen or Seraphi Abrasax and her reincarnation in the form of Jupiter Jones is good and warmhearted. In its late version of Seraphi and in the life of Jupiter it represents the organic darkness (feminine power), which is good (compare these to synthetic light of Titus and Kalique and synthetic darkness of Balem).

Balem Abrasax, Emperor of the House of Abrasax is a negative representation of synthetic or parallel reality and acts like negative aspects of Varuna or Veles and like Jewish Satan. He is openly emotional, brutal and dark. Balem killed Mother Queen- This is why symbolism of organic darkness (David star, Flower of Life) becomes a symbolism of Satan’s Flower of Life. Be careful with these symbols! His name can be (deliberately or subconsciously) connected with kanaanite Baal, but also with Irish evil Balor or even with Slavic Veles.

Titus Abrasax is Balem’s brother. He is like a handsome and seductive representation of artificial light. He is close to the Jewish representation of Lucifer and perhaps to negative aspect of the Greek Apollo. His name is connected with with evil meaning, because it is (deliberately or subconsciously) connected to Titus, a Roman general and later an emperor, who a destroyed  the Temple of Jerusalem. He and his father Vespasian were both called Titus Flavius Vespazianus and both of them could be connected with the number 666, which is the number of the beast, and with belief that Neron (666) had risen again.

Kalique Abrasax, Balem and Titus’s sister is synthetic creature, too, perhaps (?) like the Greek Artemis. Her name can be connected to Indian goddess Kali, the “negative” aspect of Goddess.

Caine Wise, a genetically engineered soldier is a half human and half canine, and he helps Jupiter Jones. Canine nature is connected with synthetic aspects of darkness (like wolf Fenrir in Norse myths and more positive Yarilo, the wolf shepherd among the Slavs, who returns into the world of living, organic).

Stinger Apini is half human and half honeybee. Bee was a symbol of Artemis.

The overall scene is pretty dark and synthetic! The movie reveals the true nature of many “Aliens”, which are in fact geocentric projections. This the old story of evil spirits. It also speaks the truth about the Pleiadean entities, which are actually the powerfull demons and spirits (all these don’t mean that there are no true Pleiadeans, by the way): they want to feed on our energy. They are sweet and kind in order to fool us.

There are also two misinformation in the movie:

Organic Earth is not the most important planet of Pleiadean-Reptilian-Grey entities: it is probably the ONLY one they have!

Harvesting is happening every day. The people find this spiritual truth in meditations and in the long spiritual journey. But many people which are not mentally balanced can get into the contacts with them trough the worlds of hallucinations, mixed with strange, but true experiences.  The various rituals of exorcism can help with the greys and reptilians, but they are more or less ineffective with Pleiadean entities, because of the limits of the magic.


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Bringers of Dawn- Pleiadeans as “Luciferian” Archons?

In the year 1992 an influential new-age book was written by Barbara Marciniak. It was named “Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians” (Inner Traditions/ Bear & Company, 1992). Many people believe that the messages from this book have been channeled from true Pleiadeans, i.e. aliens from the Pleiades star cluster within our galaxy.

All advanced civilizations have higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, compassion, better health, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy. In every advanced civilization there is pretty the same mixture of this abilities and characteristics. This is because they have no big limitations and polarities. There are no wars. But the space is differently observed from geocentric attitude, where humans can put dualistic projections of archetypes into different part of the sky, (co)creating the entities, which reveal themselves as (fake) aliens, sometimes fighting each other. I have discussed all this in one of my previous post.

So, when there are voices, channeled messages from the “aliens” and other beings from other dimensions, one should be extra careful not to be influenced by the false light entities! Here are some signals of false light teachings in the book of Barbara Marciniak:

  1. Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades are mentioned as important star systems. There is no special information about the nature of these civilizations. The lizard beings (reptilians), insect beings and bird beings are also mentioned among the cosmic civilizations as creator gods. However, only the Pleiadeans and reptilians are mentioned in greater details. Pleiadeans are described as our helpers, teachers of healthy life, as beings, full of light, awareness and love and reptilians are described as civilization of domination, chaos and fear. This is strong evidence, that we are probably dealing with geocentric projections, with entities and not with real aliens.
  2. There was a great war 300.000 year ago between the creator gods according to the book. Reptilians/lizzies won this war and they have brought suffering and chaos on the planet Earth. This is further evidence of probable false light manipulation: very advanced civilizations do not play the war games. Even the humans in deep relaxation become more protected. Three of my friends were attacked by the dog and the dog couldn’t do anything. I know the person, who was attacked by the bear and the bear stopped the attack, when this person went into the altered state of consciousness. One of my friend was attacked by a bully and the attacker was unable to make more than just a slight kick. All these were only the people. Do not underestimate the supercivilizations! They have nothing to do with wars. War between the creator gods is probably the war masquerade, starred by various entities from the parallel, dualistic (“artificial”, “synthetic”) worlds.
  3. The book is full of warnings about the near future reptilian invasion of planet Earth, bringing new slavery unless stopped by the light workers. Not only the spiritual call, but also the fear, angry and rebellious reactions could be provoked by these claims. So, this is probably not a pure knowledge.
  4. The information that our DNA is going to evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes is also offered in the book. It is also claimed that these helixes are connected with 12 chakras. The 12-strand DNA approaches are connected with archonic/demonic teachings, based on qabalah and kathara disinformation. If the book contains such material, it is probably connected with some false light energy. The book has probably influenced 12 chakras approaches with seven basic chakras plus five transpersonal chakras ending with the so called “Central Sun”. However, there are many more trans-personal chakras out there and also many sub-personal chakras, too.
  5. The name of the book is about the “bringers of the dawn“. In old mythologies the bringer of the dawn was planet Venus. This” star” is brilliant and eclipses all other stars and planets on the sky, but it is invisible in the night. From these basics one special aspect of Venus mythology was developed. This is the story of ambition and punishment, about the star, which wanted to be the number one among the sky entities, but was punished by supreme god. This bringer of the dawn was called Helel among the Hebrews, Eosphoros (“dawn-bringer”) among the Greeks and Lucifer (“light- bringer”) among Romans. So, Pleiadeans as bringers of the dawn, if they are just false Pleiadean entities, could also be named “Luciferians”.

I believe that many statements in this book are O.K. But I think that there are strong warning signals, too. Signals, that the book probably promotes some false light knowledge. Sumerians believed, that Pleiades were connected with seven demons, bound to these stars. The demons were called “The Seven”, Sebēttu. The Book of Enoch also explains, that over the abyss, at the end of the world, there are seven stars and the angels told to Enoch that certain fallen angels were to be bound to those stars, because of their mingling with women on earth. If you work with Pleiadeans, you should check if their teachings and symbols are actually connected to the powerful entities, leading you astray.

The Limits of the Magic

The Magic uses mind and body. God uses inner stillness and Oneness. Magic uses symbols and archetypes, affirmations and visualizations and also special types of breathing control. It also uses types of body treatment, body gestures and body movements and sound therapy. Today there are many modalities, using Bioenergetics, Healings etc… but they are actually just a modern form of magic. Sometimes the plant or animal medicine is used for cleansing and for getting visions, too, and such a medicine is used as traditional tool to transcendent the magic itself at the same time.

All the people make gestures, mind focus etc… This is a spontaneous magic. But a concentrated magic, used by magicians, is a large battlefield. One can choose the sides. Whatever side one chooses, one gets their own protection from the world of deviated entities. The world of the entities is influenced and led by the rule of the archons aka archdemons, together with Satan, Ahriman, Vritra, Set … – however you call him/her. There are two departments of Satan’s “multinational company”. One of them could be called “Department of Suffering and Death” and the other one could be called Luciferian “Department of False Love and False Light.”

The entities are playing the games with us. If one choses the side of “Department of Suffering and Death”, one will get protections and help from dragons, reptilians, trolls, devils, greys, lords of fear etc. One will be given such a help in exchange for one’s own light energy or for any type of the energy of someone else (human or animal sacrifice).

If one choses “Department of False Love and False Light,” one will be got help and protection from the false angels, fake Arcturians, fake Pleiadeans, fake fairies etc…

Apart from the concentrated magic, spontaneous magic is far less dangerous. All the people do it and there are many paleolithic practices:

  • Burning the fire brings in the concept of light against darkness. Burning the fire will help in the battle against reptilians, devils etc.
  • Sitting in the circle brings in the symbol of the circle, the symbol of unity. Sitting around the fire strengthen the magic of the fire
  • Sending a guardian to protect the camp is magic in itself. This is the archetype of protection.
  • Building a tent or a house brings in the archetype of protected and safe area, again. In Mesolithic or Neolithic fences duplicate this archetype.
  • The wilderness has an archetype of potential danger. It is even more dangerous in the night, in the fog and in the storm weather.

All these basics of magic have been used for eons. It works because of the power of the people to produce projections. When projections and fragmentations became independent, these are called (deviated) entities aka bad energy.

These entities are built on human archetypes. And this is why magicians discovered the ways how to be protected from “Department of Suffering and Death”. Humans are sometimes attacked. If the beast attacks the animal or human being, then all the others are safe. This is why black sorcerer aka magician of the “Department of Suffering” will offer an animal or human sacrifice in order to safe his/her client. Humans are also attacked by mosquitos, but the smoke will protect them. This is why the entities of the “Department of Suffering” would dislike smoke, specially from palo santo, white sage etc. These entities are in disharmony. They also don’t like harmonic fragrances. For example, they don’t like agua de florida.  Strong sounds are disliked by those entities, too. They shake your body and mind. The sound is an archetype of light, of disclosure. This is why “Department of Suffering” dislikes friendly gongs, drums and bells. But be careful about that who is the drummer: enemies also use drums and this is another archetype.

However, any victory over “Department of Suffering” is only temporary, because the Beast is not defeated only by these procedures. The supreme forces of duality and spiritual darkness have another department, “Department of False Love and False Light.” In human world, there are hidden domestic enemies. Persons, living in the same house or in the neighborhood. People pretending to be nice. Pretending to love someone. They sit in the same circle. They could have function of guardian. They could burn the protecting fire. So, the entities like false light beings and even the entities of the false Oneness facade (false light angels, most of the ascended masters, many fairies, fake Arcturians, fake Pleiadeans, fake Andromedans etc…) could not be disclosed and defeated by using fire, offerings, drums, gongs, palo santo, sage, agua de florida and similar protections. A human can decide to live with the hidden enemy inside one’s tribe. This is why even a strong medicine and the drums or gongs will not necessary help against such entities. So, you can stay under the influence of the false reality. There are ways to figure out if one is exposed to these entities.

The choice between the two departments is no true choice (yes, in this life it is maybe better to chose Department of False Love and False Light, as positive energy has more healing and harmonic effects; but what is going on after death?). When one is overburden with reptilian and devil entities and with the health problems, it is good to use some classical protections. But there is a greater road ahead.  Let’s try to find the way out of this battle! Let’s search for Oneness, Inner strenght and the True God!

Aliens vs. Entities (Again)

In history many entities, spirits pretended to be the angels. But in the last 45 years alien agenda has become very popular, too. Erik von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Star wars, Star Trek, E.T… Popular culture was in search of the aliens. New age spirituality followed these themes. J.J. Hurtak spoke about Arcturians, Orion, circumpolar civilizations… Drunvalo Melchizedek spoke about Sirians… Barbara Marciniak specialized on Pleiadeans…

How to distinguish between aliens and Fake aliens aka astral entities? Tolstoy once said something like this: the happy families are similar to each other, but each of the unhappy families is unhappy in its own way. All advanced civilizations have higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, intelligence, love, compassion, better health, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy. In every advanced civilization there is pretty the same mixture of this abilities and characteristics. This is because they have no big limitations and polarities. There are no wars.

But the space is differently observed from geocentric attitude. We (and our entities) put the archetypes in the sky! We use archetypical connection between the light and goodness and between the darkness and evil. This is similar to the concepts of east and west in mythology. The east is connected with the rising Sun and with the force of life. The west is connected with the evening and death. People normally don’t make such conclusions that all the people, living west of one’s home, are evil, and that all the people, living east of one’s home are good and kind. This is just NOT TRUE! For the same reason the geocentric model does not work in space!!! It works only in our fairytales! Geocentric approach is a fake one!

In geocentric model our subconsciousness follows the elements, too. Water gives birth to the wood (air), wood (air) gives birth to the fire in culmination, fire gives birth to the ashes (earth), and earth gives birth to the metal/ minerals… This is the cycle of five elements, used in Traditional Chinese medicine, Daoism and Qigong.

From the geocentric view, there are many northern hemisphere stars in darkness, going from the longitude of Orion to the longitudes of Scorpio. This is water area and evil zone, i.e. the zone of reptilians and greys. But there is one strong light in the water and this is Arcturius. Water is wisdom, awareness and communication, so fake Arcturians (entities) pretend to be our wise guardians of the portals of communication.

After water there is wood and wood is like the tree or pillar. The tree reaches Polaris and circumpolar constellations. So, the wood is connected with Polaris. Rotation brings in the circle and spiral, two aspects of the metal element. Metal is also breathing. So, the reptilian and other entities of Polaris pretend to be our helpers in breathing exercises.

After wood there is fire. Fire is concentration of stars, it is the Milky Way. The prenatal positions is strong light in front of the Milky Way. This is Vega and this is Andromeda, too. Spirituality and friendship are represented here. Dark side is stronger in Lyra than in Andromeda. So, entities, who pretend to be Andromedans, are more spiritual and kind than those in Lyra and Vega, where one would expect the attack of Darkness… Water and fire are artistic, but Vega is connected more with classic music (water). When we reach Milky Way from Vega, we descend into Sagittarius and the horizon. This is the archetype of Vegans, the “ancestors” of humankind.

Pleiades are a Group of the stars in our Galaxy in the “fire region”. A group is an archetype, with the  meaning of collaboration, collective spirit and friendship. They are like traveling  to the Milky Way, there is also the link to spirituality and love. Pleiades are like one (1), like a group harmony (3) going into the fire of the Milky way (7). So, there is an archetype of Love in the numbers 1, 3 and 7. Fake Pleiadeans are among higher hierarchy of the Luciferian forces, because they are built on the symbolism of 111 (triangle symbol), already mentioned numbers 1, 3 and 7 and the God’s and Lucifer’s Flower of Life.

For more details on these entities look at my previous post The Aliens, “Cosmic Entities” and Invisible Worlds. Some entities pretend to be non-human looking aliens like felines, carians or reptilians. All these shapes are already present in the Satan’s Flower of Life. Now let’s see differences between the “alien” entities and possible true aliens:

  • The most important difference is that highly developed aliens know NO WARS, NO ADVERSARIES, because they are protected by spiritual energies. Developing civilizations with advanced technology and weak spirituality are extremely rare as they are more or less destroyed by the laws of the spiritual nature. I was given a few moments in my spiritual training when I was full of love. I was given many moments, when I was relaxed. When the man is really relaxed, he starts to receive and starts to recognize warnings, sent from the invisible worlds. When a man in very relaxed state is attacked, the attacker, man or the animal, loose his/its power, because the attacked one is protected by spiritual energies. The attacker didn’t kick, the animal didn’t bite. I have seen some cases with my own eyes. And vice versa. When one is full of imbalanced ego, one is getting health, relationship or financial tests. So, when you read about cosmic battles in Orion, about the falling civilization of Draconians, fled to the circumpolar stars, about the wars of Arcturians with reptilians or greys, about the wars between Pleiadeans and reptilians… this is just a fake theater of entities, led by the archons, i.e. archdemons.
  • Some entities are telling to the people, that they will eat some of human bioenergy, but they will also bring some help. Why should the alien do that? Why should the alien from remote star come to us to be a vampire, eating the energy of humans?
  • And here are some other differences:





Healers, higher awareness, guardians of portals and communications between the people and aliens.




higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy
POLARIS and around





Masters of breathing exercises, masters of karma, astrology and balance. Probably ambitious and dictatorial. Many of them are reptilian entities.




higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy





Friendship, music,  some of them are felines, but some of them have human outlook and are represented as the ancestors of humans on Earth




higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy





Love, harmony, helpers, healers, friends, artistic nature,  light body. Most of them have human outlook. Small part of them deviated to reptilian side.




higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy





Light body, Christ, first levels of oneness. One good party (human looking and felines) and one bad party (carians and reptilians).



higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy





Spirituality, love, slightly different from human outlook.




higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy





Oneness, mastership, highest powers, felines and aquatic intelligence. There is also one dark reptilian party.




higher wisdom, higher knowledge, higher abilities, higher awareness, harmony, intelligence, love, friendship, compassion, better health, healing ability, creativity, relaxed behavior, full of peace, happiness and joy


On the 12 and 13 Strand DNA Mysticism and 22 Types of “Alien Gens” in Our DNA

Over 13 years ago I have been in the company of a friend, who was a genetic scientist. She explained to me, that relaxation, love and positive attitude work for the positive programming of DNA, with result in good physical and mental health, while negative thoughts and strong emotions work for the negative programming of DNA, with result in physical or mental problems.

What has this to do with the new age stuff? During the last 30 years the idea of 12 strand DNA has been propagated by many peope. Among them Eric Pearl (The Reconnection), Jasmuheen (Breatharians), Simone M. Matthews (Crystal Light Healing), Irving Feurst (Energy Blessing from the Stars; Huna) etc. Around 2010 Anya Petrovic (Tesla Metamorphosis) has spoken on 13 strand DNA.

Scientific researches have shown that great majority of DNA is actually a “junk DNA”. Later it has been proposed that great majority of this junk DNA was an intelligent combination of codon sequences that spoke something simmilar to genetic language. But everything else in the New Age is just a mysticism, based on Qabalah, the Flower of Death and/or the Satan’s Flower of Life and it’s Metatron’s Cube!

There really are some rare people among us, born with more physical strands of DNA than just the two.  This is seen as undesired or questionable deviation from the general scheme. But most of spiritual workers think that 12 DNA strands (or at least 10 of them) are found on the astral or higher levels, not on the level of physical body. What are the spiritual arguments for these claims?

We can use the Satan’s Flower of Life to get 12 connections, representing 12 strands. The first level is found in the “Seed of Life” (6 links in black and 6 links in blue for 12 strands) inside the Flower of Life:

Seed- FOL and 12

We can also use the links inside Metatron’s Cube for the two types of 12 “strands”. The first one uses the same logic as that one, found in the Seed of Life (6 links in black and 6 links in blue for 12 strands):

Metatron's Cube and 12 a

The other one uses the links, which are just like rays, going out (6 links in black and 6 links in blue for 12 strands):

Metatron's Cube and 12 b

One or another representation can be used as an explanation for spiritual layers of DNA. According to Irving Feurst there are 12 aspects of the subtle DNA, but the people confused these 12 aspects with physical strands. (Irving Feurst: “Energy Blessing from the Stars”).

Instead of pairs we can count the spheres in Metatron’s Cube. In one system each physical strand is represented by one sphere – the two physical strands, which create the double helix, represent the unity between two spheres. Other 11 spheres are just 11 subtle bodies of DNA. When the energy in particular subtle body circles around the two physical strands, this creates the feeling, that there is a subtle strand spiraling around the physical strands.

Metatron's Cube and 12 c

This approach is used by the Crystal Light Healing and by its founder Simone M. Matthews. She explains, that the appearance of 12 strands may result as a holographic phenomenon when viewing the energetic bodies of DNA remotely. Simone M. Matthews also offers her own public visual explanation of her system of two strands + 11 subtle layers:

At last there is Anya Petrovic with the channeled messages from the “alien” entity Estella. Estella explains that there is possibility to regain 13 strand DNA. Our known double helix is explained as just one remaining strand. The system is developed from the idea of 12 strand DNA and it fits well with 13 spheres of Metatron’s Cube:

Metatron's Cube and 12 d

So, there are obviously many ways how to link 12 (or 13) strand DNA with Metatron’s Cube and the Seed of Life and it is very probable, that all these different explanations are bilt upon the initial New Age mythology. So, what are the origins of 12 strand DNA ideology? For this explanation one must be familiar with the foundatons of Qabalah. Qabalah Tree of Life (Etz haChayim) is a distorted form of the Kathara of Death. Here we can see the Kathara of Death, which has 12 centers, and which is a part of the Flower of Death:

Square Kathara with the Tree of Death

While Qabalah Tree of Life (I call it the Tree od Death) can be put on the Satan’s Flower of Life, too, it is found at the center of this flower as imperfect Kathara. Qabalah Tree of Life/Death has closer connection with perfect Kathara of Death and the Flower of Death. But it doesn’t use two centers (i.e. the upper center and Da’at):

Square Kathara with the Deviated Tree of Death

Qabalah Tree of Life/Death is a distorted representation of numeric symbolism based on the Satan’s Flower of Life and on the Flower of Death, and it has 10 prominent centers. While the lowest center (Kingdom aka Malkuth) represents the physical world, it is the energy center, which is the origin of the physical world and not the physical world itself. So, beyond physical level of double helix, there are 10 subtle Qabalah aspects of DNA. If particular subtle aspect is explained as the subtle strand, we suddenly get 12 strand DNA. This 12 strand DNA then fits with Metatron’s Cube as it was already seen.

If we take 10 centers as the representation of 10 subtle strands, there are 22 subtle pathways, which enables one to travel between such “strands”. These 22 subtle pathways correspond to 22 letters of Jewish alphabet, and they are the roads, where energy and entities could travel. We are dealing with Satan’s Flower of Life and with the Flower of Death! The subtle energies in these two systems are not angels, symbolically (or really?) they are various entities under the rule of Archons together with Satan, and which often represent themselves as Aliens. That is why many new-agers claim, that our genes have 22 types of alien genetic material. For entities the Alien agenda  is very popular these days. Once upon they liked to be fake angels. Today often also like to be fake Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Andromedans, Sirians etc…

All this staff about 12 or 13 strand DNA and 22 types of alien genetic material are funny mysticism at its best or they are the portals, which enable archons and other entities of the parallel worlds to feed on your body, your Inner child and your soul. The researcher who can find these answers is you! The problem with the entities can be found in their way of manipulation. If you have 100 units of energy and you use only 30 units, the entities can be useful in enabling you to use 70 units of your energy. The problem is, that they can steal 30 units of energy from you. And what if you need all 100 units of energy in the long term?! I think that there is only a little possibility that working on 12 strand DNA and 22 alien genetic structure will cause positive programming of genes. It is very possible, that there can be many negative programs behind this scene.

The Story of the Aliens

Important information: The staff about good and bad cosmic forces are actually projections of entities aka synthetic matrix from the geocentric surroundings of the human beings, and then projected on the Cosmic levels, based on the archetypes of light and darkness. Even when they can be traced in the Flower of Life. However, the texts on the “Aliens” will remain as they are written, because these “Cosmic entities” are still the astral reality of our planet and humankind. All advanced supercivilizations are either ignorant of us, or they are our invisible protectors. In supercivilizations there are no wars, no poverty, they are protected by the great Divine. Afterall my new insights show me, that there is no hell (represented only as a point compared to the other parts of the Flower of Life, so there is no foundation!) (this information was added on 2017/11/01).

Many contradicting information about some types of civilizations are published, for example about positivity or negativity of Greys. I have spent many years studying Chinese metaphysic and recently got some knowledge on number codes and Universal connections with our dimension on the planet Earth. It must be stressed that many civilizations have no access to our plane and our location, because their portals are closed.

With this knowledge and with some limited spiritual experiences I can tell my own story about the Alien life which has some influence on our planet and our dimension. However, some interesting information is taken from other sources, which couldn’t be confirmed by my research. In this case the text is colored in brown color. Some minor additions in green color have been added on January 5th 2017. Fairies, deities and angels are not mentioned here as they are special type of beings. But in some broader sence they actually are Aliens, too. I will write about them in the separate blog.

In my system the world of Atziluth (World of Emanation) is the world, whic offers the bridge between unity and oneness on one side and duality on the other. One step lower there is Briah (World of Creation). In this two worlds there live some super-beings, which could be called gods and angels, but are perhaps something different.

Our 3D world has dimensional proximity to the Yetzirah (World of Creativity) and most of aliens, connected to our planet and to our plane) are coming from this world (which is going from 5D up to 8D).

For interesting matches between the Flower of Life (the type here is the Satan’s Flower of Life, but I was not aware of it until the end of december 2018!) and Aliens (Felines, Carians and Reptilian) you can visit another post Concept of Love, Aliens and Flower of Life. (This information was added on 2017/0January/08)


Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah as part of Flower of Life.

Genetics teaches us that reptilians and insects have developed from aquatic ancestor, birds and mammals have developed from reptilians and humans have developed from monkeys. But from spiritual point of view the breeding with information and Light from Yetzirah and higher worlds cause genetic development (evolution) in our dimensions.  While humans and other mammals have developed from reptilians according to genetic history of our planet, information and Light, which have initiated human species on Earth, had come from totally different Universal source than information and Light, which have initiated reptilian species on Earth. And information and Light, which have initiated reptillian species on Earth, had come from quite different Universal source than information and Light, which have initiated bird species on Earth.

1. Origins with Carians and Felines

Universal story goes like this. For our planet the core energetic influence is coming from Orion Constellation. This is the constellation, which emanates galactic information of oneness and unity and galactic information of creating the duality in Atziluth. The force, which is called Lucifer or Vritra has brought a huge rebellion in the galaxy. This rebellion in Atziluth formed lower worlds of Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah (3D and 4D worlds) and even Lower Planes (1D and 2D). From our perspective the fallen races were composed mainly from “Bird-like intelligent and spiritually developed beings”, called Carians. But their original form in Atziluth could be quite different. They can be seen in our dimensions and in our matrix as “Bird-like creatures”. These Carians have never lived lower than 5D and they are normally found in 12D or in higher dimensions.  Their power has been established in many regions of galaxy, but the darkness zones of circumpolar regions are those, which have important influence on our plane and our planet. Carians are able to feed on negative emotions of lower races.


Egyptian god Raa, depicted as Carian. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

“Furred predator-like intelligent and spiritually developed beings” have been found in the opposite camp, led by one super-being, known as Michael or Trita. “Furred predator-like intelligent and spiritually developed beings” are fighting with Carians. In the higher levels these beings are winged. It is claimed by many sources, that these beings are mainly composed of those ones, which resemble lions and other big cats, sometimes with humanoid body. So they are called Felines. I have seen such cat-like humanoid in my meditations, too.  So, from our perspective these higher races were composed mainly from “Furred intelligent and spiritually developed beings”, called Felines. But their original form in Atziluth could be quite different. They can be seen in our dimensions and in our matrix as Felines. Felines are able to feed on positive emotions of lower races. Those, who live on higher planes regions of Orion and Lyra and those who live on higher and medium planes of Sirius, have portals for connection with planet Earth, which are opened.


Winged white lion as example for Sirian Felines. Source of the picture: here.

Carians and Felines have spirituality, strongly connected with breathing techniques on general, but those from Atziluth and Briah practice relaxation with Emptiness for most of the time. Felines from Orion and Sirius are connected with the mantras of Divine Oneness and with sacred sounds, produced by gongs, bells and Tibetan bowls.  Some civilizations of Polar star and its surroundings and all high Civilizations of Orion and Sirius (Feline, Carian, Reptilian) could be connected with circling magical sealings (like axiatonal Cocoon), spiraling magical sealings (like Cho Ku Rei or spiral Dai Ko Myo in Reiki) or “rotation” dance of Sufies or Dervishes.

2. Development in the fallen races: Reptilians and Greys

Under Carian surveillance or even exactly by them another race has been developed: that of Reptilians. The main cosmic portals for connection of Reptilians with planet Earth lie in Draco constellation. Tendency to rebel against any supervisor or authority is even more visible in Reptilians than in Carians. So Reptilians rebelled against the Carians and they rule the dark regions in Yetzirah and even some lower planes in Briah, including some regions on Orion and Sirius. The higher races of Reptilians are winged and they are called Draconians or Dragons. They live mainly in Briah and they are extremely independent, intelligent, technically advanced, scientific and dictatorial by their own nature.  Lower Reptilian races (at least in Yetzirah) are mainly not winged, they are more humanoid and they are “more benevolent” than Dragons. They are still dark and evil. Many people see these beings in their meditations. Reptillians are very good in breathing exercises and their spirituality likes to use breathing control even on the higher dimensions.


Reptoid according to arcturi.com

There are also lower humanoid dark races. They were created by Reptillans or they have been created under supervision of Reptilians. Some sources claim that these humanid dark races (from Yetzirah or even Assiah) represent quite positive civilizations, but this is not true. Their basic information codes are connected with the fallen races. Many people see these beings in their meditations as “Greys”. I see them, too. On the other side there are some spiritually developed Reptilians and perhaps even some Greys, which are benevolent. But here we are talking only about individuals, not about whole races, which still remain dark races.

Greys have no central power and they don’t have as strong rebellious spirit as Reptilians have.  But they were created with extremely disbalanced ego, they produce very evil and dark emotions and Reptilians are fed on these frequencies. They live in many regions of Universe and those who live in regions without strong Light, have portals for connections with planet Earth, which are opened. It seems that the Greys influenced mythological stories of dwarfs, trolls and demons. They are technically advanced but not so strongly as Reptilians and Arcturians. I have reach history of contacts with them during my meditations. However one should be very cautious, because these races are not benevolent. Some people said that their origin is in Zeta Reticulum, but I can’t confirm this information. Some people say that there are two types of Greys and that at least one type has no sexual organs (living as clones), but I can’t confirm this information either. I also can’t confirm successful rebellion against Reptilians. Be carefull, they are not benevolent races.


One type of Greys. Source: here.

Reptilians and Greys from Orion and Sirius are connected with Luciferian mantras for building their own spirituality. Draconians from the regions around Polar star are connected with those spiritualities, which focus on balancing too much. Subpolar civilizations rules over karma of Humans which live on planet Earth. Because of this influence one should give many blessings to his/her surrounding and one should also look for love and gratitude in order to overcome the burden of karma. It is also possible that some higher levels of Polar star are still connected to Carians, but also to Felines, too.

There are some rumors that Reptilians have created our civilizations a long time ago and that they are coming back to make us their slaves again. This causes unnecessary  stress.  I can’t confirm this information anyway… Some Reptilian influences on Earth history are possible. History of religions shows great influence of reptilian symbolism. However, Retilian and Grey civilizations are based on negative emotions. So, if you don’t like to be exposed, the best solution is not to be scared or even horrified. The best solution is to be positive and connected with your higher self, while rooted to the mother Earth. Positive attitude and Love help to  close portals for Reptilians and Greys and help to open portals for Pleiadeans, Arcturians and Felines. So- instead of being scared and instead of waiting for some heroes to defend you, the real answer is always inside you! It always has been.

3. Development of the mixed (Light and Darkness) races: Humans,  Arcturians and Conic race

Our world level is strongly fixed to the Constellation of Sagittarius. Higher prenatal frequencies are coming from Lyra Constellation, specialy from Vega. So Vega can be seen as higher homeland of the Human matrixes. First humans were born somewhere in higher plains. And from that plains Vega is the strongest portal for connection with planet Earth. As Lyra and Vega are mainly under the control of Felines, Felines are either creators of Humans or they have had some supervision over the process of creation of the Humans. Unfortunately Vega and Lyra are strongly influenced by the Darkness and hence Humans are the races of mixed influence– having many negative traits but also many benevolent traits.  Humans on Vega are higher Human race. Together with Lyran Felines they are more musical (this is not just a Greek myth) and Lyran Humans are more spiritual. Some people say that Vega Human civilization has been completely destroyed by the force of Darkness (Reptilians and Greys), but I can’t confirm this information. But I can confirm that this is possible. Through the portals on Vega Human coding reaches the planet Earth and some other zones and this signal or even physical visit has influenced the evolution of Humans on the planet Earth and some other regions in Sagittarius, Aquilla, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus Constellation. Humans, who possess portals for connections with planet Earth, which are opened, are mainly found in the Taurus constellation and strongest portals are found in Hyades and Pleiades.

Hyadean civilizations, which have portals for connection with the planet Earth, which are opened, are similar to our civilization. They are Human race between lower and higher type. Comparing with planet Earth there is less negativity, there is stronger collectivism, more caring society, more intuition, a lot of knowledge. They are spiritually inclined and scientific at the same time and their societies are much wealthier than ours. Like Pleiadeans Hyadeans are connected with Light bodies on general and with potentials of multiplication of galactic body, but to much lesser extent, so they are probably connected with basics of genetics, too.


Pleiadean depicted as Nordic Alien. Source: here

Pleiadean civilizations, which have those portals for connection with our planet, which are opened, are very advanced. They are a higher Human race, very similar to Vegans/Lyrans. They also have very strong collectivity, they practice love, acceptance and friendship, they practice their life force (qi, prana) to the levels of mastership and they study many healing arts. Pleiades are connected with artistic potentials, with some longitudinal axiatonal lines of beings from the planet Earth and with axiatonal triangulations and with Light bodies on general. Pleiadeans are connected with potentials of multiplication of galactic body, so they are probably connected with basics of genetics, too. In Greek mythology Pleiades are connected with sorrow, but this is far from truth. Pleiadeans are often depicted as Nordic Aliens. Is this true or just racial prejudice, projected into the Universe? Unfortunately I have no visual contact with Pleiadeans, although I have spiritual connection with them at least from the summer 2016.

Conic race (“Martians”, simmilar to Mr. Spock from the Star Trek) could live In Capricorn and some other zones. They could or could not be connected with Humans. I have found no information on these races, but I have spiritually seen them in my meditations. To my surprise very famous axiatonal spirituality has shown up as demonic one in my research and the master of this spirituality is obsessed with demons which are “Martian type”or “Conic type” of Aliens. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of this spirituality or the name of this master, because I could be sued for such claims. So, be careful and listen to your heart.(this info has been added on 2017/03/12)


My vision of Arcturian.

Arcturians are local civilization in Bootes. Only on the planets of Arcturius there are  portals of this type of civilization for connections with planet Earth, which are opened. I have seen Arcturians as long headed beings with black eyes and almost white and shiny skin. But some people see them with greenish-blue skin.  Arcturians are civilization of wisdom, beauty and they are technically advanced at the same time. Arctiurians are also very intelligent race and they have large knowledge on genetics. They are also connected with some longitudinal axiatonal lines for living beings from the planet Earth. Arcturians are masters of metamorphosis from darkness into the light. They live in the lower dimensions of Yetzirah, but at the same time they are spiritually very developed. Edgar Cayce claimed that they belonged to 5D reality. They are said to open portals for spiritual journeys for Humans, which live on planet Earth, but I can’t confirm that. It seems possible that Reptilian portals have independent access to planet Earth. But Arcturians are definitely the force, which opens benevolent portals for our planet (for Sirians and Pleiadeans for example). They practice connection with Pure Consciousness/Pure Awareness, they work with primordial Energy (Shakti) and Love and they practice relaxation in Pure Emptiness instead of breathing control in order to balance their mind. In this way they get deep spiritual insights and get opportunity to reincarnate in higher civilizations. I have no information if these higher civilizations are of Arcturian type or not and where they have developed. Arcturians are still working on their ego, which creates them wishes to be respected.


Common outlook of Arcturian according to arcturi.com

4. Some hard to know civilizations: Andromedans, Mantils, Aquatic civilizations

Many people claim that Andromedans really exist. Andromedans are possible civilization, existence of which could not be confirmed by my research. But on the other side this civilization is possible according to my observations of elements and symbolism. If it exists, Andromedans are pattern cousins of Humans, but they are races of Light and not the mixed races. If they exist they are on the higher level of development, compared to Lyrans. Energies from Andromeda represent pure natural spiritual balance and love.


Andromedan According to Higher Desity Blog.

Mantils are energy pattern, which could be found away from the strong Light systems, but not in circumpolar regions and probably not on the northern stellar hemisphere.  Most suitable regions are in southern parts of Aquarius and in Cetus or in southern parts of Virgo and in Crater. Some people speaks about Sombrero galaxy in the southern Virgo as origin of Mantils- this is possible, but I can’t confirm this information.

Aquatic civilizations are common on binary stars, above all in the darker regions of Universe. Some of these civilisations are connected with energies of the fallen race, but some of them are benevolent. It is said that some (benevolent?) aquatic civilization lives on Sirius.

Cho Ku Rei as a Symbol for Axiatonal Balancing and Sealing

Cho Ku Rei is a well known Reiki symbol and one with the most powerful information. If we look at the following picture, we see how this symbol is composed of a spiral (green) and two linear lines (in red and blue). Upper line and spiral are pointed at the opposite directions (arrows) and this causes rubbing within the light, information and message flow and results in energy production. When upper line and spiral are pointed at the same direction, symbol looses much of its power. Spiral flows into the middle- it gathers energy! Symbol contains closed, protected area (depicted as yellow surface) for protection and reaches up to three arches on each side (numbered 1, 2 and 3):


According to the Chinese doctrine of Five elements (wu xin) spiral of this symbol can rotate in both directions. It is thought by Chinese Five element theory, that everything in nature grow, reach maturity, become weak and dissapeare, while it try to find some balance all the time. This is the nature of sinusoid and cosinusoid waves.  In this way five elements can be used to describe quantum waves, too. The element of growth is called “wood”, the element of maturity is called “fire”, the element of balance is called “earth”, the element of decline is called “metal” and the element of disappearance is called “water”. By secret formula of Chinese metaphysic, which will not be explained here, natural sequence of growth must be wood, fire, earth, metal and water (starting poit is where you want):


So, when spiral goes clockwise, looking from perspective of a healer, this is natural flow of development from wood to fire, then to earth and to metal and finally to water. In Four Pillars theory each element, which produced, is a child or “Talent star” for the previous element. Such Cho Ku Rei means empowerment and development of postnatal talents:


If the spiral of Cho Ku Rei goes anti-clockwise, looking from perspective of a healer, then wood is fed by water, water is fed by metal, metal is fed by fire and fire is fed by wood. In Four Pillars theory the element, which feed the next one, is called the Seal for this nurtured one. The Seal gives knowledge, information, light, support, prenatal/spiritual connection and healing powers:


Cho Ku Rei can be connected to seven chakras of human body, too. According to this formula we get seven chakras plus 8th and 9th:


If the upper line symbolizes unity/duality, we can use another formula (undisclosed) to see the flow from the Sun/Stellar chakra as starting point to the Chakra of Fiery Vapors:


Because the Root chakra at the center is connected to the Heart chakra (another secret formula), which also lies in the middle of the spiral, one could try to search other chakras from this heart position:


We find the extreme in Super-Solar Chakra and now build new scheme between two extremes (Super-Solar Chakra of  Heaven and Inner Fire Chakra of Earth and between Soul star and Earth star):


All three schemes, presented, are connected to Pleiades, but no formula is explained.

For spiritual use, we will use “flowing with the Seals” and choose anti-clockwise spiraling. We will also extend the symbol and create difference between left and right side with changing number of archs (from 4 to 3) to speed up empowerment and we get this picture:


Extremities between Super-Solar chakra and Chakra of Inner Fire (cneter of Mother Earth), between Soul Star and Earth star are balanced, the center of spiral is in Sexual Chakra. Such a pattern could be used in axiatonal work instead of cocoon, used by Wholeself, Reconnection and Tesla Metamorphosis to seal the energy. This symbol is more powerfull then the cocoon, because it constitutes the flow of the empowerment! From the photo of QBI their own spiral technique could be seen together with the cocoon, but they still don’t use Cho Ku Rei.

And there is inner imperfection in location of the center in Sexual or Root chakra instead of the Heart chakra, because Heart chakra in central location is most natural, dealing with postntal arangements of the first nine chakras as pictured in the 5th picture in this post . There is amazing Extended Super- Cho Ku Rei symbol, which solves this anomaly and put the center of spiral in the Heart chakra again, while still containing Pleiadean concept of love and friendship.This Super Cho Ku Rei was publicly revealed by Karmen Matičič Galia, Master of Pleiadean Energy Healing (PEH) in the short youtube video “Plejadsko energijsko zdravljenje, Karmen Matičič“, published on March 2nd, 2016. I have no information what is her name for this symbol. She has still been working intensively with master Şeref Tolga Kuralay at that time, so this chakra system perhaps originated from his modality. Both Karmen Matičič Galija and Şeref Tolga Kurlay have been Reiki practitioners years ago.

See you in my next blogs.